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miamoo travel goodies


As a sufferer of dry, sensitive skin, I am always on the lookout for delicate skin care products that may be able to help me, so when I discovered miamoo via Twitter I was keen to give them a try.


miamoo is the brainchild of ‘The Apprentice’ runner-up and TV personality Saira Khan, who herself struggles with very dry and sensitive skin.  After spending years trying (and failing) to find high street products to suit and soothe her skin, Saira took it upon herself to create a range that eliminated the chemicals that made her condition worse, and miamoo was born.

All miamoo products are formulated especially for those with dry, sensitive skin, and are 98% natural; only using synthetic ingredients when absolutely necessary.  As such, miamoo is free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, SLS, Synthetic colours and fragrances, and PEGS, as well as other nasties that can irritate sensitive skin.


I was recently lucky enough to receive a miamoo travel goodies set to try out.  The set contains miniature versions of six miamoo products, and a lovely cotton wash cloth which is kind on the skin.  One thing that stood out to me about miamoo is the packaging.  It’s simple and soft-looking, and also very cute with the little cow drawings, and though it looks like it’s aimed towards children, the products are suitable for any age group.  Granted, the miamoo website says the travel set is ideal for mummy-to-be’s hospital bag, and can be used for both mum and baby, but that just shows how gentle the products are!  If it’s good enough for baby, it’s good enough for my delicate skin too.



Together, the travel goodies form a 3 step skincare routine that not only moisturises dry skin, but also keeps it clean and clear.

Step 1 – Cleanse


Fresh Locks Shampoo

‘bursting with lavender and geranium’

My thoughts: This shampoo has a sweet, fresh scent which is nice and soothing.  It’s also a pleasure to use as, unlike chemical-laden shampoos, it doesn’t cling to the hair.  As such, it leaves hair feeling soft, clean and bouncy rather than heavy, and doesn’t make my head itch at all!

Splashy Wash

‘brimming with lemon oil & aloe vera’

My thoughts:  The lemon oil in miamoo’s splashy wash gives it an invigorating citrus scent which is ideal for a refreshing morning wake up.  It has quite a runny consistency, but it foams up incredibly well and a little goes a very long way!  A lot of shower gels make my skin feel tight and dry after use, but this one does the opposite and actually leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Spritz and Wipe

‘overflowing with lime water & minerals’

My thoughts:  spritz and wipe can be used to cleanse away dirt, moisturise the skin, or even just refresh and cool the skin, so it’s a fab little product to carry with you when you’re out and about as it covers all bases.  I personally like to use it to remove my make up and it does a pretty good job.  It doesn’t have much of a scent, but it does what it says on the bottle which is ultimately what matters.

Step 2 – Moisturise


Huggy Lotion

‘crammed with sweet almond oil & marshmallow extract’

My thoughts:  The huggy lotion is my favourite product from the whole set.  It’s light and pretty much scentless, but it’s intensely moisturising, and also has a slight cooling effect on sore, sensitive skin.  It’s non-greasy and easily absorbed, but seems to create a protective barrier which is just what I need in the harsh winter weather.  This one gets five stars from me! 


Cheeky Cream

My thoughts:  Cheeky cream is another favourite of mine.  This one has a thicker consistency than the huggy lotion and perhaps doesn’t massage in as easily, but it has a lovely softening effect and is very gentle.  I’m not sure I’d use it in the morning as I found it didn’t make a very good base for make up, but it’s an excellent, rich night-time moisturiser.


Spritz and Wipe

Step 3 – Massage

  Baba Oil

‘infused with lavender & sweet almond oil’

My thoughts:  Baba oil is another versatile product as it can be used on the skin, but also as a hair treatment.  I like to use this one at night as it has a calming lavender scent which helps me to relax before I go to sleep.  The oil warms up nicely in the hands and feels amazingly silky on the skin.

This little set would be the perfect way to try out miamoo’s products and see whether they suit your skin, and it would also be great for travel – just throw it in your suitcase and off you go!  I’m really impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the products, and am considering buying full-size versions of the huggy lotion and cheeky cream.

miamoo’s travel goodies set costs £15, and can be purchased here.  You can also view the rest of the miamoo range here, and if you use the code ‘blog13′ at the checkout, you can get 10% off all products!

Naomi x

*This miamoo travel goodies set was sent to me by miamoo for review purposes. All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

Nivea Express Hydration Primer (Dry & Sensitive Skin)


One of the latest additions to Nivea’s huge range of skin care products is their Express Hydration Primer; a moisturiser which also acts as a make up primer, and which comes tailored for two different skin types – Normal & Combination skin and Dry & Sensitive skin.

The skin on my face is fairly dry and easily irritated, especially in winter, but it can also get quite oily in places if I use heavy moisturisers, so as you can imagine it can be quite difficult for me to find primers and moisturisers which strike the right balance for my skin.  When I first heard about Nivea’s new Express Hydration Primer I was very excited and highly hopeful, especially as there was one suitable for Dry & Sensitive skin, so I nipped off down to Superdrug to pick some up.  Unfortunately, my local Superdrug store was only stocking the Normal & Combination Primer at the time, so I had to order it from their website and it arrived earlier this week.

The primer is packaged in a fairly large box, which is somewhat deceptive as the pot itself is a lot smaller, and contains 50ml of product.  However, at £3.99 I’d say you get a reasonable amount of product for your money, and the pot is made of glass and very sturdy so a lot of care has been put into nice presentation.

The primer itself is light and smooth, almost like a gel, but also very creamy and white.  It has a lovely fresh scent to it too which isn’t overwhelming, but leaves your skin delicately scented.

For the last few days I have been using the Express Hydration Primer in place of my usual moisturiser and I have noticed a big difference already.  It glides onto the skin effortlessly and you need to use very little at a time so, despite its small size, the 50ml pot should last a fair while. Unlike my usual moisturiser, Nivea’s Primer absorbs almost instantly leaving no greasy residue behind, however, it does create a smooth base for easy make up application, and because it dries so quickly make up can be applied straight away, which is brilliant when you’re in a rush!

So, ‘Does it work?’ I hear you cry!  Well, yes, yes it does.  As mentioned before, the primer leaves a smooth, non-greasy base on the skin, and since I’ve been using this I have found that my foundation smooths onto my skin far more easily and evenly than usual, without going patchy on any dry bits.  The primer keeps my powder and blusher in place too, so on the whole my make up lasts a lot longer, which I think is down to the lack of greasiness.  The primer is extremely moisturising and hydrating so my skin stays soft all day without any dryness, but it isn’t oily so my face doesn’t get shiny like it used to with my old moisturiser.  This means that there’s no need for blotting paper!  In fact, my make up stayed looking fresh until 6pm last night, almost 10 hours after I first applied my make up, with NO touch ups throughout the day!

Thankfully, the Dry & Sensitive formula is perfect for my skin type.  So far it hasn’t caused any irritation, and it seems to be working wonders on the dry areas of my face, which is highly impressive for a primer as, in my experience, primers tend to be quite drying.  I have also noticed that my complexion has been somewhat clearer and brighter since I started using this primer.  Due to the oiliness of the moisturiser I was using before I had been getting a few breakouts, but they seem to be calming down now.

I really can’t recommend Nivea’s Express Hydration Primer highly enough, especially if you suffer from dry, sensitive skin like I do!  I think I have found my miracle product and I will be stocking up whenever I get the chance.  I hope you believe me when I say that it truly works, but if you don’t I urge you to try it and experience for yourself this amazing moisturising primer!

Naomi x

PURE Papaya Ointment


When I was a child I suffered with mild eczema.  It slowly diminished, but as an adult I still have sensitive skin which is prone to developing dry areas.  As a result, looking after my skin is very important to me and I am constantly on the look out for new skincare products which may be suited to my troublesome skin.  One such product that I recently discovered is the cult beauty classic, Papaya (or pawpaw) Ointment.

PURE’s Papaya Ointment has become a must-have in Australia, where it originates from, and is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and Europe because of its skin healing properties.  The science behind the sauce is this…  The papaya fruit which this ointment contains is extremely rich in nutrients, and due to its anti-inflammatory properties has been used throughout Australian history to treat skin complaints.  The skin’s pH naturally sits at a lightly acidic 5.5 (known as the skin’s acid mantle), but this can be made more alkaline by shower gels and soaps, which in turn can irritate the skin.  Papaya ointment helps to hydrate the skin and bring the pH level back down to an appropriate level, using the probiotics that are used to ferment the papaya before it is made into ointment.

PURE Papaya Ointment is petrochemical-free and contains only natural ingredients, so there’s nothing nasty and chemically in it to cause any irritation.  All the ingredients are carefully chosen for their beneficial properties too.  For instance, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Macadamia Oil are intensely moisturising and nourishing, Calendula is anti-fungal which helps to prevent some skin diseases, Vitamin E helps to heal and protect the skin and Beeswax is insoluble in water so forms a protective barrier on the skin.

Because of its healing properties and because it is so nourishing, PURE Papaya Ointment has an endless list of uses.  I have been using it for weeks now, and I have found it to be invaluably versatile.  The backs of my hands are naturally very dry, which is only made worse by hot showers and using cleaning products, which often cause the skin to crack.  Using the ointment as a moisturiser has softened the skin on my hands and has stopped them chapping, which I am so, so happy about.  I’ve also been massaging it into my cuticles on a regular basis to condition them, which has made my nails look a lot better.  I used it to calm an insect bite last week too, and as a lip balm when I accidentally bit my lip and made it sore.

PURE also state that the ointment can be used to soothe nappy rash, sun burn or weather-irritated skin, to moisten sore nipples caused by breastfeeding, to soften calluses, as skin protection by runners or hill-walkers, to soothe skin after shaving or epilating, as a natural hair styling wax and much more.  The product is also very popular with make up artists, who use it as a base for make up and on the lips of models as, because it doesn’t contain petroleum jelly, it doesn’t melt or sweat under hot lights.

Papaya Ointment has a slight yellow tinge to it, and a naturally sweet scent which is nutty and delicate, and really quite pleasant.  As you massage the ointment into your skin, it initially seems quite greasy but don’t worry – it is quickly absorbed leaving no unwanted residue or shine.  Its softening effects are long-lasting and even survive getting wet due to the beeswax.  You only need a small amount as well…  The swatch photo above shows a blob of ointment less than 1cm wide, and that is enough to moisturise both hands.  On my lips I used about half the amount seen above, and on insect bites and cuticles I used a very tiny amount.

PURE sell three different sized containers of Papaya Ointment, which can also be bought in bundles.  The 25g squeezy tube pictured costs £9.99 and is the perfect size to carry with you in your handbag.  For £19.99 you can get a large 100g tube, or for £35.99 there’s a 200g jar of ointment available, both of which are a great size for the bathroom cabinet or for use by make up artists.  If you want to try PURE Papaya Ointment for yourself, visit the PURE Papaya website here.  After featuring in their Must Haves Beauty Kit, PURE recently teamed up with BeTrousse to offer a 20% discount on their products.  If you would like to take advantage of the discount, the code to use at the checkout is ‘Betrousse20′.  This will get you 20% off, and P+P to the UK and Europe is free so you won’t be stung by postage costs.

Thanks for reading!  Have you tried PURE Papaya Ointment yet?

Naomi x
*I was sent this sample of PURE Papaya Ointment by PURE for an honest review.  All thoughts expressed are my own.  Some affiliate links have been used.*

Kleenex Eye Make-Up Removal Wipes Sensitive


I won these Kleenex Eye Make-Up Removal Wipes in a Facebook giveaway a month or two ago.  I’d been desperate to try them out but unfortunately there was a problem with the post office (as usual!), so they only arrived a couple of days ago.  But they’re here now and that’s what matters, so here’s my review!

The reason I’d been wanting to try these so much is because of the word SENSITIVE.  My whole face is quite prone to being irritated by things like this, and EVERY eye wipe I’ve used in the past has made my eyes red, sore and itchy, which obviously isn’t good!  I’d never even thought to look for wipes made especially for sensitive skin like mine, and I’ve always just stuck to Boot’s Eye Make Up Remover Lotion, so when I saw these I was intrigued.

When the wipes first arrived, the packaging immediately stood out.  The packet is quite small and compact (the perfect size to just throw in your handbag or suitcase) and I love the simple pink design on the white background.  The packet also states that the wipes are made from ‘ecoform natural fibres’ which means they have ‘a lower environmental impact than a standard wipe material’.

The wipes themselves are quite narrow and patterned with polka dots.  I’m not sure whether the dots serve any purpose or if they’re just for decoration, but they definitely make the wipes look a lot prettier than the standard plain ones.  I also noticed that the wipes don’t really have a scent to them.  For some people this might be a little off-putting, but I was quite pleased as scent usually means chemicals, which usually means sore eyes, so lack of scent is a good sign!

The packet says that the wipes are ‘gentle’, which you’d expect from a product for sensitive skin, but I found them to be a bit TOO gentle, to the point that they weren’t gentle at all!  Here’s what I mean…  After a few wipes, hardly any of my make up had come off.  I had to rub quite hard, for quite a long time, before everything came off, and rubbing hard made my eyes sore anyway, which renders the wipes slightly useless and pointless!  I highly doubt they’d remove waterproof mascara like the packaging suggests as well.  Also, I noticed that after my shower this morning there was still some make up smudged around my eyes, which means it hadn’t all come off when I thought it had… Tut tut, Kleenex!  I will give them this though… Usually, eye wipes make my skin feel quite dry and tight after use, but these didn’t.  At first my eyes felt a little bit tight, but the moisturising effect kicked in and in the end they were fine, which is great in my opinion.

After a quick Google I found out that Kleenex Eye Make-Up Removal Wipes currently retail for £2.99 in Superdrug.  I think this is far too pricey for something that doesn’t do its job properly, especially when you only get 24 wipes.  I’d expect at least twice that many for the price.

Overall, I’d say that if you do have really sensitive skin, these could be a God send for you, but if you’re fine with cheaper wipes then don’t waste your money.  You’re basically just paying for the branding with these, I’d say.  Don’t get me wrong, I do quite like them as they’re free from anything too ridiculously harsh on the skin, but I think I’ll be sticking to my Boot’s lotion!

Naomi x

Betty Buff’s Gunky Monkey Sugar Scrub!


I was recently lucky enough to win this 50ml sample pot of Betty Buff‘s Gunky Monkey Sugar Scrub via her Twitter giveaway, and was kindly gifted a few extra scrubs to try as well (which I’ll also be reviewing).  Betty Buff specialises in creating all natural sugar scrubs and other body products for people with sensitive skin, and since I myself have sensitive skin, I couldn’t have been happier to try these scrubs out.  Over the last couple of days I have been using Gunky Monkey, and since it is a new scrub made especially for men, my fiancé has tested it too :)

The scrub I received is scented with ‘Lime & Ginger’, and smells absolutely lovely.  What I adore about Betty Buff’s products is that they’re based on vintage, tried and tested recipes and contain no parabens or icky chemical fragrances, just simple ingredients which do the job just as well, if not better, than the scrubs you can buy in shops.  The ingredients in Gunky Monkey are listed as: Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Glycerin, Honey, Lime and Ginger – all good stuff!  And it looks like this…

When using this, I decided to focus on exfoliating my upper arms, as it is there that I have small, stubborn dry patches that prove difficult to shift!  I gently rubbed the scrub into my skin in a circular motion whilst in the shower, and then washed it off with warm water.  I noticed that, because real lime is used in the product, as I rubbed the fruit popped and let out its natural oils so I was hit with bursts of the gorgeously zingy smell of lime.  Unfortunately, the ginger scent wasn’t as obvious.

I have to say, I am amazed by just how good this product is.  The honey works to really soften your skin without leaving any stickiness, and after just two uses I have already noticed a difference to my dry patches – they’re definitely not as rough as they were and the rest of my skin feels so smooth… I think Betty Buff’s sugar scrubs may be my new miracle product!

Now, I’ll admit, my other half was slightly sceptical about trying Gunky Monkey as he isn’t keen on body products that look or smell like puddings, but even he was pleasantly surprised.  After his shower this morning I grilled him about what he thought, dreading that it’d be bad news, but he told me it was easy to use and washed off well, and he really loved the smell (although he did say it smelt like Iron after a while but I didn’t experience that!).  And on top of that, he said it worked, and that his skin already felt smoother after using it once!  Impressive huh?  I think he may be a convert.

Oh, and I also love Betty Buff’s quirky labels, they’re so cute!

If you want to try Betty Buff’s Sugar Scrubs for yourself, you can buy them online here for £8 each.  OR, if you hurry, all Betty Buff and Gunky Monkey Sugar Scrubs are 2 for 1 until tomorrow!  Just enter the code listed on the home page :)

Which Sugar Scrub do you fancy?

Naomi x

Sugar Scrubs from Betty Buff


Last week I was lucky enough to win a sample of Betty Buff‘s NEW Gunky Monkey Sugar Scrub via a Twitter giveaway, and I was eagerly awaiting its arrival.  The parcel arrived yesterday morning and I was surprised by how generously sized the sample was, and that the lovely @A1Betty had also sent me two other products for FREE – thank you!  These are the products I received…

From Left to Right:

  • Strawberry Smash Sugar Scrub – 50ml
  • Besty Zesty Sugar Scrub – 250ml (Full-size!!)
  • Gunky Monkey Lime & Ginger Sugar Scrub – 50ml

I will be reviewing all three of these scrubs over the coming days and weeks, and I am so excited about trying them out.  They all smell absolutely divine!  Good enough to eat but unfortunately not edible haha.  Gunky Monkey is Betty Buff’s first product especially for men, so I will be getting my lovely fiancé to try it out once I’ve sampled it, then he can let me (and all of you) know what he thinks of it.

If you fancy browsing Betty Buff’s fantastic range, you can do so here.  Betty Buff specialises in making delicate products that are suitable for sensitive skin, so everything is free of all those crazy chemicals.

Naomi xx

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