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Bellápierre Lash Building Mascara


I recently purchased this Bellápierre Lash Building Mascara from a blog sale for just £1.  Before I saw this in the sale, I hadn’t really heard anything about Bellápierre, but I did some research and discovered that the brand are an ‘all natural cosmetics line’, specialising in ‘Organic mineral make up’.  Since I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible in my make up choices, I decided to snap this up and try it out for size (quite literally, seeing as it’s a ‘Lash Building’ mascara!)  The mascara usually retails for £19.99 so I definitely got myself a bargain!

My first impressions of the mascara when I received it were mixed.  The tube is averagely sized, containing 10ml of product, and though the black and silver packaging looks quite sleek and classy, I didn’t think it was anything special.  It wouldn’t stand out from the crowd on a display anyway.  The tube also feels fairly cheap, but I didn’t lose heart.  After all, as the old cliché says,  you should never judge a book by its cover.

When I first saw the brush I was quite pleased.  I’m not a fan of bulky brushes and though this one is large, it’s a lot narrower than a lot of other brushes which is just right for me.  I always find it much easier to apply mascara to the difficult corner lashes with smaller brushes and this was no exception.  Application was brilliant – the mascara is very smooth in consistency and not too thick, and the brush holds just the right amount so you don’t have to worry about making any mess.  It doesn’t clump either!  I did get a couple of small blobs on my upper eyelid but I blame being distracted by my sister talking to me at the same time :)

The Bellápierre website claims that this ‘Lash Building’ mascara is long lasting and ‘was formulated to help create thicker and fuller lashes’, so I put this to the test.  The pictures below show my eye before application (top), and after one coat of mascara (bottom)…

As you can see, the mascara makes quite a bit of difference.  The deep black colour make the lashes really stand out, and the brush curls the lashes upwards slightly too, opening up the eyes.  Considering this is only one coat, I’m quite impressed.  I’d say my lashes definitely look longer and a bit fuller, and after a couple more coats they’d be even better.  I also really like how the lashes stay separate and don’t stick together as they stay looking really natural.  They also remained soft and supple which is great as stiff lashes are an uncomfortable no-no!

Oh and in terms of lasting power, Bellápierre mascara has it…  When I wore this yesterday it lasted a good 12 hours and didn’t need reapplying, and it didn’t smudge either, but it removed really easily.

I really, really like this mascara – it does everything I want a mascara to do and more, but at £19.99 it’s a bit steep… Maybe I’ll keep it for best!  If you want to see what else Bellápierre have to offer, you can visit their UK website here, and their international website here.

Naomi x

NEW Personal Online Avon Brochure! (With FREE Gift)


Hi everyone :)


MUA Pressed Powder – Shade 1


I recently decided to add to my ever expanding MUA collection and buy MUA’s Pressed Powder instead of the one I usually use, just to give it a try, as I was fed up of overly orange powders.  At just £1 for a good sized product you can’t really go wrong!  When trying out new foundations and powders I always feel a little bit nervous at first about getting the colour right, but this actually turned out to be the perfect shade for me.

I apply pressed powder over liquid foundation and concealer, as I have dry areas on my face so powder doesn’t sit smoothly on my skin if I don’t. So, this morning, once I’d moisturised and put on my base make up, I applied MUA’s Pressed Powder using a large clean brush.  I found that the brush picked up quite a lot of product in just one or two dabs, so there was no need to load up the brush too heavily or too often (I’m REALLY not one for the orange look)!

This powder is very light and has a fine consistency so you can hardly tell that you’re wearing it, which leaves you feeling wonderfully comfortable!  I was slightly dubious at first as I thought this meant it wouldn’t give me very good coverage, but it was actually spot on.  As I said before, Shade 1 is perfect for my light skin tone and merged with my foundation to create an even, extremely natural looking finish.

In terms of lasting power, this is definitely better than the one I was using previously.  The old one would rub off at the slightest sign of sweat or oil, but this one stays put, and since it suits my skin colour, any slight rubs don’t show much at all.

Overall, I am more than happy with this product.  MUA continue to amaze me with their products as you don’t expect cheap products to be very good quality, but MUA really are top notch.  So much so that the items in my make up bag are gradually being replaced with MUA make up!

Would you try MUA’s Pressed Powder?

Naomi x

Avon Brochure 9!


Hello all!

Apologies for my absence recently – a few unexpected events have happened this week and they’ve been keeping me busy, but I’m now back with more exciting beauty blog posts :)

After a successful Brochure 8, it is now time for me to reveal Avon’s NEW Brochure 9, which is packed full of special Jubilee offers, to coincide with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee!  If you would like to view it online, just click here.  There are also links to the brochure in my right sidebar and on my ‘Order Avon From Me’ page.

Don’t forget, if you live in the UK, USA or Europe, you can now order your Avon products directly from.  Postage will be charged at standard Royal Mail postage rates so you won’t be overcharged.

If you would like to place an order, please email your order to by Wednesday 11th April.  Your order will be posted the following Tuesday.  For more information please visit the ‘Order Avon From Me’ page.

That’s all for now folks, but check back later for a review of MUA’s Pressed Powder!

Naomi x

Now Shipping Avon to the USA and Europe!


I have great news for my overseas readers… I am now shipping Avon orders to the rest of Europe and the USA!

As with my UK readers, you can now browse the latest UK Avon brochure by visiting the ‘Order Avon From Me’ page, or the Avon tab to the right of the main page, and follow the link provided.  When you have decided what you want, just email with your order details.  I will then place your order and post it to you when it arrives!  Easy as that.

Postage will be charged at standard Airmail rates, which will be calculated when I have weighed your order, and posted the same day.  I suggest not ordering heavy items such as bubble bath and shampoo as this will bump the postage up, but make up items don’t weigh much at all luckily, so postage will cost as little as possible.  Payment is to be made via PayPal (sent as a gift, so neither of us get charged :D).

So, overseas readers, if you don’t have an Avon Representative or you want to try any of the UK only Avon products, now’s your chance!

Naomi x

Order Avon from Me!


Great news, if you’re struggling to find an Avon Representative, you can now order your Avon items from me! I am a Trendsetter Representative, which means I am TWO brochures ahead of all non-Trendsetters in the country, so you can now try Avon’s new items before anybody else!

If you look to the right of the page you will see a ‘Latest Avon Brochure’ widget, containing a link to the brochure that I am currently running.  Visit the link to view an online version of the brochure and browse and your leisure.

If you’re interested in placing an order, just visit my ‘Order Avon from Me’ page for more details.

Happy browsing!

Naomi x



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