There’s nothing I love more on a sunny, summery day than to grab some indulgent snacks and head to the park for a relaxing little picnic.  What I don’t love, however, is having to lug around a bulky hamper or cool box.


I prefer to use a more compact lunch bag, like this one from Belo & Me.  It may look small, but it can actually hold an impressive amount of food.  Last week I managed to fit in a packet of cheese straws, a pot of pasta salad, a tub of olives and feta cheese, two small bags of pretzels, two cartons of orange juice and two cinnamon swirls.  Oh, and not forgetting the forks and napkins!


As well as being spacious, Belo & Me lunch bags are sturdy and strong.  They are all made from 100% biodegradable jute so are kind on the environment, hard-wearing, and long-lasting.  They also come in a huge variety of colours and designs, and are just so much more interesting than your average, plain lunch bag! I chose this one as I love the intricacy of the heart print, and the simple yet striking look of white on black. The owls on purple were a close second though.

At £3.90 each for most designs, Belo & Me’s bags are incredibly affordable, and not just for lunches! They’d make great storage bags, gift bags, party bags, shopping bags for small shopping trips, and are the ideal size for children too.

Check out Belo & Me’s full range here.

Naomi x

*This lunch bag was sent to me by Belo & Me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*