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Thrifty Finds No.3: Topshop Leather Bag


Yesterday was a lovely sunny day in Leicester, and it saw the start of the car boot season!  I’m a sucker for a good car boot, so I forewent my Sunday lie-in and headed to Measham car boot, with a purse full of change, to see what treasures I could find.  As I expected, it was VERY busy, and though there were hundreds of stalls I only came away with a few bits and pieces.  In fact, all I bought was some pins and a tape measure for my sewing projects, which I’m pleased about as I needed them and they were an absolute bargain, and the best bargain of all… a real leather Topshop bag, which cost the princely sum of just £1!



Admittedly, the bag is showing a few signs of use (a couple of studs are missing and the lining has been stitched in one place), but the leather is beautifully soft and in excellent condition, and it still has plenty of wear left in it.  I love the slightly slouchy style too.  I’d been looking for a generously sized plain black leather shoulder bag for months, and this is ideal.  It’s really roomy, with a large main compartment and smaller side and internal pockets – perfect for work or a shopping trip.



Will you be going car booting this year?  What do you hope to find?

Naomi x

Vaseline Feet & Legs Stimulating Lotion


Ladies, I have great news!  I have discovered this year’s must have summer product, and this is it – Vaseline Feet & Legs Stimulating Lotion.  Now, first thing’s first, the price.  Vaseline products of this size (200ml) usually retail for about £4.00 in Superdrug, which is a great price in itself considering the quality, but I have a heads up for my UK readers as this is currently available in Poundland stores for, you guessed it, £1!  Trust me when I say it is worth stocking up on this lotion, and this is why…

Firstly, the lotion smells absolutely gorgeous as it contains menthol and eucalyptus, which are definitely the ‘stimulating’ ingredients in this.  When you rub it in, your legs feel instantly cooled and slightly tingly which is really refreshing, especially on hot summery days like today and after warm showers!  It’d feel wonderful on your skin after a day in the sun as well, I’d imagine.

Another thing I love about this lotion is that it isn’t thick or greasy.  When it’s hot, the last thing you want is moisturiser that won’t rub in and that makes you sweat, but this is lovely and light and massages in like a dream, and very quickly at that.  This also means that it’s a quick hit – 30 seconds and your done, no waiting for it to dry before putting your clothes on or anything like that!  Having said that, your legs are left with a delicate sheen from the lotion which looks wonderful in the sun.

Last but not least, this makes your legs feel amazingly soft.  I accidentally forgot to apply this after my shower one morning, but my legs still felt as smooth as they did after moisturising the morning before, which is great as my skin usually feels quite dry after showering.

If you want cool, soft, sexy looking legs this summer, this is definitely the product for you.  Not only does it work (and quickly at that) but it’s cheap, which is always a bonus.  I have a lot of lotions, and this is my favourite at the minute and I’ll be using it all summer long.

Naomi x

PS. I’m going to my step-brother’s wedding tomorrow so I won’t be posting, but keep an eye out on Wednesday for a post about the outfits/makeup/jewellery that I’ll be wearing!

MUA Eye Dust in ‘Shade 2′


This morning it occurred to me that I haven’t done a straight up make up review in a while, which isn’t on really considering this is a beauty blog, so today I thought I’d post my thoughts on one of my latest make up buys – MUA’s Eye Dust in Shade 2.

All of MUA’s Eye Dusts come in classy little 1.5g pots, which are conveniently shaped so that you don’t make much mess when dipping your brush into the dust, as you can see below!

Despite being a Barry M fan, I’ve never been too keen on eye dusts in the past.  In fact, other than this one, the only one I have is the BM Beauty one that I got in my February Glossybox, and I wasn’t too impressed with that in the end.  Still, MUA have never let me down so far, so I kept an open mind with this one.

My first thought when applying this was “WOW the brush picks it up well!”, and here is the evidence…

One little dip and there was enough dust to decorate a Christmas tree!  I tried to remove the excess by tapping it on the side of the hole in the pot, but as the pot is so full is just picked up more, so I ended up gently blowing it away, which is a bit of a waste really.  I need to improve my dust collecting technique I think!  The dust itself is quite light too so has the tendency to go all over everywhere if you have too much on the brush, but that’s easily removed from your skin with a clean brush.

Once I had an appropriate amount of dust on the brush, I applied the dust like an eye shadow.  The pigmentation in this product is truly amazing.  One dusting was enough for a bold look, and it was easy to pack on and build up into something even more outstanding!  The picture below was taken after just one coat so you can see how heavily pigmented and bright it is…

Pretty, right?

Now, I know I’m predictable in my colour choices, but I think this kind of purple blue works well with my pale skin tone.  In the pot this eye dust looks like a fairly tame mauve shade, but don’t be fooled!  Shade 2 is actually a vibrant violet with a blue iridescence to it which looks absolutely beautiful in the right light.

After trying MUA’s Eye Dust I think I’m an eye dust convert!  It’s a great product to use if you want to create a quick eye-catching look that will last, without having to put in too much effort!  It’s a look that can be worn day AND night too, so you can easily just top it up before you go out – fantastic!

Have you tried MUA’s Eye Dusts?  If you want to invest, they’re a bargainous £1 each in most Superdrug stores, or they can be bought online via the MUA Store!

Naomi x

NOTD: MUA Nail Varnish in ‘Shade 3′


In my recent MUA haul I received this gorgeous nail varnish in ‘Shade 3′.  The varnish only cost £1 and, like most MUA products, it has proved to be AMAZING value for money.

One thing I love about MUA nail varnishes (and my mum said this too so it must be true!) is that their brushes are really good quality – they’re not floppy like some cheap brand brushes, so the varnish goes on smoothly and evenly without making any mess.  This varnish was slightly runnier than Shade 13 which I reviewed previously, so it took three coats to give completely opaque coverage.  I was pleasantly surprised as well because it dried really quickly in just a few minutes compared to other runny nail varnishes I’ve used.

The picture above gives a really accurate representation of the colour of this varnish and IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  It’s not often that I’m wowed by nail varnish shades these days, but I cannot stop looking at my nails at the minute.  The best way I can describe it is it’s a bright dusky pink with violet undertones, with a shiny jelly finish.

Another great thing is that this varnish lasts – so far I have no chips or scuffs, and no peeling – perfect!  I really can’t rate this nail varnish highly enough, I love it.  Thanks again MUA for another fantastic product!

Naomi x


MUA Pressed Powder – Shade 1


I recently decided to add to my ever expanding MUA collection and buy MUA’s Pressed Powder instead of the one I usually use, just to give it a try, as I was fed up of overly orange powders.  At just £1 for a good sized product you can’t really go wrong!  When trying out new foundations and powders I always feel a little bit nervous at first about getting the colour right, but this actually turned out to be the perfect shade for me.

I apply pressed powder over liquid foundation and concealer, as I have dry areas on my face so powder doesn’t sit smoothly on my skin if I don’t. So, this morning, once I’d moisturised and put on my base make up, I applied MUA’s Pressed Powder using a large clean brush.  I found that the brush picked up quite a lot of product in just one or two dabs, so there was no need to load up the brush too heavily or too often (I’m REALLY not one for the orange look)!

This powder is very light and has a fine consistency so you can hardly tell that you’re wearing it, which leaves you feeling wonderfully comfortable!  I was slightly dubious at first as I thought this meant it wouldn’t give me very good coverage, but it was actually spot on.  As I said before, Shade 1 is perfect for my light skin tone and merged with my foundation to create an even, extremely natural looking finish.

In terms of lasting power, this is definitely better than the one I was using previously.  The old one would rub off at the slightest sign of sweat or oil, but this one stays put, and since it suits my skin colour, any slight rubs don’t show much at all.

Overall, I am more than happy with this product.  MUA continue to amaze me with their products as you don’t expect cheap products to be very good quality, but MUA really are top notch.  So much so that the items in my make up bag are gradually being replaced with MUA make up!

Would you try MUA’s Pressed Powder?

Naomi x

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