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Race for Life 2015


I try to do at least one charity run every year, and this year I’ll be doing the Race for Life again.  The Race for Life is a huge nationwide event which runs every year, where women and children of all ages come together to run, jog, walk, or even dance a 5k or 10k route, to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  I’ve signed up to do the local 5k race on 5th July, which gives me just under two months to do some fundraising!

119_4505 (800x600)

My fundraising target for this year is £50, but I hope to raise as much money as possible.  So, if you can spare a few pounds, please sponsor me via my JustGiving page.  Also, if you’re a UK taxpayer, please tick the Gift Aid box, as this will increase your donation by 25%, at no extra cost to you.

Thank you everyone!  And please check back in July for my Race for Life photos!

Naomi x


On Trend Trainers


Over the last year or two a throwback trend has been creeping back onto the fashion scene, and it looks like it’s here to stay! Whether it’s a pair of retro-style hi tops, or a more modern pair of sleek running shoes, trainers have been popping up all over the place lately, and they’re no longer just for wearing to the gym.

Spotted in fashion magazines around the world, it’s now the in thing to be teaming a pair of eye-catching trainers with not only casual daytime looks, but also chic and smart outfits that wouldn’t look amiss at work, or in a fancy restaurant. Trainers are definitely becoming more versatile, and are set to be a big trend in 2014. My 1990s inner child is really rather pleased, I must say!

I’ve recently been browsing the net for trainers to see what’s out there, and there are a LOT of styles, colours and even patterns to choose from. Here are just a few of my favourites…

Trainers Edit

Clockwise from Top Left:

Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Running Shoes / Lacoste Marcel Mid Purple Hi Top Trainers / Adidas Supernova Solution 3W adiwear Running Shoes / Vans Sk8-Hi Suede Inca Trainers / Puma Suede / Converse All Star Two Fold Hi III Trainers / Nike Zoom Vomero+ 8 Running Shoes / Nike Air Pegasus+ 29 Running Shoes

My star pick of this bunch has to be the Nike Air Pegasus+ 30 Running Shoes from Millet Sports. I love their stylish shape, and the colour is just beautiful. Imagine how cute they’d look with a classic black skater dress and some colour matching jewellery!

Will you be investing in any trainers this year?

Naomi x

*This post is a collaboration.*

Ozeri 4×3 Motion Digital Pedometer


One of my favourite keep fit activites is walking, and I always like to track my progress using a pedometer.  However, every pedometer I’ve ever used has been cumbersome, noisy, and so basic it barely even worked.  That was until I recently discovered the Ozeri 4×3 Motion Digital Pedometer, which does so much more than just count your steps, and now comes with me wherever I go!


This little gadget is a lot more sophisticated than your average pedometer as rather than clicking and only working when it moves up and down, it uses a 3D Tri-Axis Sensor, meaning it can sit at any angle or position along a Y, X or Z axis, and still work.  Also, it not only records your steps, but also your distance, speed, the number of calories burned and the amount of time you’ve been walking for.


There’s a set-up option on the pedometer which allows you to set the date and time, but also your weight and stride distance.  Using the latter two pieces of information, the pedometer is then able to calculate how far you’ve walked and how many calories you’ve burned depending on your weight, and every single time it does so it gives the same result as the MyFitnessPal app that I use on my phone, so it’s really accurate.  It’s also easy to look back through your recorded data – you just press the mode button to scroll through today’s results, or the up and down arrows to check through the last seven days.


Unlike a lot of pedometers, the 4×3 is completely silent, and comes with a detachable neck strap so you can wear it around your neck if you so desire.  However, its ultra slim design means it can sit in your pocket without looking or feeling too bulky, which is how I prefer to carry mine as it’s more discreet.

The pedometer has a few other useful features too, such as a blue backlight for night viewing, a sports timer, a clock and a calendar, and it automatically goes into sleep mode if you’ve stopped walking for thirty seconds or more.  This helps to save the battery life, but also prevents it registering any other movements or vibrations as steps, which is handy.

My only issue with the Ozeri 4×3, and it’s a small one, is the colour.  Though I like yellow, it wouldn’t be my first choice and I’d like to see a few other colour options be introduced.  A purple one would be nice!  But that’s only a tiny, insignificant quibble about an all-round brilliant pedometer that does what you want it to, and much, much more.

The Ozeri 4×3 Motion Digital Pedometer is available on Amazon UK and costs £15.95, which is a £16.61 saving on its RRP!

Naomi x

*This Ozeri 4×3 Motion Digital Pedometer was sent to me for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

Race for Life 2013


On June 30th I will once again be running the Race for Life in order to raise money for Cancer Research UK.  The Race for Life is a big event which runs every year, where women of all ages come together to run, jog or walk a 5k or 10k distance, and the funds raised through sponsorship go towards research to help beat all 200 types of cancer.

Race for Life

My sister Freya and I have decided to run the course together, and will be completing the 5k track in memory of those we have lost to cancer, and in celebration of those who have overcome it.  The day is always a lot of fun, full of music, colour, fancy dress and positivity, and I am really looking forward to taking part.  I am absolutely determined to run most if not all of the track (rather than walking it), so I am hoping to get a bit of training in before the big day!

My fundraising target for this year is £100, so if you can spare a few pennies and would like to sponsor me, you can do so via my online fundraising page.  It’s safe to use and all money goes directly to Cancer Research UK, and can be Gift Aided too.  Thank you so much in advance!

Naomi x

Sport Relief Mile Update: I DID IT!


After weeks of waiting, training and getting sponsorship, yesterday the Sport Relief Mile finally came around!  All over the country people were running a mile in order to raise money for those in need, and after beating my fundraising target by £7, I couldn’t wait to get running.  I won’t lie, I was a little bit nervous as I’d never actually ran a full mile before, but there’s a first time for everything.

At 10am, my family and I headed down to Leicester Race Course and were met with an exciting atmosphere of sun, music and happy people.  After a bit of a warm up, the runners had to follow a marching band down to the race track for the run to begin.  I was running on my own, and was slightly daunted by the size of the track, but when the horn sounded off I went…

(I’m the one in the red trousers with the silly face).

Despite it being the warmest day of the year so far, I managed to run the mile without any issues!  I had to stop twice to tie my trousers tighter, but other than that I hardly walked any of the mile at all and ran all the way.  It took me about ten minutes to run the mile and I was presented with a lovely medal at the end.

I’m very proud of myself for doing this and I’m so happy that the money I have raised will be going to an excellent cause.  I’m already looking forward to my next run in July – the 5k Race For Life for Cancer Research UK.  I better get training!

Thank you to everyone who sponsored me and showed me support, I am forever grateful.

Naomi x

Sport Relief Mile


Hello lovely readers!

After contemplating for days whether or not to do it, I have taken the plunge and just registered to run the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Mile at the race course near my house on the 25th of March!  I’ll be running to help raise money for people living extremely tough lives across the UK and around the world.  If I hit my fundraising target of £50, I am going to dress up for the event!!  I haven’t yet decided what to wear though, so if you have any suggestions please leave a comment!

I have done two longer charity runs in the past and am really looking forward to taking part in this one for such a worthy cause.  I have already started training for the Mile (it is less then 3 weeks away after all, eek) and am hoping to run a little every day.  Today I did half a mile in four and a half minutes, which for me is pretty good going.  Hopefully focusing on this will also help me tone up a bit too!

If you would like to sponsor me, please visit my Sport Relief sponsor page.  Whether it’s 50p or £5 every little helps, so thank you in advance for your support!  Remember, if I reach £50 I’ll be dressing up :)

Naomi x

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