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Personalised Canvas by CanvasDesign


A couple of weeks ago I noticed on Twitter that canvas printing company CanvasDesign were looking for bloggers to review one of their canvases.  I immediately got in touch as I’m hoping to move in with my fiancé soon, and am currently looking for nice things to hang on our walls, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity!  CanvasDesign were happy to send me a canvas, and I knew exactly what I wanted it to have on it…  My favourite photo of my fiancé and I taken at our recent Masters graduation.

CanvasDesign asked me to send them a high quality image (around 500KB), so I did, and within 48 hours the canvas was on my doorstep.  I have to admit, I was VERY surprised when I received the canvas as the packaging was HUGE, which I wasn’t expecting, and I was lucky enough to be sent a massive 30″ x 20″ canvas.  And it is beautiful.

DSC_0483 (424x640)

The quality of the canvas is very high as it is made from 100% cotton, and it comes on a solid, sturdy pine frame.  The back is also nicely finished, and looks incredibly neat and professional, and the image hasn’t suffered at all from being enlarged.  Rather, it looks clear and vibrant.

DSC_0487 (640x426) (3)

A portrait canvas of this size usually costs just £29.99, which is ridiculously cheap, especially considering the cost of graduation photography prints!  It was well over £50 for a standard pack at my graduation, which I couldn’t afford, so I’m so pleased that I now have this memento of the day.  So, if you have a relatively good camera, and a friend or relative who’s good at photography (my dad took this picture), using CanvasDesign would be a great way to save money on photos of special events.  Imagine how lovely a wedding, anniversary or new baby photo would look on a canvas like this!

DSC_0484 (422x640)

DSC_0486 (640x426)

Overall, I am so, so happy with my canvas.  I can’t get over how big it is, the quality is amazing, the service was spot on, and I even got a free hanging kit with my order.  I love my canvas, and it’s going to take pride of place in my new home, but for now it’s hanging in my bedroom and it looks fab.

To check out CanvasDesign’s full range of canvas sizes and services, click here.  You can also get 15% off all orders using the code ‘BLOG15’!

Naomi x

* This personalised canvas was sent to me by CanvasDesign for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

My Week on Instagram #4


I had a really busy five days at work last week so didn’t have much time to Instagram anything that interesting, but here are a few photos anyway, mostly taken in the evenings after work!  As you can see, I tried to put aside some time to relax and pamper myself a bit.


Imperial Leather Foamburst, reviewed here / Bad Apple Nail Varnish in Anna / Relaxing evening with a good book and a mince pie / Friday night chocolate soufflé treat / Uno, Chocolate Orange and Miggley rat / My dad’s new, beautiful Leopard Gecko – Gex

If you’d like to follow me on Instagram and see more of my photos, my username is bewitchery_.  If you’re on Instagram too, please comment on this post with your username as I’m always looking for new accounts to follow, especially fashion and beauty ones!

Naomi x

My Week on Instagram #1


As you may know, last week I joined Instagram, and so far I’ve really been enjoying photographing my daily happenings and looking at everybody else’s pictures.  So, to bring my blog and my Instagram together a little bit more, from now on I will be blogging a round-up each week of my favourite photos.  I haven’t yet taken that many so it’s slim pickings this week, but without further ado, here is my first installment!  The image is clickable for a closer look.

Instagram No 1

Our Halloween pumpkin, carved by me / Mog the Rat having snuggles in my dressing gown / My dad’s baby bearded dragon, Russell, who in the last week has turned a lot more yellow! / Fireworks from the Abbey Park firework display on Saturday / My Butler & Wilson skull necklace / Sunday lunch at The Hunting Lodge – Stilton, Mushroom and Broccoli pasta bake with chips and veggies / AMAZING Rich Chocolate and Peanut Stack / Sunday rainbow / Miggley the Rat sitting in my slipper boot

If you’d like to follow me on Instagram and see more of my photos, my username is bewitchery_.  Please comment on this post with your usernames too as I’m looking for more accounts to follow!

Naomi x

Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes Break-Out Mask


This is the third review in my series of Montagne Jeunesse Skin Heroes reviews, and today I’ll be featuring the Break-Out Mask!

Like most of the Skin Heroes range, the Break-Out Mask comes in a sachet containing two different products.  Stage 1 is the green tinged ‘Cleansing Mud Mask’ (Left), and Stage 2 is the ‘Rapid Action Moisturiser’ (Right).

What hit me first about this mask when I tore open the sachet was the scent.  The Tea Tree and Willowherb smell gorgeously refreshing, almost minty, and are both present due to their calming and soothing properties – exactly what you want from a mask which is meant to reduce break-outs! :)

As the instructions suggest, I washed and cleansed my face before applying the mask.  Once again, I found the sachet contained too much mask for one application… I must have a freakishly tiny face!  Either that or Montagne Jeunesse are very generous.  The mask felt nice and creamy and smoothed on so easily, although I did get a bit messy with blobs of mask in my hair and all over my hands!  I left the mask on for 15 minutes, and took the opportunity to pose for some photos with one of my cats, Moth.

She doesn’t look amused does she? haha.  She approves of Montagne Jeunesse products really though, as they’re all vegetarian and animal friendly!  Approved by the Vegetarian Society, BUAV and PETA :)

The mask had a cooling effect on my skin and felt slightly tingly, but not uncomfortably so.  After 10 minutes, as it dried, it got quite stiff and started to crack.  I was worried it would be difficult to get off because of that, but as soon as I wet it it went creamy again.  Having said that, it did take a while to get off, but after some persistence with a wet flannel my face was left squeaky clean.

I was very pleased with the results after using this mask.  I’ve experienced redness, soreness and tightness after using other mud masks in the past, but other than a fresh, tingly feeling, my face looked and felt fine.  The Rapid Action Moisturiser was a lovely consistency too and settled the tingling down, leaving me with baby soft skin.

This is my favourite Skin Heroes product so far and I would definitely use it again.  If you’d like to try this mask, or any other Montagne Jeunesse skin care products, you can buy them on their website or in ASDA, for just £1.49 (RRP) per sachet.  Trust me – they’re well worth it for a little pampering session!

Naomi x

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