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Fragrance Direct Valentine’s Look: English Rose


The lovely folks at Fragrance Direct recently set me a fun challenge – to create a look for Valentine’s Day using make up from their site.  I was given a budget of £20.00, and could choose five items in total.  I initially planned to go for smokey eyes and vampy red lips, but as that’s quite a clichéd Valentine’s look, I went for something a bit different in the end.  I wanted to keep it simple, so I settled for a fresh-faced ‘English Rose’ look that makes the most of my pale skin, with pretty pink cheeks, lips and nails.  After all, roses are what Valentine’s is all about, right?  These are the five items that I chose…


Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in ‘Light Porcelain’ £5.50 / Rimmel ScandalEyes Thick Eyeliner in ‘Black’ £5.00 / Bourjois 10 Day Anti Choc No Chips Nail Polish in ‘Shade 26′ £1.99 / Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush in ‘Fresh Rose’ £2.50 / Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick in ‘Mesmerize’ £1.99

Total: £16.98

On the high street, these products would have cost over £35.00 in total, so to get everything for under £20.00 is a massive bargain!

As was allowed, I used a few bits and pieces from my make up bag to complete the look (namely concealer, face powder, a bit of kohl eyeliner and mascara), and here is my finished look…



I must say, I am really impressed with the staying power of all of these products.  The lipstick stayed put through a meal and several drinks, the eyeliner didn’t budge at all until I removed it, the foundation gives amazing coverage which lasts all day, as does the blusher, and the nail polish is supposed to stay chip-free for 10 days!

I’m happy with my Fragrance Direct Valentine’s Look – it’s subtle, but still pretty, and I think it’d be perfect for a relaxed Valentine’s Day lunch.  You can check out Fragrance Direct’s full range of cosmetics here.

Naomi x

*These make up items were sent to me by Fragrance Direct.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

What I Wore: Monochrome Bar Stripes


Happy Easter everyone!  I hope you’re all enjoying the bank holiday.  Yesterday was my friend’s birthday, and to celebrate a small group of us went for a Mexican meal before going to one of my favourite bars in town.  For some reason I struggled to find something to wear, so I decided to keep it simple with smokey eyes, nude lips, monochrome stripes, a few stackable bracelets and one of my favourite necklaces that I don’t wear often enough.  Considering it was a last minute job, I was pretty pleased with last night’s look, and here it is…




Products Used:

Inikia Organic Certified Liquid Foundation in Cream

Colortrend Perfect and Hide Concealer in Light

MUA Matte Perfect Loose Powder

17 Smokey Eye Palette

Models Own Kohl Eyeliner in Black

MUA Pro Gel Eyeliner in Underground

Avon SuperMagnify Mascara in Black

Lipstick Queen Saint Sheer Lipstick in Bright Natural





Dress, Tights, Bag – Primark

Boots – Deichmann

Necklace – Alchemy

Bracelets – Thrifted, Primark, Celliana

What did you do with your Easter weekend?

Naomi x

Phase Eight Wedding Guest Outfit Competition Entry


I was recently contacted by Phase Eight about their Blogger Wedding Guest Outfit Competition.  The aim of the competition is to browse the Phase Eight website and put together an outfit fit for a fabulous wedding guest, using your favourite pieces from the site, and the lucky winner will win a £250 Phase Eight voucher!  I always love a styling challenge so I jumped at the chance of creating a wedding look, and I had a lot of fun doing so.  I decided to choose an outfit that I would wear myself, which would be suitable for all weathers, and here is what I went for…

textured chic

Shop this look:

Katrina Crush Dress (£99.00) – Madeline Shrug (£35.00) – Hope Bow Platform Peep Toe Shoes (£99.00) – Organza Rose Hair Clip (£25.00) – Hope Bow Clutch Bag (£49.00) –

Total: £307.00

Phase Eight

The main reason I chose these individual pieces was for their textures.  The crinkle effect of the dress combined with the feather shrug and satin and organza accessories is unusual, but that’s what I love about it.  After all, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd!  The fabrics are all so beautifully feminine too, which would really make you feel wonderful on a loved one’s special day.

I chose purple as the main colour as it’s my favourite colour and one which I’m told suits me well.  It’s one of this year’s popular wedding colours as well, apparently, so it’s also bang on trend.  I think the pale pink/shell accenting accessories add a soft, demure element to the boldness of the purple, as befits a wedding scenario.  They’re all incredibly elegant, especially the shoes which I absolutely adore.  The hair clip would look amazing with a side swept hair style too.

The Madeline Shrug I included is absolutely gorgeous and one of the highlights of the outfit – I think it adds a vintage-inspired glamorous touch to the look.  It’s also a versatile piece, as it can be removed if the weather’s warm or during the evening reception, or snuggled into if it’s a rainy day or there’s an evening chill.

Overall, I love this outfit as the colours and textures are stunning and the whole look is just so chic.  What do you think?

Naomi x

What I Wore: Birthday Celebration with Friends


Next Thursday (Valentine’s Day) is my birthday, and yesterday I went out with four of my closest friends for an early celebration meal.  We went to Prezzo for pizza and cheesecake, and had a good old natter, as we always do!  I decided to dress down for the evening as we weren’t doing anything too fancy, but I managed to combine polka dots, skulls and bright lips – three of my favourite things!

This is the make up look I went for (apologies for the badly lit photos!)…


Products Used:

Avon Magix Face Perfector

MUA Professional Matte Foundation in Soft Sand

Colortrend Perfect and Hide Concealer in Light

MUA Pressed Powder in Shade 1

MUA Mosaic BlusherModels Own Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Black

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner in Black

Bellapierre Lash Building Mascara in Black

Sleek Pout Paint in Port

And here is what I wore…


Dress – Store Twenty One

Leggings – Primark

Boots – Deichmann

Bag – Primark Oxford Street

Necklace – Avon

Naomi x

Breast Cancer Awareness Month


I originally planned this post back at the beginning of September, but after discovering that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I thought I would save until now.  Breast Cancer research and awareness is a cause which is close to my heart, as it is for millions of other men and women around the world.  Statistics show that breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in the UK, and 1 in 8 women in the UK will develop breast cancer during their lifetime, so it is highly likely that most of us will know someone who has been affected by breast cancer,which is a sobering thought.

The idea of Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to encourage women of all ages to check their breasts regularly.  Checking your breasts isn’t just about feeling for a lump, but also about learning what is normal for your breasts, and knowing what unusual changes to look out for.  I saw on the news yesterday that, shockingly, 98% of women do not know what changes (other than a lump) may indicate breast cancer, so in this post I will share those signs with you.  You may find that your  breasts look or feel different at different times of the month depending on what stage you are at during your menstrual cycle, for example, your breasts may feel swollen or tender, or even slightly lumpy, so it is important to tune in to these natural changes and know what is usual for you.

What to look out for…

It is incredibly important to use your eyes as well as your hands when checking your breasts, as some signs of breast cancer are visible.  To check for visible signs, it is a good idea to look in a mirror and view your breasts from all angles, both with your arms in the air and at your side.  Here are the changes you should be looking for:

  • Swelling, in your armpit or in your collarbone.
  • Changes in the texture of the skin, including dimpling or puckering (a little bit like orange peel).
  • A change in nipple size or shape, or even nipple inversion.
  • Nipple discharge.
  • A rash or crusting on the breast or around the nipple.

But remember, even if cancer is present you may not have all, if any, of these signs, so it is important to feel your breasts as well.

What to feel for…

Many people think that cancer of the breast will always manifest as a lump.  However, though lumps are common, breast cancer can also feel like a thickening of the breast tissue, so bear this in mind when checking your breasts.  Also, if you feel constant pain in your breast or armpit, don’t ignore it.

How to feel your breasts…

It is recommended that you check your breasts once or twice a month, when relaxed, and preferably with a soapy hand whilst in the bath or shower.  Checking your breasts isn’t just about feeling for lumps, but about feeling what is normal for you, so pay attention to how your breasts usually feel.

A good technique to check your breasts is to do the following:

  • Using the flat part (not the fingertips) of three or four of your fingers, roll over your breast tissue in a circular motion, feeling for any lumps or thickening.  Start at the top and move all the way round the breast until you reach the top again.
  • Moving closer towards the nipple, do the same again, and repeat until you reach the nipple.
  • Sweep the flat part of your fingers from the side of your breast and up towards your armpit, as your breast tissue extends up to your armpit.
  • Gently squeeze your nipple at the 12 and 6 o clock position, as well as the 9 and 3 o clock position to check for any discharge.

If you can see or feel ANY changes in your breasts that are not normal to you then it is extremely important to see your doctor as soon as possible.  I myself recently found a lump in my breast.  I was terrified and very nervous about going to see the doctor, but I knew it was necessary so I bit the bullet and went.  The doctor was very kind and gentle and checked my breast for me, and luckily, thankfully, everything was okay in the end, but it is always better to be safe than sorry, as I’m sure you’ll all agree.

How you can help…

To show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, you can wear a pink ribbon.

I am currently wearing this beautiful Magenta Crusade Pink from Avon which costs £1.50, and all proceeds go to charity.  Avon have been fundraising for Breakthrough Breast Cancer for 20 years now, and they often sell other products for the charity, including nail files, baking sets and mugs, so keep an eye out for these when browsing your Avon brochure!

There are also lots of other gorgeous pins and things for sale on the high street this month, some of the proceeds of which will go to charities such as Breast Cancer Care.  There is a full list of items here, but here are a few of the fashion and beauty related products you can buy…

QVS Ergo Eyelash Curler – £3.99

Boux Avenue Lyla Bra (£26) and Knickers (£16, or £12 thong)

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil – £9.99

Special Edition Twinpack Cherry Chapstick – £2.49

QVS Two Professional Nail Shapers – £1.99

Penelope Pink Tangle Teaser – £13.99

I hope you have found this post useful, and whether male or female, please remember to check your breasts on a regular basis.  Oh and please show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness and wear a pink ribbon – I am!

Naomi x

New Look Denim Competition Entry: Bonfire Night Outfit


I was recently contacted about a really fun fashion competition, which is being run by New Look and Sparkle Fashion Blog and focuses on New Look’s new collection of fabulous jeans.  As it happens, New Look is one of the only shops on the high street where I can buy jeans as I am 5’10” and they actually make jeans long enough to fit me, so I jumped at the chance of entering!  After all, the grand prize is £200 and a pair of jeans, and a pair of jeans for nine runners up!  The idea of the competition is to create an outfit for any occasion using items from the New Look online store, with a pair of sexy jeans as the centrepiece.  Once you’ve decided on your items you then need to blog your look and finalise your entry on this Sparkle Fashion Blog post.

As I’ve mentioned before, Autumn is my favourite time of year.  I love the gorgeous colours, the sharp coldness of the Autumn sun, and the massive amount of fun that can be had, especially on Halloween and Bonfire Night!  As such, I decided to put together a seasonal outfit which would be suitable to wear on Bonfire Night, whilst standing in a dark field or garden, warming yourself next to the flames whilst watching fireworks and eating jacket potatoes and toffee apples.  My idea of a happy Autumn evening :)  Here is what I came up with…

Shop this Look:

Purple Skinny Jeans (£16.99) – Black and Purple Stripe Raglan Knitted Jumper (£12.99)-

Black Skull Print Heavyweight Skinny Scarf (£7.99) – Black Studded Biker Wellies (£19.99) –

Pieces Knitted Hat (£10.00, was £21.99) – Colourpop Jade Nail Polish (£1.99) –

Total: £69.95

So far this Autumn I have lived in skinny jeans, so the obvious choice of jeans for me was this skinny pair in my favourite colour.  I absolutely adore the deep plum shade and I’d love a pair for myself!  I chose the simple black knitted jumper to go with the jeans so that it wouldn’t detract from them, but compliment them with the matching purple striped sleeves.  I actually tried this very jumper on a few weeks ago and it’s so snuggly and well-fitting – perfect for a chilly night spent outside.

As a nod towards this season’s trend for all things Gothic, I added the stunning skull print scarf, and for extra warmth and to pick up on the turquoise shade running through the scarf I included the knitted hat.  Purple and turquoise are two of my favourite colours and I love to wear them together – I think they compliment rather than clash, and they make for a fun combination!

Bonfire Night often involves standing in a soggy field or garden, so I thought a pair of wellies would be ideal footwear for this look.  I found this amazing pair of Biker Wellies on New Look’s website which transform the typical frumpy welly into something a little more chic.  I really like how they look like boots so can be dressed up, and they add an extra hint of Gothic on top of the scarf.

Last but not least, for an extra splash of colour and glamour, I chose a beautifully bright Jade nail polish for the finishing touch which I think rounds the outfit off nicely.

I hope you like my entry!  If you’d like to enter yourself, you can find out how here.  You can also follow the competition and all the entries on Twitter using the #DenimComp hashtag!

Good luck and fingers crossed!

Naomi x

Chocolate Treat Week: Makeup


My third Chocolate Treat Week post is all about make up.  Believe it or not, I had to search high and low for chocolate scented and coloured make up products, but I found a couple of great ones in the end.  I’ve also created a yummy eyeshadow look to share with you, which uses three different shades of chocolate brown.  Enjoy!

For Lips… Palmer’s Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter

In my high and low search for chocolate lip products I discovered a myriad of chocolate lip balms, but none of them seemed to cut the mustard as a gloss, rather than just a protective balm.  In all honesty I was close to giving up, but then I found this…  Palmer’s Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter.

The Lip Butter has a lovely creamy formula which feels amazing on the lips.  You can tell from how it feels that it is intensely enriching, and because it’s a butter and not a gloss it feels smooth and moisturising rather than sticky.  It  is also light in colour so doesn’t leave a tint on the lips, but as the packaging states it adds a ‘subtle gloss’, which is what makes it makeup in my eyes.  The glossy shine it adds lasts for a long time, and can be worn over lipstick as well as directly on the lips.

The minty chocolate scent of the Lip Butter is absolutely divine.  The fact that it is dark chocolate means that it isn’t too sickly sweet, and the freshness of the peppermint gives it a sharp edge.  The mint also feels wonderful on the lips as it gives the lip butter a pleasant tingle.  Though it doesn’t claim to be a plumping product I think it does have a slight, natural-looking plumping effect, but without the pain that some plumping glosses can cause!

Palmer’s Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter definitely does what it says on the tin.  It ‘softens & soothes lips’ almost instantly and leaves them feeling protected, but it has a big advantage over most lip balms by adding that ‘subtle gloss’.  The Lip Butter is available in lots of high street shops (there’s a list here), and usually retails for about £2.75, which is an excellent price considering it is a gloss AND a protective balm in one.

For Eyes… MUA Malt Chocolate Intense Glitter Eyeliner

MUA’s Malt Chocolate Intense Glitter Eyeliner is another quality MUA product.  Like all of their glitter liners it costs just £1, which is outstanding value as there’s even a pencil sharpener incorporated into the lid!  The eyeliner is very creamy so it applies like a dream to both your waterlines and your upper and lower lash lines without pulling the skin at all.  The glitter is very fine too, so it adds a lovely shimmer without causing any irritation or heaviness on the eye.

Malt Chocolate is a pretty, highly pigmented shade with a bronze tinge to it, which gives it that ‘intense colour finish’ – far from the dull, uninspiring look of most brown eyeliners!  What I like about this liner is that, once it dries, it doesn’t smudge and it lasts a good long while before it comes off, keeping its bold colour for the duration of wear.

The eyeliner is also impressively versatile.  MUA state that it can be worn all over the eyelid, as a lip liner or as an all-over lip colour as well as an eyeliner, and due to its creaminess I think it would make a great lip product as it wouldn’t be drying at all.  What a fab thing to throw into your suitcase for a holiday or into your clutch on a night out!

If you’d like to try any of MUA’s Glitter Intense Eyeliners they are available in Superdrug stores or online here.

Create the Look… Triple Chocolate Eyes

The above look was created using three different shades of chocolate coloured eyeshadow.  MUA’s Chocolate Box Trio Eyeshadow would be perfect for this, but I actually used their Immaculate Collection Palette.  All you need to use to copy this look is a white chocolate shade as a highlighter, a milk chocolate shade as your main colour, and a dark chocolate shade for shadows and creases.  The shades I used from the Immaculate Collection were these…

  • White Chocolate: Shade 12
  • Milk Chocolate: Shade 23
  • Dark Chocolate: Shade 21

And here’s how you get the look:

  • Prepare your eyelids right up to the brow bone with your preferred eye primer.
  • Apply your milk chocolate shade to your eyelid using a flat eyeshadow brush, from corner to corner and up to the crease.
  • Using another flat eyeshadow brush sweep your white chocolate shade above the milk chocolate shade, up to the brown bone.
  • Using a shading brush, apply the dark chocolate shade along the crease of your eye, thickening the line at the outer corner and taking it down to the corner of your lashes.
  • Blend the dark chocolate shade into the edge of the milk chocolate shade with a clean eyeshadow brush.
  • Using a fine brush, apply a small amount of the white chocolate shade to the inside corner of your eye and a third of the way under your lower lash line.  Fill in the rest of your lower lash line with the dark chocolate shade.
  • Brush any loose eyeshadow from your face using a clean brush and finish with a generous coat of your favourite mascara, preferably brown.

The Last Rolo…

The Last Rolo is where I hand over the last few words of each Chocolate Treat Week blog post to another blogger.  In the run up to Chocolate Treat Week I asked five of my favourite bloggers a couple of questions about their favourite chocolate treats, and today’s answers come from Claire of Nocturnal Beauty.

Can you recommend any chocolate scented, flavoured or themed beauty/fashion products?

I can definitely recommend the Whipstick lip balm from Lush. It’s my by far my favourite chocolate scented product that I’ve tried. It smells just like chocolate orange, and it isn’t overly sickly or too sweet, it smells absolutely divine. I do catch myself smelling the tin quite a lot! It feels lovely too and leaves a bit of a brown tint to the lips. It’s perfect for anybody who loves chocolate!

What is your favourite chocolate treat to eat, and why?

My favourite chocolate treat to eat is probably chocolate cake. I eat far too much cake and it’s a wonder I have any teeth left. I also make some seriously good chocolate fudge!

Thanks for reading today’s Chocolate Treat Week installment!  Please check back tomorrow for a post all about chocolate themed nails, featuring some new nail art!

Naomi x

House of Fraser Blogger Style Challenge


Yesterday morning I was told about the new Blogger Style Challenge by House of Fraser.  The challenge is to browse the House of Fraser website and put together a look using their new arrivals, which incorporates next season’s trends.  The lucky winner will receive £200 worth of House of Fraser vouchers, so I wasn’t going to pass up my chance of entering!  The official rules for the challenge are as follows:

Step 1: Head over to and pick your favourite new season pieces.

Step 2: Put together your look and post it on your blog. Tell us what you love about the pieces you’ve picked and where you would wear them.

Step 3: Leave a comment below with a link to your post so we can take a look.

Step 4: Check back to see if we choose you as our favourite!

I really enjoy doing posts like this (who doesn’t love a bit of window shopping?) so I didn’t waste any time in putting my look together. A little bit of research revealed that, this Autumn and Winter, purple, Goth, leather and mini bags will all be very popular, and for me this is very good news! Purple is my favourite colour and I’ve always had a slightly dark/Goth side (someone once described me as a cross between Marilyn Manson and Bambi, which is apparently a compliment), so I had no trouble putting together an on-trend outfit that I would love to wear myself.  This is what I came up with…

Shop this look:

Whistles Naomi Leather JacketEast Pintuck Detail Ggt BlouseVictoria Beckham Power Skinny Jeans in ‘Berry’Bertie Prang Biker BootsJacques Vert Grape Tailored Clutch BagAzendi 8mm Sterling Silver Purple Cubic Zirconia SliderGuerlain Rouge Lipstick in ‘Gigolo’Clarins Kohl Eye Pencil

I’m really into purple skinny jeans at the minute, and since purple will be big this Autumn/Winter, I thought this would be a good starting point.  Luckily, House of Fraser are stocking newly arrived Victoria Beckham Skinny Jeans in the stunning shade of ‘Berry’.  I then teamed the jeans with a long-sleeved, floaty black blouse.  The layered, flowing fabric is reminiscent of the feminine Gothic clothing that I’ve been seeing on the catwalk, so it seemed like a great choice.

When I saw the zipped, strapped and buckled boots and jacket, I knew they were perfect for my outfit. Not only do they follow the leather trend, but they instantly reminded me of the protagonist of my favourite Gothic love story, Edward Scissorhands. The jacket also shares my name, so I just had to include it!

To carry the purple theme through, I went for deep purple accessories – the Azendi necklace and the Jacques Vert Clutch Bag.  The bag picks up on next season’s trend for mini bags as well.

Finally, the make up…  To match the accessories and to give a further vampy, Gothic edge, I chose a dark purple lipstick by Guerlain that I have now fallen in love with.  If I win the £200 vouchers, it will definitely be on my ‘to buy’ list!  The Clarins Kohl Eye Pencil is the final Gothic touch, for dark, smoky-eyes.

I hope you like my final look!  I would happily wear this casually in the day whilst out and about, and then in the evening with the necklace and clutch to a bar or for a meal with friends.  What’s better than an outfit than can be carried from day into night?

Naomi x

Batman Day: Selina Kyle/Catwoman Inspired Make Up


I have officially named today Batman Day, because today (finally) I went to see The Dark Knight Rises at the cinema!  I have been Batman obsessed since I was a small child and have seen pretty much every Batman film that has ever been made.  The Christopher Nolan trilogy has been by far my favourite set of films, and the big finale didn’t disappoint.  I’m saying nothing though, just in case any of you are yet to see it :)  In a move of unashamed geekery, I decided to give my make-up a Batman theme today, and what could be more fitting than a Selina Kyle based look?  The brilliant Anne Hathaway plays Selina/Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, and her distinctive look has been adorning posters for months, and I had been wanting to recreate her pale face and pink cheeks, bold red lips and dark smokey eyes for a while, so today I did.

Here is the make up that I used for this classic look:

  • Avon Ideal Shade Cream to Powder Foundation in ‘Ivory’
  • Avon Ideal Shade Pressed Powder in ‘Fair’
  • Avon Colortrend Perfect and Hide Concealer in ‘Light’
  • The Body Shop Lip & Cheek Stain
  • Avon Glimmerstick Eye Liner in ‘Blackest Black’
  • Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Kohl in ‘Charcoal’
  • Avon SuperCurlacious Mascara in ‘Black’
  • MUA Lip Boom (just the lipstick) in ‘Bring It’

And here is my Catwoman-inspired look!

This look is very easy to create…  Over moisturiser I applied the Cream to Powder Foundation, Concealer, and a very fine layer of Pressed Powder.  I then lined my waterline with the Glimmerstick Eye Liner and smudged the Avon Professional Kohl under my eyes and over my top lashline, before drawing one more line on my top lashline with the Kohl.  Next I added two coats of SuperCurlacious Mascara, and finally I filled in my lips with MUA’s Lip Boom.  Easy!

I hope you like my Catwoman look, and if you’re going to see the film, enjoy it!  For those who have already seen it…  What did you think?  I really loved seeing Nottingham’s Wollaton Hall in the film as it’s so close to where I live!

Naomi x

A Simple Guide to Smoky Eyes


I’ve put together a simple step-by-step guide on how to create a classic smoky eyed look.   Many women have their reservations about smoky eyes, as such a dramatic look can be quite daunting to apply and wear, especially as any mistakes made with dark make up tend to show up more.  This smoky style, however, is more refined and can be worn day or night, and most importantly is so easy to do!  Unfortunately, I had finished applying my make up before I decided to blog a tutorial so I don’t have any photographs of each stage, but the application is so easy you won’t really need them!

How to create Classic Smoky Eyes

Using a soft brush, apply a soft grey shadow to the eyelid, up to the eye socket.  Apply a little extra to the inside corner.  I used two shadows at this stage (a very pale grey and a slightly darker grey) to achieve my desired shade.

Using a dark grey shadow, apply an angular c-shape to the outside corner of the eye, going into the eye socket and along the top lash line.  Also apply a thin line of the dark grey colour along your lower lash line.

With a clean brush, blend the two colours together.  Repeat the process again for a longer lasting look.

Generously line your water line with the black kajal stick, corner to corner, top and bottom.

Finally, layer your eyelashes with black mascara.

Remove any excess or fallen make up with the clean brush and there you have it!  Smoky eyes in a matter of minutes.

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