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What I Wore: Monochrome Bar Stripes


Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you’re all enjoying the bank holiday.  Yesterday was my friend’s birthday, and to celebrate a small group of us went for a Mexican meal before going to one of my favourite bars in town.  For some reason I struggled to find something to wear, so I decided to keep it simple with smokey eyes, nude lips, monochrome stripes, a few stackable bracelets and one of my favourite necklaces that I don’t wear often enough.  Considering it was a last minute job, I was pretty pleased with last night’s look, and here it is…




Products Used:

Inikia Organic Certified Liquid Foundation in Cream

Colortrend Perfect and Hide Concealer in Light

MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder

17 Smokey Eye Palette

Models Own Kohl Eyeliner in Black

MUA Pro Gel Eyeliner in Underground

Avon SuperMagnify Mascara in Black

Lipstick Queen Saint Sheer Lipstick in Bright Natural





Dress, Tights, Bag – Primark

Boots – Deichmann

Necklace – Alchemy

Bracelets – Thrifted, Primark, Celliana

What did you do with your Easter weekend?

Naomi x

Nail Art Tutorial: Rainbow Stripes


A little while ago I bought some striping tape from eBay and I created a sporty look to celebrate my favourite rugby team reaching the premiership final.  I promised that I would put together some tips on how to use striping tape, so today I thought I’d do my first tape tutorial!  These rainbow stripes don’t use striping tape in the most conventional way, but it still looks really great.  The white pattern on my nail in the photo below is just a reflection, in case you were wondering :)

To create this look, you will need the following…

  • A nail file.
  • A base coat and a top coat.
  • Plain striping tape.
  • 3 or 4 bright coloured varnishes.
  • Black nail varnish.

And this is how you do it…


As with any manicure, the first step is to moisturise your hands, clean and shape your nails (and buff if you like) and apply a base coat, just to make sure your nails stay healthy and don’t stain!


Prepare your striping tape!  Some people like to cut the striping tape when they need it by placing it on their nails whilst still on the roll and then snipping it, but I find that too bulky so I always cut it first.  Decide how many stripes you want on each nail and then cut enough strips.  I went for four on each.  Make sure you cut them longer than the width of your nail so you can peel them off easily.  Also, it’s best not to pull the tape too hard or it will stretch/curl.


To create the rainbow base, you need to paint blobs of the different coloured varnishes onto your feature nails.  I chose orange, yellow, pink and blue, as layering the blue and yellow gives green and layering the pink and blue gives purple.  Extra colours without the effort!  Ensure that every bit of your  nail is covered so there will be no bare bits in the finished look.


When your nails are dry, place the striping tape over your coloured nails, evenly spaced, and press it down edge to edge so there are no gaps underneath.  Make sure the varnish is completely dry, and not tacky, or the tape will pull the colour off when you peel it back.  Also, it is best to press the excess onto your skin to keep it out of the way.


Paint all of your nails black – simple as that!  Just be careful when painting the taped nails so you don’t accidentally lift the tape up :)  Try to apply one opaque layer of black, rather than a few thinner ones, or it will be too thick and ridged when you peel the tape off.


This is the final step!  When the black varnish is completely dry and not tacky, peel the tape off very carefully to reveal the rainbow stripes underneath, then apply a top coat.  Again, the wobbly bits on my nails in the picture are reflections, not mistakes :)

And there you have it – pretty rainbow stripes in minutes.  What do you think?

Naomi x

Nail Art: Leicester Tigers


I’m not much of a follower of sport and never have been, but there will always be one team that I will always support, and that is the Leicester Tigers rugby team!  I have lived in Leicester for all of my 22 years and I am proud that we have such a successful sports team to call our own.  Tomorrow is the Aviva Premiership Rugby Final between Leicester Tigers and Harlequins.  My other half is lucky enough to have a ticket to the game, which is taking place at Twickenham Stadium, but the game is now sold out so (for the first time in three years) I’m not going :(  Boo!  So, instead, I’ve decorated my nails in Leicester Tigers colours and stripes to show my support, ready for when I watch the game on TV tomorrow.  And here they are!

To create this look I used:

  • MUA Nail Varnish in ‘Shade 13′ (Green).
  • Avon Nail Enamel in ‘Real Red’.
  • Laval Crystal Finish Nail Polish in ‘White’.
  • Avon Peeling & Brittleness Solver (Base Coat).
  • Models Own 3 in 1 (Top Coat).

For the stripes I used my new batch of striping tape, which I got from eBay for 99p for 10 rolls (BARGAIN)!  I’d never used striping tape before today and it was a lot easier to use than I expected.  I will be posting a tutorial on how to use it next week if you’re interested :)

Naomi x

Summer Dress Bargains!


This past week I’ve treated myself to a few pretty dresses ready for late Spring/Summer, and all of them have been fantastic bargains!

The first dress I bought was a mustard and black belted skater style dress from Chiara Fashion.  It cost £4.95 (plus p+p) in the sale.

I don’t usually wear yellow but this is a really lovely shade and, as an added bonus, I even have a nail varnish which is a perfect match!

This second dress was from Primark and cost just £3 in the sale!  I swear Primark put some of their stock straight into the sale without trying to sell it full price first as I’d never seen this before, but hey, I’m not complaining!  I think the button detail is really cute and the colours really stand out.  The dress is even shaped at the breast and slightly fitted at the waist for a flattering fit.

My last purchase is my absolute favourite and the most expensive at £10 from Asda.  I adore purple and bright colours and this dress was just made for me – it’s just so pretty!  It is a similar cut to the Primark dress above and is made of light cotton, which is perfect for warm days.  I may dress this with leggings and a shrug tomorrow though as I can’t wait to wear it.

And of course, here’s an obligatory changing room shot…

Which dress do you like best?  Have you started your summer dress shopping yet?

Naomi x


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