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What I Wore: Witchcraft


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Handmade Flocked Skater Dress / MortiisM Vegan Skull Necklace / Blonde + Blonde Lace Up Block Heel Boots / Primark Tights

Today’s outfit post is also a Thrifty Finds post, as my beautiful flocked skater dress was handmade by my very talented mum, using fabric that we got from a carboot sale.  And the best part is the fabric only cost £1!  My mum drafted the pattern for this herself, using the bodice from one of my dresses, and the skirt from another, so it turned out the exact fit, shape and length I was hoping for.  I’m so impressed by mum’s work, especially as this was the first adult dress she ever made.  The stitching is so neat, it’s comfortable, and it fits me really well – quite an achievement considering I tried the bodice on once whilst she was making it, and that’s it!  Needless to say I’ll be asking her to make me another dress very soon, as I’m so pleased with this one.

My necklace is also a craft piece, by the lovely MortiisM, who makes vegan skull and metal jewellery, antlers, and homewares.  I won this piece in a giveaway on Instagram, and I adore it.  I love the length, and the quality of the piece is really high.  It looks so real, and the Swarovski adornment is like the icing on the cake.  Stunning!

Naomi x

P.S. Check out how else I styled these boots!

TanOrganic TryMe Set GIVEAWAY! – CLOSED


To celebrate their launch in the UK, the lovely folks at TanOrganic have sent me not one, not two, but THREE TryMe Sets to give away to three lucky winners.  Each set contains a 30ml bottle of TanOrganic Sunless Tan, a 30ml bottle of OilArganic multi-use body oil and a Self Tanning Mitt, and is worth almost €22 (£18/$29) in total.  TanOrganic is BUAV approved and the only Eco certified, aloe vera based sunless tan in the whole world, and OilArganic is made from 100% natural, organic ingredients.  I have tried and tested both products myself in the past (click the links above to see my reviews), and they are both top notch, so this is a really great prize and one not to be missed!



How to Enter

To be in with a chance of winning one of THREE TanOrganic TryMe Sets, you must be following this blog via WordPress or email (I will check) and you must leave a comment below!  This will earn you one entry.  You can also earn an extra entry for each of the following

  • Follow Bewitchery on Twitter.
  • Follow TanOrganic on Twitter.
  • Like Bewitchery on Facebook.
  • Like TanOrganic on Facebook.
  • Tweet about the giveaway saying ‘For a chance to win a @TanOrganic TryMe set, enter @Bewitchery_’s giveaway’, with a link to this post.

And you can earn four extra entries if you reblog this post!  That’s a possible ten entries in total :)

The giveaway is open internationally, to anyone aged 18 or over, and will run for three weeks, ending at midnight (GMT) on the 8th of February.  Winners will be chosen at random and notified via email on the 9th of February, and will be expected to provide their postal address within 24 hours.  If no contact is received within this time, I reserve the right to choose another winner.

Good Luck!

Naomi x

TanOrganic Sunless Tan


A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a bottle of TanOrganic’s Sunless Tan and a tanning mitt in Storybook Apothecary‘s giveaway (thanks Tianna!).  In all honesty, I have never been a fan of false tanning, or tanning in general, as I have pale white skin which looks absolutely ridiculous in any shade of orange, however, the ‘organic’ nature of this tanner really intrigued me.  The tanner contains no synthetic ingredients, parabens, colours or scents, just natural, organic ingredients, which Tianna assured me made for a natural looking tan, even on pale skin.  I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself so I used it on my legs this weekend after receiving the package on Friday.

My first impressions of TanOrganic were good.  The product comes in a 100ml brown glass bottle with orange and yellow detail, which I think looks a lot classier than the plastic bottles of false tan you usually see on the shelves.  The mitt is a decent size too, not too small, but tight enough to fit snug to your hand so it doesn’t slip around.

The tan itself is applied with a standard pump spray which actually proved to be quite troublesome.  I asked my mum to help me apply the tan (I’m an amateur at self tanning whereas she’s quite experienced) and she had some problems spraying the tan onto the mitt.  She is right-handed, so she used the mitt on her right hand, which meant spraying with her left hand.  The spray nozzle is quite small and difficult to press, and sometimes spins round, so it is quite difficult to press – definitely a feature that could be improved!

The bottle says that you must spray the tan onto the mitt first, and then apply it to your body in a circular motion.  We followed the instructions carefully and the application was easy enough.  It didn’t streak as much as I was expecting it too, but it did smudge here or there (though this is easily fixed if you rub the tan firmly to even it out).  The tanner is also practically scentless.  In the past, I have had the displeasure of sniffing various false tan products and they all, quite frankly, stink, but this one has an extremely delicate scent which is hardly noticeable.  I put that down to the lack of chemicals, which gets it more brownie points from me.

One application to my legs used about a sixth of the bottle.  I have long legs so I don’t really know if that’s a fair amount to use or not, but I imagine you could get three or four full body applications from one bottle.  The bottle says to leave the tan on for six to eight hours before rinsing it off, so after applying the tan I left it to dry and then went about my business for six hours.  When I rinsed the tan off the water went bright yellow, but my legs stayed looking brown as I hoped they would!  As suggested, I washed with body wash and then applied moisturiser to help prolong the tan.

Now, here are the before and after photographs of my legs.  The light looks different in both of them due to the direction of the sun at the time of taking the pictures, but I assure you they give an accurate representation of the differences!



As you can see, my legs were very pale before.  Though the tan didn’t give my legs an intense colour, it did make them look nicely, naturally tanned and lightly brown, and I am very pleased with the results.  There are no orange blotches or dirty looking streaks in sight, and my skin tone looks very even and smooth.  The difference is only minor, but it is noticeable, and that is what I wanted so it has done its job well in my opinion.  In fact, I like this delicately tanned look and I’m pleasantly surprised that I do!

The phrase on the front of the bottle, ‘100% Natural Just Like You’, really sums this product up well.  The formula is 100% natural (and registered as cruelty free, vegan and 95% organic), and the resulting tan looks natural – I will definitely be using TanOrganic again, I’m a convert.  If you want to try it, TanOrganic’s Sunless Tan is available to purchase online from TanOrganic’s website, and costs a reasonable €19.99 (around £16, or $25) with a free Tan-Erase, or you can get it for free if you purchase their OilArganic for the same price.  The mitt is sold separately for €4.99/£4/$6.25.

What do you think of the results?

Naomi x


BeTrousse – The Must Haves


Last week I received my second BeTrousse Box – The Must Haves Box.  For those that aren’t yet familiar with BeTrousse, I wrote a detailed post about the concept here, but in short BeTrousse are the only company currently offering beauty boxes containing five or more FULL-SIZE products in the UK.  Their boxes, or kits, are not available on subscription, but can be bought individually whenever you want them.  Each box is sold at a bargain price as well…  The Must Haves Box costs just £19 but is worth £131.

So, want to know what’s in The Must Haves Box?  Well, here it is!

The box contains five full-size products from five different brands.  Each item is some kind of cream, serum or gel, but they all have very different uses.  I have tried all five products so I will let you know what I think of them so far.  The point of BeTrousse is to fully experience a full-size product at a bargain price before you choose to invest in it again, so though I can’t comment on the long-term effects of each item, I can still let you know what each is like on first impressions!  I will do full reviews of the items that I like at a later date.

PURE Papaya Ointment – 25g tube – RRP £9.99

The PURE Papaya Ointment is my favourite product in The Must Haves box.  The ointment is made in Australia of natural ingredients and is intended to ‘soothe, moisturise [and] protect’ dry, chapped and sore skin all over the body.  The tube says it is great for sunburnt lips, cracked nipples, nappy rash, irritations, protecting against harsh weather and promoting skin elasticity.  I have been using this on my hands as they get quite dry and it works wonders.  One little blob (as seen above) is enough for both hands so the tube will last for ages, and it leaves a soft, protective layer on the skin.  The ointment smells quite unusual… slightly nutty and sweet, but it is fairly pleasant.  I would definitely consider repurchasing this!

If you want to try this yourself, PURE Papaya are currently offering a 20% discount in conjunction with BeTrousse, with the promotional code ‘Betrousse20′.  You just have to enter it at the checkout.  Postage is free to the UK and Europe too so it will only cost around £8 in total with the code, which is well worth it.  Visit PURE Papaya to grab yourself bargain!

LPG Aqueous Cellulite Detox Serum – 100ml bottle – RRP £41

I have been using this LPG Serum on my thighs and bottom.  I don’t really have much cellulite so this isn’t suited to me, but I have a little so I thought I would give it a go.  I’ve not seen any visible results yet as I’ve not been using it for long enough, but the serum itself is lovely.  It smells nice and fresh, it isn’t greasy and is very light so it glides on like a dream.  The serum contains Caffeine, Escine and Algisium C (no, I don’t know what they are either) which are supposed to reactivate circulatory exchanges and reduce water retention, thus reducing aqueous cellulite.  I’m not sure I’d repurchase this at this stage, but maybe one day if/when I have more cellulite!

OcéAnge Anti-Age Caviar Night Cream – 1.17fl.oz pot – RRP £60.60

Again, I don’t have much use for anti-ageing cream at the minute, so I have only swatched this.  The cream is a pretty shade of pale blue, which I’ve seen in a cream before, and it smells gorgeous.  In fact, the smell reminds me a little bit of men’s aftershave but it isn’t overpowering.  It has a nice consistency and rubs in well, leaving no greasy residue.  OcéAnge contains Caviar and Spirulina protein extracts so I won’t be using it as it isn’t vegetarian, but I will let my mum try it so she can tell me what she thinks!  The proteins, when massaged into the face and neck at night, help to blur the look of wrinkles and improve the skin’s flexibility and vitality.

Ostraly Moisturising Tea Tree Oil Cream – 250g tub – £18.80

I have mixed feelings about this moisturiser…  It smells very strongly of beautiful tea tree and it massages in well, leaving skin feeling soft all day, but MY GOSH it’s runny!  I managed to slosh this all over my bed when I was using it and it was a massive pain to clean up.  You can probably tell in the swatch photo that the consistency is quite funny…  It looks almost grainy, but it isn’t.  I do like this cream but it’s messy so I’m going to have to be very careful when using it.  You get a lot in the tub too which is a bonus as it’ll last a while.

Bacti Control Instant Antibacterial Sanitizer – 60ml bottle – £1.30

This handy little hand gel is the perfect size for any handbag.  I always like to have antibacterial wipes or gel with me when I’m working or travelling on buses, so I thought this was a nice little addition to the box and it is definitely a ‘Must Have’.  I’ve been using this a lot on my hands and though it contains salicylates, which I’m allergic to, it hasn’t irritated my skin at all!  At £1.30 this is an absolute bargain and I really hope I can find it in shops so I can repurchase.

So there you have it, my verdict on The Must Haves BeTrousse Box.  If you want to buy the box yourself, you can do so here for only £19.  Keep an eye out for full reviews of some of these products, and a review of the NEXT BeTrousse Box, coming soon.

Get gorgeous with BeTrousse!

Naomi x

*I was gifted The Must Haves BeTrousse Box by BeTrousse for an honest review.  All thoughts expressed are my own.*

Vaseline Feet & Legs Stimulating Lotion


Ladies, I have great news!  I have discovered this year’s must have summer product, and this is it – Vaseline Feet & Legs Stimulating Lotion.  Now, first thing’s first, the price.  Vaseline products of this size (200ml) usually retail for about £4.00 in Superdrug, which is a great price in itself considering the quality, but I have a heads up for my UK readers as this is currently available in Poundland stores for, you guessed it, £1!  Trust me when I say it is worth stocking up on this lotion, and this is why…

Firstly, the lotion smells absolutely gorgeous as it contains menthol and eucalyptus, which are definitely the ‘stimulating’ ingredients in this.  When you rub it in, your legs feel instantly cooled and slightly tingly which is really refreshing, especially on hot summery days like today and after warm showers!  It’d feel wonderful on your skin after a day in the sun as well, I’d imagine.

Another thing I love about this lotion is that it isn’t thick or greasy.  When it’s hot, the last thing you want is moisturiser that won’t rub in and that makes you sweat, but this is lovely and light and massages in like a dream, and very quickly at that.  This also means that it’s a quick hit – 30 seconds and your done, no waiting for it to dry before putting your clothes on or anything like that!  Having said that, your legs are left with a delicate sheen from the lotion which looks wonderful in the sun.

Last but not least, this makes your legs feel amazingly soft.  I accidentally forgot to apply this after my shower one morning, but my legs still felt as smooth as they did after moisturising the morning before, which is great as my skin usually feels quite dry after showering.

If you want cool, soft, sexy looking legs this summer, this is definitely the product for you.  Not only does it work (and quickly at that) but it’s cheap, which is always a bonus.  I have a lot of lotions, and this is my favourite at the minute and I’ll be using it all summer long.

Naomi x

PS. I’m going to my step-brother’s wedding tomorrow so I won’t be posting, but keep an eye out on Wednesday for a post about the outfits/makeup/jewellery that I’ll be wearing!

Garnier Intensive 7days Challenge


Hi everyone,

Last week I received my free Garnier Intensive 7days Challenge pack in the post and I couldn’t wait to try it out!  Each pack contains 7 individual 6ml sachets of Garnier’s new Intensive 7days Softening Lotion…

and two Skin Readers…

The challenge states that before you use any of the sachets, you have to press the sticky part of Skin Reader 1 onto one of your shins for 3 seconds.  You are then left with an idea of how dry your skin is by how many white skin cells there are left on the reader.  I have to say, there was quite a lot of white on mine (as you will see later), but I wasn’t too shocked or surprised as I know I have fairly dry skin anyway, which is why this challenge is perfect for me!

Once you’ve used the Skin Reader, it is time to start moisturising!  Every morning for seven days I used a sachet of the lotion on my legs.  There was a very generous amount of product in each sachet to the point that I had enough left over to use on my upper arms too!  And that’s saying something because I’m 5’10” so have a lot of leg haha.  The sachet says that the lotion contains shea butter so I was expecting it to have that distinctive shea butter smell, but it didn’t.  In fact, I found the scent to be fairly unremarkable, and somewhat non-existent!  The texture of the lotion was quite greasy, which I don’t usually like in a moisturiser, but it absorbed quickly and easily so I didn’t really mind in the end.

The challenge packaging says that Garnier Intensive 7days ‘leaves skin hydrated, feeling smoother and softer’, so after the 7days I used Skin Reader 2 to see if the product lived up to its word!  This was the result…

The Skin Reader on the left is Skin Reader 1, and as you can tell there is a LOT of white skin on the sticky bit.  The Skin Reader on the right is number 2, and obviously has far less skin on it that the other one.  I know the results look good, but I wasn’t too pleased with them at first as the second reader had a big patch on it which wasn’t sticky, so obviously any loose skin wasn’t going to stick to it!  I don’t know whether it was done on purpose, but I think I’ll give Garnier the benefit of the doubt on that one and focus on the bits that were sticky.  And well, yes, my skin did seem a lot less dry after the challenge, and felt smoother as a result, which is always good :)

It’s been a few days now since I completed the challenge and I’d say that the Intensive 7days lotion has DEFINITELY made a big difference.  My legs still feel really soft and smooth, even though I’ve not used the lotion for a couple of days.  The fact that it has made a long term improvement is the best thing about this in my opinion, as it proves it doesn’t just leave a layer of grease on your skin, but actually gets to the root of the problem.  Because of this, I think I am going to invest in a bottle to use throughout the summer to keep my legs looking nice for when I wear dresses and shorts!

Have you completed the 7days Challenge yet?  If not and you want a challenge pack, you can find out how to get one here.

Naomi x

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