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  • brownponytail (10 years)

    hi, just wanted to say that your blog is really cool :) thanks for highlighting products and giving such honest reviews!
    and thanks for checking out my blog! :)

  • andrianna96 (10 years)

    Hey! Thx for replying! I wanted to know something else concerning Avon. I wanted to buy a concealer and i dont know which one is good when to comes to avon. I also wanted a skin perfector to even out uneven skin tones and any flaws! Thx!

    • Naomi (10 years)

      You’re welcome! :) I’ve tried two Avon concealers – I love the Colortrend one and use it every day but the ANEW one isn’t great.

    • Naomi (10 years)

      The only face perfector Avon do is the Magix one. I’ve used it and it’s really good as a base for foundation and really smooths your skin. I hope this helps! You can order from me if you want :) xx

  • andrianna96 (10 years)

    follow me!

  • birdness (10 years)

    Hey thank you for liking my blog! You are going to absolutely love me!! Im going to change your life girl! what is the most frequent product that you use from avon?

  • laura watt (9 years)

    Would you be able to try out my products. I have seen that you have used argan oil as that is what i sell would you be able to try my other product called Rhassoul clay. If i was to send you a sample and you try this out and then maybe put this on your blog

    • Naomi (9 years)

      Hello, thanks for getting in touch :) I have sent you an email so we can discuss this further!

  • Vikkie Richmond (9 years)

    Hi Naomi,

    Sorry for the delay giving you a massive thank you for such a great blog regarding our fashion show at the Leicester Tigers Stadium. We have decided that you are the winner of our blog competition so you if you let me know which dress you would like from the following, I can get it out to you asap

    Let me know you’re dress size and address too!

    Thanks again
    Vikkie of Victoria British Boutique

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