Until recently, I’d never really given nail varnish remover much thought.  I’d always just buy the cheapest or biggest bottle on the shelf and be done with it, until I saw this one.  Since I started painting my nails more, they have become slightly brittle and prone to peeling.  I’ve been using Avon’s Peeling and Brittleness Solver for a while to solve this, but I thought I’d give Sally Hansen’s Moisturising Polish Remover a try too, as it is specifically designed for use on ‘dry, brittle nails’ and is enriched with pro-vitamin B5, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

Unlike most nail varnish removers, this Sally Hansen offering smells lovely, almost like a body lotion, and doesn’t sting your eyes or nose with harsh vapours.  It removes nail varnish quickly, with minimum effort, so you don’t need to sit for ages rubbing away to no avail!

I bought this a few weeks ago, but thought I’d wait until now to review it to see whether it actually makes a difference, and I’d say that it does.  The surface of my nails always feel smooth and fresh after use; like they’ve been moisturised, as the name suggests.  I’ve already noticed that my nails have been peeling less and I’m hoping this will improve even more over the coming weeks/months.

At £2.39 for 200ml from Superdrug, this is a steal as it really does help, and I definitely won’t be going back to the cheap nail varnish remover I was using before!

Naomi x