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Collection Gothic Glam Lipstick in ‘Revenge’


After seeing a few reviews of Collection’s new Gothic Glam lipsticks popping up on other blogs, last weekend I decided to nip into Superdrug and pick one up so I could give it a try myself.  I’ve always loved a dark lipstick, ever since my teenage Goth days, and the Gothic Glam range features three beautiful deep shades that are just my thing, so I had high hopes from the start.



The three shades are 1 Seduction, a lovely pinky red, 2 Scorned, a dark purple, and 3 Revenge, a deep berry red, which is the shade I went for, and they’re all perfect for Autumn/Winter.  All three lipsticks have Collection’s signature black packaging, but rather than pink it is embellished with gold, which I think gives it a more luxe look.



The lipstick itself has a very creamy texture, so it glides on easily and evenly.  It’s also quite moisturising, however, I would still recommend using a lip balm underneath, or exfoliating your lips before use, as after a while it tends to show up darker on any dry patches/creases.  Not ideal in winter I must say!

DSC_0463 (640x427)

‘Revenge’ is a stunning, vampy, almost maroon red, and is very highly pigmented, or as Collection says, ‘deeply intense’.  The colour lasts well on the lips and it stays bold for several hours after application, but it does eventually start to wear off, and needs touching up every now and then.  But I tend to expect that of dark shades anyway.  I have noticed that it acts almost like a lip tint though, as even after I’ve removed it my lips look slightly stained with a hint of berry red.

Collection’s Gothic Glam lipsticks retail for £2.99 each, which is just so affordable, and for a budget product ‘Revenge’ is really quite impressive.  The colour and staying power could even rival some of my more expensive lipsticks!  It reminds me a little bit of Dainty Doll’s 001 Couture, which is another of my favourites.  So, if you love dark shades and are willing to moisturise/exfoliate before applying lipstick, then Collection Gothic Glam Lipsticks could be for you.  You can find them in Superdrug and Boots!

What are your thoughts on this range?

Naomi x

NOTD: MUA Nail Varnish in ‘Shade 3′


In my recent MUA haul I received this gorgeous nail varnish in ‘Shade 3′.  The varnish only cost £1 and, like most MUA products, it has proved to be AMAZING value for money.

One thing I love about MUA nail varnishes (and my mum said this too so it must be true!) is that their brushes are really good quality – they’re not floppy like some cheap brand brushes, so the varnish goes on smoothly and evenly without making any mess.  This varnish was slightly runnier than Shade 13 which I reviewed previously, so it took three coats to give completely opaque coverage.  I was pleasantly surprised as well because it dried really quickly in just a few minutes compared to other runny nail varnishes I’ve used.

The picture above gives a really accurate representation of the colour of this varnish and IT IS BEAUTIFUL!  It’s not often that I’m wowed by nail varnish shades these days, but I cannot stop looking at my nails at the minute.  The best way I can describe it is it’s a bright dusky pink with violet undertones, with a shiny jelly finish.

Another great thing is that this varnish lasts – so far I have no chips or scuffs, and no peeling – perfect!  I really can’t rate this nail varnish highly enough, I love it.  Thanks again MUA for another fantastic product!

Naomi x


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