After months of moisturising my hands several times a day using Avon Care’s Intensive Moisture Dry Skin SOS Hand Cream and Skin So Soft Soft & Renewed Age-Defying Overnight Corrective Hand Treatment, I decided that it just wasn’t enough.  My hands were definitely feeling a lot softer, but the creams just weren’t getting to the root of the problem.  A combination of cold winter weather, regularly cleaning the house and washing my hands with liquid soap had left the backs of my hands really quite rough, and once the hand cream had washed or rubbed off, my hands still felt dry.  I decided that further action was needed so I bought a pair of basic moisturising gloves, or dermatological cotton gloves, from eBay for £1.85.

Moisturising gloves are thin, cotton gloves which are worn overnight, after moisturising, to help with the absorption of lotion.  On my first night of use, I applied a generous amount of the previously mentioned Skin So Soft treatment, donned the gloves, switched off the lights and went to sleep.  I was expecting the gloves to be uncomfortable and I thought I’d end up taking them off in the middle of the night, but surprisingly they stayed on (although I did look a little bit like Michael Jackson, circa 1985)!  Rather disappointingly, my hands didn’t feel much different the next morning, but I didn’t give up.

The next night I went through the same routine, but rather than using the Skin So Soft cream, I used the Intensive Moisture SOS Hand Cream as it is a very rich emollient so takes longer to absorb.  I wasn’t expecting miracles but, amazingly, my hands looked and felt so much better after just one treatment.  For the next three nights I used the gloves and SOS cream religiously.  Admittedly, I ended up taking the gloves off once or twice in the early hours as my hands were too hot, but that didn’t change the fact that THESE GLOVES ACTUALLY WORK!!!!

I am so impressed by these simple cotton gloves.  After less than a week of use, my hands are in much better condition than they have been for months, if not years.  They no longer look chapped and rough and they feel silky soft morning until night, whether I use any cream or not throughout the day.  My knuckles often used to look red and sore but they’re pretty much normal now.  I’m slightly annoyed that I don’t have any before and after photos as I want you all to see the difference they have made to my skin.  Who would have thought such a cheap and easy product and routine could have such an outstanding effect?  Cotton moisturising gloves are my new beauty miracle and I urge you to try them!  Just make sure you choose a rich hand cream and apply liberally.

Have you had any success with moisturising gloves?

Naomi x