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MyChelle Dermaceuticals Skin Care


Quite a few months ago I was sent three skin care products to try by the vegan, cruelty-free brand MyChelle Dermaceuticals.  MyChelle’s tagline is ‘Seeded in science and rooted in nature’, which sums them up perfectly.  Their products are all made from nontoxic, natural ingredients, which have been chosen and formulated specifically for their concentration and nutrient levels, which can help the skin look and feel healthier.

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MyChelle’s products are organised into five steps which, when combined, create the perfect skin care routine – you just have to pick the right products for your skin type!  Step 1 is cleansers, Step 2 masks, peels and scrubs, Step 3 serums, Step 4 mists, and finally, Step 5 creams.  The three products I received, and have now been using for a while, are their Fruit Enzyme Cleanser* from Step 1, Pumpkin Renew Cream* from Step 5, and Fabulous Eye Cream*, also from Step 5.  I haven’t tried any products from Step 2, 3 or 4 so cannot comment on how well the routine works as a whole, so I will share my experience of each product individually.

Fruit Enzyme Cleanser – 61ml – £8.50

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MyChelle say: Gentle deep cleanser uncovers remarkably fresh, smooth skin. A special blend of natural multi-fruit Alpha-Hydroxy Acids unclog and purify pores, and increase cellular turnover for a more youthfully refined look. Strengthening and antioxidant Turmeric keeps skin calm and eases signs of irritation, while Fructooligosaccharides from sugar promote and protect skin’s health.

I say: The Fruit Enzyme Cleanser comes in a squeezy bottle with a mess-free click lid, which makes it really easy to control how much of the cleanser you use, meaning there’s no waste.  MyChelle recommend using a dime-size amount to cover the whole face, which in English money is about the same size as a five pence coin.  In my experience that is enough for a good cleanse, so even this 61ml bottle will last a good while.

The cleanser contains a mixture of natural oils and plant extracts, but the one that dominates is orange, so it has a gorgeous sweet orange scent, which happens to be one of my favourite toiletry scents.  It also has a light gel consistency which massages in like a dream, and doesn’t feel greasy at all.  The gel washes off easily with warm water and leaves the skin feeling soft, fresh and incredibly clean, without that tightness you sometimes get from facial cleansers.  I’ve noticed my face has looked a lot clearer since I started using this cleanser and I’ve had far fewer breakouts which is brilliant.

Pumpkin Renew Cream – 35ml – £21.00

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MyChelle say: A lightweight, hydrating formula blends antioxidant-rich Pumpkin Seed Oil with reparative Peptides to protect cellular health and maintain hydration. Astaxanthin, from Micro-Algae, neutralizes free radicals while reducing moisture loss. EGF Peptides promote cellular renewal and collagen production. Shea Butter and Vitamin E replenish skin’s lipid barrier to prevent dehydration.

I say: MyChelle’s Pumpkin Renew Cream is not orange in colour as you’d expect, but a pale minty green.  It smells absolutely beautiful – fresh, but with a sweet and spicy note of nutmeg which really stands out.  The formula is light, and in the pot looks a little bit oily which, I’ll admit, worried me slightly at first, but I was relieved to find that it doesn’t leave behind any greasiness on the skin.  Rather, it is absorbed nicely and is incredibly moisturising and softening, and also has a calming, soothing effect on tired or angry skin.

MyChelle’s Pumpkin Renew Cream is suitable for all skin types, including combination skin like mine, and can be used as a day or night cream, so it’s a great little all-rounder.  I’ve been using my pot in the morning as a base for my make up, and it hydrates dry patches and evens out oily patches for a perfect finish.

Fabulous Eye Cream – 15ml – £19.00

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MyChelle say: Advanced formula nourishes the delicate eye area while minimizing the look of fine lines. Revolutionary Edelweiss Plant Stem Cells inhibit collagen breakdown and are clinically proven to reduce wrinkle depth by 15% after only twenty days of use. Hyaluronic acid binds moisture within the skin, smoothing and firming the eye area.

I say: Once again, MyChelle’s packaging prevails with this cream and the easy squeeze tube and narrow nozzle make it really easy to control how much cream you use, and you really only need a little bit of this to cover the whole eye area.  The cream itself, like the Pumpkin Renew Cream, is non-greasy and easily absorbed, and gentle enough for the eye area, causing no irritation.  The Fabulous Eye Cream smells different to the other two products (I love how they all have a different scent!), with a delicately sweet, almost floral aroma with hints of coconut, lavender and orange.

Being only 23, I don’t yet have many wrinkles around my eyes, but I’ve been using this almost as a preventative, and it’s doing a great job so far.  After application my eye area feels smooth and firm, without being uncomfortable, and it’s definitely been helping to reduce my morning eye puffiness!

Overall, I’d definitely recommend MyChelle’s products and I’d love to fill the gaps in my routine with more of their offerings.  My skin is really quite sensitive and I often have allergic to reactions to facial cleansers and moisturisers, but I haven’t had any such reaction to MyChelle.  Definitely something to remember if you too suffer from sensitive skin!

You can view MyChelle’s full range here.

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My parcel from MyChelle also contained two packets of Pur chewing gum, and since I am a gum addict it was a nice little surprise to receive these.  The gum comes in two flavours – Peppermint and Wintergreen, and is aspartame and sugar-free, so it contains no nasties.  It’s also suitable for vegans, diabetics and those who are gluten and lactose intolerant, so it’s a really inclusive product.  The gum itself has a nice, powerful flavour and tastes and chews just like any other gum, so it doesn’t suffer in that respect, but the flavour doesn’t last as long as I’d like.  Still, for a natural product that pretty much anyone can have, it’s impressive.

Naomi x

*These products were sent to me by MyChelle Dermaceuticals for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

sienna wood beauty Rhassoul Clay


A few weeks ago I was very kindly offered a product to try from a natural skin care brand called sienna wood.  The product I was sent is called Rhassoul Clay Regenerating Facial Treatment – something I wasn’t familiar with before, but I am now using on a regular basis when I want to give my skin a deep treatment.



The clay comes packaged in an uncomplicated brown paper bag which suits the natural simplicity of the clay itself, and can also be recycled, so it’s ethical too.  Rhassoul Clay is a light reddish-brown, and comes in a fine powder form so it can be easily mixed with water.  It is sourced in Morocco, and contains a combination of minerals, such as silicon and magnesium, which makes it perfect for making skin healthier.



Rhassoul Clay can be used as a cleanser or face mask when mixed with water, or rosewater.  I initially found it really difficult to get the clay to the right consistency, but I’ve found that a little goes a long way and, as a rule, a quarter of a teaspoon mixed with a couple of teaspoons of water is ideal as a cleanser.  Or, for a mask, use a full teaspoon of powder with a similar quantity of water.  Once mixed, leave the paste to hydrate for a few minutes before using.

My favourite way to use sienna wood’s Rhassoul Clay is as a cleanser, as it’s fuss free but gives amazing results.  All you need to do is massage the cleanser in to damp skin before rinsing off with warm water.  The clay has a silky smooth texture that is a pleasure to use as it feels luxuriously lovely on the skin, and it does its job incredibly well.  After use, my skin always feels really refreshed and clean, and very soft, but without the tightness I usually experience with unnatural cleansers.  Furthermore, the clay has no scent and contains no nasty chemicals, so it is really gentle on my sensitive skin.

Sienna Wood Rhassoul Clay is available online and costs £3.49 for a 50g bag.  Considering the small amount you need for one use, a bag will last a fairly long time (at least a few months), so it is excellent value for money.  Sienna Wood also sel Argan Oil Hair Treatment and Face Treatment, both of which cost just over £5.00 each, so they’re definitely worth checking out too.

Have you ever used Rhassoul Clay?  What did you think?

Naomi x

*I was sent this sienna wood Rhassoul Clay by sienna wood beauty for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

Purity Organic Skincare Facial Wash and Cleansing Lotion


A few weeks ago I started to experience unsightly breakouts on my face, particularly around my jaw line, and nothing I tried seemed to make them go away.  Even the medicated gels that my doctor prescribed did nothing but make my skin feel sore and dry!  So, when I received a set of face care products in the post from Purity Organic Skincare I didn’t expect them to do much for me, but two weeks on my skin has improved more than I could have hoped.


Purity Organic Skincare are a British brand who focus on using hard-working and sustainably grown ingredients to create gentle but effective skincare products, which are also affordable, using the tagline ‘Less is more in beauty’.  Most of their ingredients are organic, and the brand is officially EcoCert certified, vegetarian and does not support animal testing, so they are all round skin, animal, environment and purse friendly – what more could you ask for?


The two products that I was sent to review are Purity’s Facial Wash and Conditioning Cleansing Lotion, which both come in Purity’s characteristically simple packaging.  Here are my experiences of both so far…

Facial Wash – 150ml – RRP £4.99


I use Purity’s Facial Wash every morning whilst in the shower, and it adds a lovely bit of luxury to my morning routine.  The wash contains a mixture of natural ingredients, including sweet almond oil for moisturisation and aloe vera to soothe the skin, and is fragrance free so is suitable for sensitive skin, which is excellent news for me!  I find that the wash has quite an oily consistency, but if you rub a coin sized amount between your hands before use it warms up and develops into a light foam which is enough to cover your whole face, and feels gorgeously silky when massaged into the skin.  Despite the oil, the wash washes off with no trouble and leaves no greasy residue on the skin, and doesn’t go the other way and dry the skin out either.  Rather, it leaves the skin feeling refreshed, clean and incredibly soft.

Conditioning Cleansing Lotion Make-Up Remover – 150ml – RRP £4.99


Every evening, before I go to bed, I remove my make-up using Purity’s Conditioning Cleansing Lotion.  The cleanser has a creamy texture which acts as a moisturiser and, like the facial wash, has no fragrance.  The main ingredients derive from coconut and avocado oil which cool the skin, and were specifically chosen for their abilities to break down make-up and dirt.  To use, you just need to massage a small amount of the cleanser onto the face and neck before removing it with a clean cotton pad, and believe me when I say it does its job very well!  The cleanser I used to use never fully removed everything from my face, so when applying toner there would still be make-up coming off on the cotton pad, but this gets rid of everything in one go.  The only downside is that it can’t be used to remove eye make-up, so I’ve had to continue using my usual one, but I would switch to Purity straight away if they did launch an eye make-up remover!

Combined, these two products have worked miracles on my problem skin.  I put the breakouts down to the overuse of scented products packed full of harsh chemicals which irritated my skin, and the gentle but effective ingredients in the facial wash and cleansing lotion have sorted that right out.  Though my skin still isn’t perfect, it looks a LOT clearer and feels a lot smoother, which has seriously boosted my confidence.

Purity Organic Skincare’s products are available online and in Superdrug stores across the UK, and are extremely affordable, ranging from £4.99 to £8.99 each.  I really can’t recommend the brand highly enough as their products actually work and have sorted my skin out in no time at all – thank you, Purity!  I am definitely going to be repurchasing both the facial wash and cleanser, and will be investing in the moisturiser too.

Naomi x

*The Purity Organic Skincare Facial Wash and Conditioning Cleansing Lotion were sent to me by Purity Organic Skincare for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

Superdrug Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash and Cleanser & Toner


Hi everyone!

Firstly, allow me to apologise for being so elusive lately…  I have been really quite busy with work and preparing for Christmas, so I haven’t had much time to blog.  Friday was my last day at work until January, however, so I should have quite a few posts coming up over the next few weeks!

Today I will be reviewing two items from Superdrug’s Tea Tree range.  Towards the end of summer (doesn’t it seem ages ago now??) I started to get some rather nasty breakouts on my face.  I took those horrible red pimples as a sign to change my skin care routine, so I stopped using oily moisturisers and went out to look for some new facial products to try.  Tea Tree oil is well-known for its use as treatment for acne, so I thought Tea Tree based products would be a good place to start.  There were quite a few Tea Tree products out there, but I settled for Superdrug’s own brand for several reasons… 1) I’ve used Superdrug’s own brand of products before and they were pretty good, 2) They are affordable, and 3) Superdrug are animal friendly.


The two products I chose were the Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash, and the Tea Tree Cleanser & Toner, with the intention of using one in the morning and one at night.  I can’t remember exactly how much they cost me, but I know they were on offer at the time and they are currently being sold at 2 for £3.99, so it must have been something around that mark.  Individually, they cost £2.99 each.

Here are my thoughts on each product…

Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash (160ml)


Superdrug’s Foaming Face Wash is green liquid in the bottle, but as soon as you press the pump spray it expands into a creamy white foam.  The above photo shows one pump of the face wash, which is plenty enough for one use, so as you can imagine one bottle lasts a very long time.  The foam itself really is lovely and soft, and massages nicely into the skin (the instructions say to massage gently all over the face in small circles, which is what I do).  I usually use it during my morning shower, and it is also easy to wash off.

The Tea Tree and Peppermint Oils in the wash feel amazing on the skin.  After every use my skin feels SO clean, tingly and fresh, and the feeling lasts, but unlike some tea tree products it doesn’t sting.  However, after a couple of weeks of use I found the face wash to be quite drying, as I was using it alongside some medicated gel which my GP prescribed – bad idea I know!  I was starting to get sore, itchy patches on my skin which seemed to disappear when I stopped using it.  As such, I now use this a lot less than I did when I first bought it (around once a week rather than once a day), which seems to be suiting me fine for now, but I may increase my use again now that I’ve stopped using the medicated gel.

It’s hard to tell whether this has helped my breakouts, but I am now clear of spots and I definitely noticed it reduced the angry redness of my skin when I first started using it.  I like to use it on my neck, shoulders, back and chest as well to help prevent spots in those areas too.  I’m not 100% sure I would repurchase this, but I’m glad that I tried it and it does give you a good clean.

Tea Tree Cleanser & Toner (200ml)


Like the Foaming Face Wash, Superdrug’s Tea Tree Cleanser & Toner looks green in the bottle, and that’s how it stays.  To apply, I squeeze a generous amount of the liquid onto a cotton wool ball, and use it to remove my make up and cleanse my skin every evening before I go to bed.  I have been using this every day for almost four months now, and as you can see in my photos, the bottle is still more than half full!  That’s excellent value in my eyes.

As with the face wash, the oils used in the product feel fantastically refreshing on the skin, and the aloe vera extract it contains calms and soothes the skin after a long day.  The cleanser does a brilliant job at removing all traces of make up and dirt too…  You just have to look at the cotton wool ball after use for the evidence.  It might look shocking, but at least you know it’s doing its job!

I haven’t had any trouble with this at all.  It doesn’t make my skin feel sore or dry like some cleansers have in the past, rather, it is actually quite moisturising for what it is.

I like Superdrug’s Tea Tree Cleanser & Toner a lot more than their Foaming Face Wash, and it has officially replaced my previous cleanser.  I will be repurchasing this when it runs out (which probably won’t be for a while!), and it is worth every penny.

You can view/buy the full Tea Tree range on Superdrug’s website here.  Have you already tried anything from the range?  What did you think of it?

Naomi x

Friday Favourite: Skinology Cleansing Lotion


This week’s Friday Favourite is the wonderful Skinology Cleansing Lotion.  Since my teenage years I have been using cleansers to keep my skin clear, and over time I have tried many – some cheap and some expensive.  Skinology is one of the best I have ever used, and believe it or not, it only costs 98p in Wilkinson for 200ml!

Every night after I’ve removed my make up, and before I go to bed, I use this on my face and neck.  The cleansing lotion is quite delicate – it doesn’t sting or dry your skin, but leaves it feeling very clean, and clear of daily dirt and traces of make up.  I find that I’m always left with a bit of a shine after using the cleanser, but it doesn’t really matter as I go to sleep straight away after anyway!

I’ve had far fewer breakouts since I started using Skinology’s Cleansing Lotion about a year ago, which is brilliant, and my pores are definitely smaller.

What is your go to cleansing lotion?

Thanks for reading!

Naomi x

PS. Apologies for the rubbish photo – I had to use a phone camera as I don’t have my proper camera with me!

The Big Skincare Revolution!


The Big Skincare Revolution is taking place and there seems to be some excitement surrounding it!  If you visit the Skincare Revolution Facebook page, you can send off for a sample of a new mystery skincare product from a range which is apparently ‘set to change your beauty regime forever’.  The sample you will be sent is a 3ml sachet of a face wash which can also be used as a face mask, but this is all that is known about the product – the branding etc remains a secret until the big reveal on the 1st of March!

My sample arrived a few days ago and this morning I decided to give it a try.  The product is white with a pale green tinge and has a thick, creamy texture.  The sachet pictures avocado and red berries, and I’d say the product smells very much like avocado but nothing at all like berries!  I found the scent to be quite refreshing which is a nice wake up of a morning.

The instructions on the back of the sachet advise to use a small amount twice daily as a face wash, or a few times weekly as a mask.  Since I was in a rush, I went for the wash option and rubbed a 10p sized amount between my fingers before massaging it onto my face.

The wash felt quite rich and cooling on my skin, and it rubbed in nicely and washed off easily.  I was slightly worried that it would dry my skin out somewhat, as a lot of facial washes of this consistency tend to do, but it actually felt quite moisturising and left my skin feeling soft.

I noticed that the pores in my problem areas were a lot smaller and smoother after I’d used this mystery wash which is a big bonus, and they still look better than usual ten hours later!

Overall, I quite liked the mystery skincare sample that I was sent.  I’m not sure I would use it as a mask as face masks aren’t really my thing, but I would definitely use it again as a wash.  I struggle to find skin products that my skin isn’t sensitive to, and though this contains ingredients that I’ve previously not got along with, I seemed to be okay with this product.  I’m looking forward to the big reveal in just over a week’s time and can’t wait to see what the range will contain.

Have you tried a sample yet?  What did you think?

Naomi x

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