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Blog Sale: UPDATE!


Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all enjoying the weekend.

This is just a quick update to let you know that I have just added some new items to my blog sale, mostly clothes, and reduced the prices of almost everything else!  If you want to see what I have for sale, click here, or visit the ‘Blog Sale’ tab above.  If anything takes your fancy you can either comment on the post or email


Naomi x

Avon Brochure 2 – The Pink Kiss Sale


Welcome to the latest UK Avon brochure, Brochure 2Brochure 2 is a special one as it brings you Avon’s January Sale early with their Pink Kiss Sale.  Click the image below to be taken straight to this exciting brochure.

The Pink Kiss Sale offers up to 75% off your Avon favourites – from make up and bath and body to jewellery and designer watches, it’s all discounted and it’s all amazing value for money.  As usual, I will list my Brochure Highlights below, but believe me when I say this brochure is a highlight in itself!

What to look out for…

  • Page 2 – Buy one choose TWO free on all Avon hand creams.
  • Page 12 – ALL Ultra Colour Rich Lipsticks just £2.99 each, choose from shimmer, satin and metallic finishes.
  • Page 14 – Glimmerstick Eyeliners for only £1.99 each, and SuperShock Max Mascara for a bargainous £3.99!
  • Page 22 – Your Special Pink Kiss Offer!  Spend £9.95 across the brochure and take advantage of incredible savings on selected fashion items, including Avon’s gorgeous Sassari Cape and French Connection sunglasses.
  • Page 38-39 – Buy one choose one half price on all pyjamas, slipper boots, robes and other nightwear.
  • Page 57 – Introducing Avon’s NEW Petal Impressions Nailwear Pro+ nail varnish, in six pretty floral shades, just £3 each (RRP £6).
  • Page 78-79 – Buy one choose one free on all Colortrend lip gloss and lipstick.
  • Page 121 – Avon Breast Cancer Crusade socks, baking set and pin badge, all £2 and under with proceeds going to charity.
  • Page 129 – Introducing NEW Soft & Smooth Facial Hair Removal Cream, with an introductory price of £2.50 (RRP £4).
  • Page 138-143 – 5 for £4.99 on Senses Soap and Shower Gel, Bubble Bath and Naturals hair products.
  • Page 144-147 – 3 for £4 on Naturals kid’s and bath and body products, Simply Delicate and On Duty Deodorant.
  • Back Page – Dazzling Diva Mascara better than half price at £2.99!

And of course, there are many, many more fantastic bargain offers to be found – the whole brochure is one big sale!

If you would like to place an order with me, you can visit my Personal Online Brochure here, or by clicking the brochure image above, and either submit your order through the brochure or via email at  Postage is charged as standard second class Royal Mail prices, and orders will be posted on or after December 4th 2012.  Visit my Order Avon From Me page for more information.

Happy Browsing!

Naomi x

Avon Brochure 1, with Christmas Gifts Under £5!


Yes, it’s that time again!  Welcome to Avon’s NEW Brochure 1!  Just click the picture below to be taken to my Personal Online Brochure.

Brochure 1 features over 350 Christmas gift ideas for under £5 each, and there are also plenty more fantastic gifts and treats for yourself to be found throughout the rest of the brochure.  Here are my Brochure 1 highlights

  • Page 5 features Avon’s NEW Ultra Colour Rich Rubies Lipstick range, at a fantastic starter price of just £2.49 (RRP £8.50)!  The range includes six sparkly shades which are perfect for the party season, and they all contain real crushed rubies for extra shine.  Check out my review of the gorgeous deep purple shade ‘Princely Plum’.
  • Across Pages 7-21 you will find an array of Mix ‘n’ Match items, including make up, fragrance, and gifts for men, women and children.  The Mix ‘n’ Match offers are 2 for £8, 3 for £10, 2 for £12 and 3 for £15.
  • Pages 24-39 highlight Your Stars of 2012, all of which are at bargain prices.  Featuring Nailwear Pro+ and Glimmerstick Chromes Eyeliner for £2.49, SuperExtend Extreme Mascara for £3.99, Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation for £5.99, 360 Nourishment Moroccan Argan Oil for £2.99, Silky Moisture Creamy Body Wash for £1.25, Far Away Exotic for £5.99 AND Clinical Pro Line Corrector Treatments for £12.49!
  • Between Pages 40-49 there are a selection of beautiful make up, fragrance, hair and body gift sets available at Buy 1 Choose 1 for £2.
  • You can save up to and over Half Price on all Colortrend make up and nail products across Pages 105-107.
  • You can save a small fortune on Pages 110-115 as ANEW Day and Night Creams are all Two for £15!
  • On Pages 134-135 there is a gorgeous little treat for you…  Buy 1 Choose 1 Half Price on selected lingerie.
  • There are plenty more Christmas gift ideas across Pages 162-181  in Avon’s Last Chance Christmas Shop.
  • Avon’s 3 for £5 on selected toiletries is back on Pages 188-195, including brands such as Senses, Footworks, Skin So Soft, Naturals and Avon Care.
  • Last but not least, on the Back Page you will find Avon’s Christmas Care range, starting at just 99p and including Lip Balm, Hand Cream and Body Lotion.

And of course, as usual, there are many other amazing offers to be had, so keep an eye out!

If you would like to place an order with me, you can visit my Personal Online Brochure here, and either submit your order through the brochure or via email at  Postage is charged as standard second class Royal Mail prices, and orders will be posted on or after November 13th 2012.  Visit my Order Avon From Me page for more information.

Happy browsing!

Naomi x

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Rubies Lipstick in ‘Princely Plum’


Hi all,

Once again, I’m very sorry for not blogging much this week.  I have had a very busy time at work, and in between all the working hard I have also been playing hard!  On Wednesday I went to a gig to see one of my favourite bands and that, combined with the work, has left me very tired with no energy to blog in the evenings.  But anyway, here I am with another little review for you all, so allow me to introduce you to Avon’s latest lipstick which is perfect for the party season – Ultra Colour Rich Rubies.

First thing’s first – the packaging.  I think it goes without saying that the ruby-red and black ombre tube is very sleek and beautiful, and bang on trend.  In fact, Avon say that it has ‘perfect party packaging’, and I’m inclined to agree as it looks so much more eye-catching than a plain old black lipstick!  The lid also closes with a satisfying click so it definitely won’t come off in your make up bag and make a big mess.

The lipstick’s formula is very creamy so it smooths on easily and evenly with no dragging of the skin.  The creaminess also means that it is delicately moisturising, so it doesn’t dry your lips out as the day progresses.  A little word of warning though…  I used this over the top of a slightly oily lip balm the first time I used it and it had worn off within a few hours because of how creamy it is.  Luckily, it’s soft enough to use on its own without lip balm, but for an extra protective layer it sits fine with a thin layer of lip balm over the top.

Without the lip balm, Avon’s Rich Rubies is a laster.  I applied this today before I went to work and it lasted through the morning until lunchtime.  After I’d eaten my lunch I was pleasantly surprised to see that, though slightly faded, the lipstick still looked quite bold and even a couple of hours later, after it had mostly worn off, there was still an ever-so slight (but nicely even) tint of colour to my lips.  Furthermore, I found that it doesn’t bleed at all which is always a good thing.

If you look closely at the photographs above you will see that the lipstick has a lovely pink shimmer to it.  According to Avon, all of the Rich Rubies lipsticks contain ‘real crushed rubies’, which makes for ‘instant sparkle and shine’.  I doubt that the ruby content is very high, but believe me when I say that the micro pink glitter particles that the lipstick boasts are absolutely stunning.  It might sound vain, but I couldn’t stop staring at my lips in the mirror when I first used this as I was so mesmerized by the shimmer!  In my experience, a lot of shiny, shimmery lipsticks tend to have a gold, sliver or blue glitter tinge to them, so I think this pink addition is really quite unusual.

Now onto the colour…  Princely Plum is a luscious, deep purple shade which does in fact look very regal, hence the name.  The colour looks quite dark in solid form, but once on the lips it looks a lot brighter due to the shine, but layers can easily be built up if you do want it darker.  The above lip swatch shows one generous layer of lipstick.  I really, really love Princely Plum.  It’s right up my street and is absolutely perfect for the 2012 Autumn/Winter trend for deep, luxurious colours.

The Ultra Colour Rich Rubies range features five other shades – Noble Nude (a nude peach), Imperial Pink (a girly, light pink), Majestic Mauve (a pinky purple), Fuchsia Fame (a bright, bubblegum pink) and Radiant Ruby (a bold red).  The lipsticks will debut in Avon UK’s Brochure 1 (which I will be launching soon), and will have an introductory price of £2.49.  For a good quality, all-round fabulous lipstick this is a MASSIVE bargain and well worth it, especially when considering that the RRP is £8.50 – you could get 3 for the price of 1, WITH CHANGE!

Which shade will you be trying?

Naomi x

Avon Brochure 18 – the Christmas Edition!


All of you Avon fans out there will be happy to know that I have just launched Avon UK’s Brochure 18.  Believe it or not, this new brochure is Avon’s Christmas edition, and though it may seem early, there are actually only two months left until the big day!  I have already started my Christmas shopping and will be doing more from this brochure…  I reckon it’s better to get in there early to avoid the stress of the Christmas rush!

With that said, let me introduce you to the new book (just click on the picture below to be taken to my personal online brochure)…

The brochure front says that it contains ‘unmissable offers on presents for everyone!’, and it isn’t lying!  Not only are there hundreds of Christmas gift ideas inside, but there are plenty of treats and free gifts for you too.  Here are my brochure highlights:

  • Pages 1-83 are packed full of wonderful, affordable gift ideas for men, women, girls, boys and babies, as well as Christmas themed home products to make Christmas day that little bit more special.  It would take forever to list all of the lovely things up for grabs, so it’s best to just have a browse and see if anything takes your fancy!
  • Across Pages 46-83 you can get a designer Ungaro watch, for him or for her, for just £9.99 (worth £35) with ANY purchase!
  • Pages 85-99 feature Avon’s Christmas fashion collection, which includes many pieces of stunning jewellery and accessories with up to 50% off everything!
  • If you spend £10 or more on skincare products across Pages 116-137 you will receive a FREE mock croc Luxury Vanity Case.
  • You will receive a FREE Party Glamour Gift Set, which contains Limited Edition SuperShock Mascara in ‘Black’, Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in ‘Gold Vision’ and Little Red Dress Purse Spray ,when you spend £12 on make up and/or fragrance across Pages 184-233!
  • If you click here you can also view Brochure 18’s SALE BROCHURE which is full of quality Avon products at very low prices.

As usual, there are also countless other beauty bargains to be had, as well as discounted gift sets throughout the rest of the brochure, so keep an eye out.

To view my personal online brochure, click on the image above or click here.  Don’t forget that if you live in the UK and are willing to pay for postage (which will be charged at standard Royal Mail prices) you can place your orders with me using my brochure.  I will need all orders by 8pm on Wednesday 17th October, and everything will be posted out from Tuesday 23rd October.  For more information visit my Order Avon From Me page.

Happy Browsing!


Breast Cancer Awareness Month


I originally planned this post back at the beginning of September, but after discovering that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I would save until now.  Breast Cancer research and awareness is a cause which is close to my heart, as it is for millions of other men and women around the world.  Statistics show that breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK, and 1 in 8 women in the UK will develop breast cancer during their lifetime, so it is highly likely that most of us will know someone who has been affected by breast cancer,which is a sobering thought.

The idea of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to encourage women of all ages to check their breasts regularly.  Checking your breasts isn’t just about feeling for a lump, but also about learning what is normal for your breasts, and knowing what unusual changes to look out for.  I saw on the news yesterday that, shockingly, 98% of women do not know what changes (other than a lump) may indicate breast cancer, so in this post I will share those signs with you.  You may find that your  breasts look or feel different at different times of the month depending on what stage you are at during your menstrual cycle, for example, your breasts may feel swollen or tender, or even slightly lumpy, so it is important to tune in to these natural changes and know what is usual for you.

What to look out for…

It is incredibly important to use your eyes as well as your hands when checking your breasts, as some signs of breast cancer are visible.  To check for visible signs, it is a good idea to look in a mirror and view your breasts from all angles, both with your arms in the air and at your side.  Here are the changes you should be looking for:

  • Swelling, in your armpit or in your collarbone.
  • Changes in the texture of the skin, including dimpling or puckering (a little bit like orange peel).
  • A change in nipple size or shape, or even nipple inversion.
  • Nipple discharge.
  • A rash or crusting on the breast or around the nipple.

But remember, even if cancer is present you may not have all, if any, of these signs, so it is important to feel your breasts as well.

What to feel for…

Many people think that cancer of the breast will always manifest as a lump.  However, though lumps are common, breast cancer can also feel like a thickening of the breast tissue, so bear this in mind when checking your breasts.  Also, if you feel constant pain in your breast or armpit, don’t ignore it.

How to feel your breasts…

It is recommended that you check your breasts once or twice a month, when relaxed, and preferably with a soapy hand whilst in the bath or shower.  Checking your breasts isn’t just about feeling for lumps, but about feeling what is normal for you, so pay attention to how your breasts usually feel.

A good technique to check your breasts is to do the following:

  • Using the flat part (not the fingertips) of three or four of your fingers, roll over your breast tissue in a circular motion, feeling for any lumps or thickening.  Start at the top and move all the way round the breast until you reach the top again.
  • Moving closer towards the nipple, do the same again, and repeat until you reach the nipple.
  • Sweep the flat part of your fingers from the side of your breast and up towards your armpit, as your breast tissue extends up to your armpit.
  • Gently squeeze your nipple at the 12 and 6 o clock position, as well as the 9 and 3 o clock position to check for any discharge.

If you can see or feel ANY changes in your breasts that are not normal to you then it is extremely important to see your doctor as soon as possible.  I myself recently found a lump in my breast.  I was terrified and very nervous about going to see the doctor, but I knew it was necessary so I bit the bullet and went.  The doctor was very kind and gentle and checked my breast for me, and luckily, thankfully, everything was okay in the end, but it is always better to be safe than sorry, as I’m sure you’ll all agree.

How you can help…

To show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can wear a pink ribbon.

I am currently wearing this beautiful Magenta Crusade Pink from Avon which costs £1.50, and all proceeds go to charity.  Avon have been fundraising for Breakthrough Breast Cancer for 20 years now, and they often sell other products for the charity, including nail files, baking sets and mugs, so keep an eye out for these when browsing your Avon brochure!

There are also lots of other gorgeous pins and things for sale on the high street this month, some of the proceeds of which will go to charities such as Breast Cancer Care.  There is a full list of items here, but here are a few of the fashion and beauty related products you can buy…

QVS Ergo Eyelash Curler – £3.99

Boux Avenue Lyla Bra (£26) and Knickers (£16, or £12 thong)

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil – £9.99

Special Edition Twinpack Cherry Chapstick – £2.49

QVS Two Professional Nail Shapers – £1.99

Penelope Pink Tangle Teaser – £13.99

I hope you have found this post useful, and whether male or female, please remember to check your breasts on a regular basis.  Oh and please show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness and wear a pink ribbon – I am!

Naomi x

Avon Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Nail Spray


I’m sure you’ll all agree that the most annoying part of painting your nails is waiting for them to dry.  Sometimes I get so bored I adopt a “that’ll do” attitude whilst they’re still tacky and give up waiting, which usually results in smudged and marked nails!  But that has all changed now that I have discovered one little product that makes a big, big difference…  Avon’s Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Nail Spray.

Despite having been an Avon Representative for almost two years, I only recently tried this spray and I’m so glad that I did – I just wish I had bought it sooner!  The Liquid Freeze Spray comes in a 50ml bottle and retails for £6.00.  For the price I was expecting a bigger bottle, but you really don’t need to use much each time you paint your nails so it should last for ages.

The product applies with a simple pump spray so it’s very easy to use, and application is simple.  After painting your nails you just hold the bottle about 20-30cm away from your nails and press the pump down to apply one spray per hand.  Any closer and it won’t cover each nail, and any more sprays is just a waste and will make your hands rather wet!

Before using the spray for the first time it’s a good idea to get the pump working by pressing it a few times.  I made the mistake of spraying it straight onto my nails the first time I used it and the spray came out as a stream, which made a big wet mess of my nails.  Luckily, after that initial spray the pump is fine.

The spray leaves a fine wet mist over your nails (and also your fingers but that’s unavoidable).  At first I didn’t think it was going to work, but sure enough it did!  After about a minute, and much to my surprise, my nails were completely dry to the touch – this spray really is a little miracle worker!  However, it doesn’t dry on your skin so it needs to be washed or wiped off your hands once your nails are dry.

I find the Liquid Freeze is most useful for nail art.  I usually find nail art very time-consuming, what with all the drying time, but this cuts it down massively.  I used the spray today whilst doing some nail art which had five or six layers in some parts, a few rather thick, and I was able to paint each layer within a couple of minutes of each other.  Usually I have to wait almost half an hour between layers!

There’s one thing I don’t like about the spray though…  its smell.  For some reason I was expecting it to have a fruity scent, so I was slightly disappointed when I was met with a strong smell of chemicals, almost like hairspray.  Thankfully, the smell fades fairly quickly so it isn’t a big problem, you just have to put up with it for a bit.

Avon’s Liquid Freeze Quick Dry Spray is a definite must-have for all impatient nail painters, and an essential for anyone who does a lot of nail art!  I, for one, will never be without it now.  If you want to try some for yourself, it can be found on Page 186 of the current Avon brochure and costs £6.00.  There’s also a special offer running alongside it, so you can get Avon’s Gold Strength nail strengthener for only 99p if you order any Nail Experts product.

Naomi x

Avon Blog Sale


Hi everyone,

I was sorting through my Avon boxes the other day and found quite a few brand new, unopened products so I thought I would  have a little blog sale!  If you would like anything, please comment below or email me at  I will send items by Royal Mail, standard second class (unless you ask for another form of postage), so it will cost £2.20 for small packages and £3.50 for larger ones.  Payment must be made by bank transer or PayPal…  If you choose to pay by PayPal please send the money as a personal gift to avoid charges!  I will send a few surprise free samples to everyone who buys something too :)

  • ANEW Genics Treatment Cream – Full Size – Brand new and unopened – RRP £23.50 – Selling for £16
  • ANEW Genics Treatment Concentrate – Travel Size – Brand new and unopened – RRP £3 – Selling for £2.50

  • ANEW Reversalist Night Sterling Emulsion – Full Size – Brand new and unopened – RRP £23 – Selling for £15

  • ANEW Rejuvenate 24 Hour Eye Cream – Full Size – Brand new but unboxed – RRP £16 – Selling for £10

  • ANEW Rejuvenate Revitalising Day and Night Creams – Travel size – Brand new but unboxed – Selling for £5 each or both for £8

*I will also do all three Rejuvenate creams for £15*

  • Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour in 3.6 Dark Auburn – Brand new but box has been opened and is a bit bashed – RRP £6 – Selling for £3

  • Spotlight Moisturising Shimmer Gel – Full Size – Swatched Once – Discontinued item – Selling for £3

  • Ultra Colour Rich Lipsticks in Colordisiac ‘Alluring Brown’ and ‘Frozen Rose’ – Brand new and unopened – RRP £7 – Selling for £3.50 each

I don’t have swatches of the lipsticks unfortunately, but there are plenty on Google :)

  • Pink Croc Pineapple Watch – Brand new in gift box – Selling for £10

Happy Shopping!

Naomi x

Avon Brochure 17, introducing Strictly Come Dancing Fragrances


Hello everyone,

The time has come again for me to launch the NEW Avon brochure, and believe me when I say you won’t be disappointed with Brochure 17!  It may seem early, but Brochure 17 is the first of Avon’s christmas brochures for this year, so there are lots of gift ideas and treats for yourself to be found between these festive pages.  After all, there are only 104 days left until christmas!  I’ve already started my christmas shopping, have you?

Brochure 17 sees the launch of two new and exclusive fragrances, both of which are themed around the hit TV show Strictly Come Dancing.  On Page 2 you will find Strictly Come Dancing Ballroom Beauty, which is described as a ‘beautiful combination of luscious raspberry, feminine pink rose petals and sensual amber’ – a very feminine scent.  But if you want something more edgy then check out Strictly Come Dancing Latin Sensation on Page 5 – a ‘passionate mix of warm cardamom spice, sexy, hot pink osmanthus and captivating sandalwood’.  Both perfumes come in really pretty bottles and cost just £12.99 each, and they both come with a FREE body mist and purse spray.

Other Brochure 17 highlights include…

Pages 9-17: 2 for £10 gift sets, including Nailwear Pro+ Gift Set, Glimmerstick Gift Set and Planet Spa Face Mask Gift Set.

Pages 18-25: 2 for £16 gift sets, including SuperShock Eye Gift Set, Avon Glow Gift Set and Far Away Gift Set.

Page 32: NEW Avon Colour Style Lipstick, in 10 shades!  £4.99 each, buy one get one free with a bonus free purse.

Pages 60-121: 3 for 2 Christmas Gifts, including Hello Kitty sleepwear, vintage-style Country Rose gifts and Pamper presents.

Page 155: NEW Dazzling Diva Make Up Range, featuring mascara (£5), lipgloss (£3), eyeliner (£3) and Face Pearls (£6).

Pages 156-163: Mix & Match, 2 for £8 or 3 for £10!  Including make up and nail varnish.

Pages 192-197: Colortrend Offers. Nail Enamel for £1.90, NEW Dazzlers Top Coat and Nail Stickers for £1.50 each OR one of each for just £3.99.  Also, up to half price off all make up items.

Page 242: NEW 5 Ways to Wear Dress – just £14.99!


To place an order with me or just to have a look through the brochure, please visit my Personal Online Brochure, which can be found here or by clicking the image or any of the links above.  I ship to the UK, USA, Canada and Europe and postage will be charged at standard Royal Mail prices.  Orders for this brochure must be placed by 8pm on 26th September, and your items will be posted on or just after 2nd October.  For more information please check out my ‘Order Avon From Me‘ page.  Thanks!

Happy Browsing,

Naomi x

This Week: Collective Haul


I had a fairly good week for bargains this week and bought quite a few fun things (despite telling myself that I wouldn’t spend anything this week!) so for those of you that like a good haul post, I thought I would share my collective haul with you.

First off, on Monday I nipped into town to buy some new boots to wear in the Autumn.  I knew exactly which pair I wanted so I was in and out of Schuh in just a few minutes, which is quite unheard of!  I went for these Blowfish Ranuku Boots in black which are usually £45, but I got them for £40.50 with a 10% student discount – doing a postgraduate degree does have its benefits!

It’s been quite cold this week so I’ve worn the boots a few times already and they are SO comfortable!  They’re very versatile too, and look great with dresses or skinny jeans.  A very good buy.

On my way to get the bus home I passed through Primark (always a mistake) and spotted this gorgeous owl scarflace.  I have always loved owls, AND scarves, so I just had to have it.  It was supposed to be £4 but the eyes were missing on most of the scarves so it had been reduced to £3.  I can always just stick some beads on myself if I want it to have eyes!

On Tuesday I received my Avon delivery.  In amongst all the items for my customers were a few goodies which I’d ordered for myself, including repurchases of my usual Glimmerstick Eyeliner and Colortrend Concealer, as well as a small bottle of Avon’s new Sparkling Senses Shower Gel (look out for it in Brochure 17).  It smells gorgeous!  I also ordered two nail varnishes from the new Colortrend range in Violet Freeze (which I reviewed here) and Peekaboo, and a lovely little star necklace.

Yesterday I went to see the Paralympic flame pass through Leicester with my mum, and whilst we were in town we also did a bit of shopping.  For the past few weeks I’ve been checking Superdrug every few days for MUA’s new nail varnish shade, Frozen Yoghurt, but to no avail.  However, I managed to pick it up yesterday for £1 (FINALLY), and I also bought an Accessorize Eyeshadow Duo for £2.22.  Isn’t the packaging lovely?

The Accessorize eyeshadow was actually on offer for half price, down from £4.45, as were a lot of their lip glosses, and their nail varnishes were 2 for £5.  I’m not sure when the promotion ends but it’s worth having a look because they have some really pretty stuff!

My last few items are all from Primark.  As I mentioned earlier I love owls, so I couldn’t resist these £2 owly fingerless gloves, ready for Autumn/Winter.  They’re so cute!  And I love that they can be turned into mittens as well.

I spotted this Bambi sweater in Primark a few weeks ago for £10, but I resisted.  I was surprised to see it in the sale yesterday at just £5, and luckily one of the two that I found was in my size, so I caved and bought it.  Bambi used to be my nickname when I was younger so it seems quite fitting, and the soft, suede effect elbow patches are quite a nice touch.

Last but not least, another owl!  This time, a purple owl print t-shirt which only cost £3.  It’s quite a long, fitted tee but it looks great on with skinny jeans.

And that’s it!  What have you been buying this week?  Are you getting ready for Autumn yet, or are you clinging on to the summer for as long as you can?

Naomi x

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