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Travel Bucket List


When I hit my 20s I decided to create a bucket list, and though I’ve managed to tick a few things off over the last few years, my list is still growing.  Quite a few of the things on my list involve travel, and though I’m not yet very well travelled, I’ve been lucky enough to tick a couple of them off fairly recently, albeit the ones that are close to home.  In 2013 My fiancé and I flew to Dublin for a fun-packed mini break, and last year we went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival – something I’d been wanting to do for years.  However, I’m still saving up to go on my three big bucket list holidays, so I thought I’d share them with you today.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(Copyright Naomi Willett, 2012)

1. Ontario, Canada

When he was young my dad lived in Ontario in Canada, and his stories of the hot summers and snowy winters of his childhood have had me longing to visit there for years.  I’m a sucker for a beautiful landscape, and from what I hear Ontario has an abundance of them, especially during Autumn, when the rust coloured trees transform the mountainsides into glowing dunes.  I’m a keen photographer and hope one day to hike through Canadian woods, and take a boat trip over Ontario’s lakes, so that I can photograph the natural beauty of the land.

I’d also like to visit Toronto whilst I’m there, as I’m not averse to the bustling city vibe either.  I can just picture myself grabbing some poutine from a little independent café, before wandering the streets and browsing shops full of books and trinkets, before stopping for dinner in Hogtown Vegan, a fab little vegan restaurant that I’ve heard nothing but good things about.

2. Pennsylvania, USA

California, Florida and New York tend to be the American holiday destinations of choice for most people, but I feel more drawn to Pennsylvania.  As well as Ontario, my dad spent some of his childhood in Pennsylvania, so one day I want to take a trip there to see where he grew up.  I’d love to stay for a while, and treat the state more as a home than a holiday spot, blending in rather than doing the tourist thing, so that I can really get a feel for what life is like for the people who live there.  I want to visit all the spots that my dad has told me about, and eat the food he used to eat.  I’d also like to go to some NFL games, as my fiancé is a big NFL fan.  It would be great if we could see his team (Minnesota Vikings) playing my team (Philadelphia Eagles)!

3. Oslo, Norway

Last but certainly not least is my ultimate bucket list travel destination, and that’s Norway.  Or any Scandinavian country for that matter.  Ever since I was a toddler I’ve been fascinated by space, and one thing that’s always intrigued me is the Northern Lights.  Every time I see a photograph of clear night skies lit up with smudges of green, pink, purple and blue, like an oil painting, my heart skips a beat at the sheer, phenomenal beauty of it.  It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to stay in a humble log cabin, in the snow, under the stars, next to a roaring fire, under a blanket with my fiancé, eating toast and watching as the magic of the sky dances above us.  It would be amazing.  Truly amazing.

Visiting Norway would also be a great opportunity to pack in some action, and create lifelong memories with activities like husky sledding, snowmobiling, reindeer spotting, and trekking through vast forests.  Imagine the stunning photographs that I could take!

This post is my entry into Transun‘s #TransunLights Blogger Competition, and the prize is to win a trip for two to see the Northern Lights.  Winning would help me tick a trip off my bucket list, which would be incredible, so I’m keeping everything crossed!

What destinations are on your travel bucket list?

Naomi x

My Budget Beauty Swap Parcel



Early last month I launched my Budget Beauty Blogger Swap.  The budget for the swap was £10/€12/$16, and the aim was to buy your swap partner as many beauty products as you could within the budget – quite a challenge, but not impossible!  So far, I have already seen quite a few posts from bloggers sharing their swap parcels, and everything sent and received has been brilliant.

Today it was my turn to receive my parcel all the way from Beverly Hills in LA.  My swap partner was the lovely India, a US beauty blogger who runs beautynthbrains.  I answered the door to the postman this morning to see him holding a box with the US postal logo on it, and I knew what it was straight away.  As I’m sure you can imagine, I was really excited to see what was inside the parcel so I opened it in a hurry, and was met by this pretty pink, spiralled package, packed full of amazing products.



When I saw this little haul I was over the moon!  Everything India sent is exactly my colour, and I was really happy to receive products from so many brands that we don’t have in the UK.  I will be reviewing each of the products separately in the coming weeks once I’ve had a chance to use them properly, but here are my first thoughts on everything…

Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection in Shimmer The Night Away


I was incredibly happy to receive a Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette, as I have heard a lot of good things about them and they are highly sought after in the UK.  The palette I received is Shimmer The Night Away, which features eight shimmery shades – four suitable for a smoky eye look, and four pinks and purples which are my go-to colours – perfect.

Everyday Minerals Stay Cool Matte Eyes Eyeshadow



Everyday Minerals isn’t a brand that I’m  familiar with, and I don’t own many mineral eyeshadows, so I’m really looking forward to experimenting with this.  The colour is a deep grey with a lovely violet undertone, which will incorporate well into my usual colour palette.

Sephora Nano Eye Pencil in Midnight Black


India and I told each other a few items that we had been lusting after, and Sephora Nano Eyeliner was one of mine.  I adore bold, black eyeliner looks so this is ideal for me.  I’ve swatched the liner on my hand and, as the Sephora website says, it is highly pigmented and glides on easily as it’s enriched with shea butter.

Sephora Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Fuchsia Pink



Sephora’s Ultra Vinyl Lip Pencil in Fuchsia Pink was another of my requests, and it hasn’t disappointed.  I wore this today and it applies smoothly and lasts a very long time.  The bright pink shade is absolutely stunning, and the micro-glitter finish gives incredibly shine.  I think it’s reminiscent of Barry M’s Lip Lacquer Crayon in Party Pink.  Gorgeous!

Sephora Pencil Sharpener


I’ve been meaning to buy a new pencil sharpener for ages now as my old one is on its way out, so this was a great little accessory to find in my swap parcel.  India must have read my mind!

Model Co Lip Gloss



Model Co is another brand that I’ve never used before.  The gloss doesn’t have a name or colour labelled on it, but it’s a bright shimmery pinky red with a sheer finish.  I didn’t find the gloss overly sticky when I tried it on earlier, and it has an intense strawberry scent and flavour which I love.  The mirror on the tube is so handy too.  I’ll definitely be using this gloss on a regular basis.

Beauty So Clean Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes


India also sent me four cosmetic sanitizer wipes which are for cleaning cosmetics before or after use.  Another nice little addition which will be carried in my make up bag for cleansing on the go.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with what I received in my swap parcel.  I imagine India went over the budget with her buys, so thank you India for being so generous and sending me so many fantastic treats.  I feel well and truly spoilt today!  Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph everything I sent, but hopefully India will share everything in a post of her own when her parcel arrives.  I posted almost two weeks ago so fingers crossed it will reach the US soon!

I plan on linking to everyone’s swap parcel posts in a blog post very soon, so if you’ve received your parcel and have blogged about it please let me know!

Naomi x

Big Birthday Giveaway: Win an Urban Decay Naked Palette! – CLOSED


Last Thursday was Bewitchery’s first birthday, and today is my 23rd birthday, so to celebrate these two special days and to say thank you to my lovely readers, I have teamed up with Lookfantastic to bring you a very exciting giveaway prize…  An Urban Decay Naked Palette!  The Naked Palette features twelve beautiful, neutral eyeshadow shades, a Good Karma Eyeshadow brush and mini Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Original.  I’m sure you’ll all agree that this highly sought after palette is my best giveaway prize yet, and I’d like to thank Lookfantastic for donating it!



To enter, please click on the link below, and you will be taken to an entry form where you can earn as many entries as you like!  Please note that to enter you must be a Bewitchery subscriber.  To subscribe to my posts, please click on the ‘Follow’ button under the ‘Follow Me’ section in the sidebar.  If you are not a WordPress user, you will need to enter your email address first.  Thanks!


The giveaway is open internationally to those aged 18 or over, and will run for four weeks.  The giveaway will close at midnight GMT on 14th March and a winner will be chosen at random and contacted on 15th March.  You will then have 48 hours to claim your prize and message me your postal address so that I can post the palette out to you asap!  If the winner does not respond within this time I will choose another winner.

Good luck to all who enter!

Naomi x

The Budget Beauty Blogger Swap – Time to Swap!



Good news, swappers – today is the day that you will find out who you have been paired with! Firstly, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has joined my Budget Beauty Blogger Swap, because without you, there wouldn’t be a swap!  I had an overwhelming response from UK bloggers, so unfortunately I couldn’t pair everyone with overseas bloggers, but I’m sure you’ll all still have a fun time swapping!  Also, I had a few issues getting hold of a couple of people’s email addresses and blog links, so if you still want to take part and you don’t hear from me today, please let me know and I will sort something out.

I will be emailing everyone the details of their swap partner later today, and here’s what happens next…

*The budget for this swap is £10/$16/€12.  Please spend the full amount.*

  • Once you have your partner’s contact details, it is up to you to get in touch with them and exchange postal addresses.  It might also be a good idea to tell each other your colour preferences and what types of products you like and dislike, to ensure that your partner can choose products that are suitable for you.
  • It’s then time to shop – I hope you all have fun choosing budget beauty products for your partner!
  • Once you have put together a nice little collection of products, package them up and pop them in the post to you partner (if sending abroad you may need to declare what’s in the parcel, so make sure you know the guidelines of the country you’re sending to). Please obtain proof of postage when posting and email an image of it to your partner, just to prove that it’s on its way. Then wait!
  • When you’ve received your parcel, please blog about what you’ve been sent and then link me to it so I can share everyone’s posts.

PLEASE NOTE: There are restrictions on sending nail varnish, perfume and aerosols via the Royal Mail, so it is probably best to avoid sending any!

If possible, please have your parcel packaged and sent within 2 weeks, and don’t forget to get proof of postage when you do send it and let your partner know when it’s on its way.  I’m sure none of you would like to miss out on receiving a package, so lets keep everything fair and make this a successful swap!

Happy Swapping!  I hope you’re all as excited about this as I am.

Naomi x

Disclaimer: I am organising the swap, but once I put people in touch with their partners I cannot be responsible for anything that goes wrong, so please play fair!

The Budget Beauty Blogger Swap! – CLOSED



I’ve always wanted to join in with a blogger swap, but on the odd occasion that I’ve stumbled across one the price limit has always been a little bit too much for my meagre student budget.  So, considering Bewitchery believes that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get something good, I thought I would organise a Budget Beauty Blogger Swap, so that we can share our favourite budget beauty brands with our fellow beauty bloggers from around the world!

Here’s how it will work…

*The budget for this swap is £10/$16/€12 excluding postage, and is open to beauty bloggers in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Europe*

  • If you’re a beauty blogger from one of the above places and would like to join in, please comment below to let me know, including your name, blog and email address.  Alternatively, if you want to keep your email address private, leave it out of your comment and email it to me at
  • After a week or so, or when I feel enough people want to join in, I will pair everyone up and give your partner your email address.  I will try to pair everyone with a person from a different country, so that you both have the chance to try different products and brands to the ones you can buy at home.
  • Once you have your partner’s contact details, it is up to you to get in touch with them and exchange postal addresses.  It might also be a good idea to tell each other your colour preferences and what types of products you like and dislike, to ensure that your partner can choose products that are suitable for you.
  • It’s then time to shop – I hope you all have fun choosing budget beauty products for your partner!
  • Once you have put together a nice little collection of products, package them up and pop them in the post to you partner (if sending abroad you may need to declare what’s in the parcel, so make sure you know the guidelines of the country you’re sending to). Please obtain proof of postage when posting and email an image of it to your partner, just to prove that it’s on its way. Then wait!
  • When you’ve received your parcel, please blog about what you’ve been sent and then link me to it so I can share everyone’s posts.

To make sure the swap runs smoothly, please only join in if you genuinely intend to send out a package, and please spend the full amount of the budget!  It’d also be nice if everyone could have their parcels posted within 2 or 3 weeks, if possible.

I hope you all think this is a great idea.  I’m really looking forward to swapping with someone and I hope a lot of you will join me!


Naomi x

Disclaimer: I am organising the swap, but once I put people in touch with their partners I cannot be responsible for anything that goes wrong, so please play fair!

Avon Brochure 2 – The Pink Kiss Sale


Welcome to the latest UK Avon brochure, Brochure 2Brochure 2 is a special one as it brings you Avon’s January Sale early with their Pink Kiss Sale.  Click the image below to be taken straight to this exciting brochure.

The Pink Kiss Sale offers up to 75% off your Avon favourites – from make up and bath and body to jewellery and designer watches, it’s all discounted and it’s all amazing value for money.  As usual, I will list my Brochure Highlights below, but believe me when I say this brochure is a highlight in itself!

What to look out for…

  • Page 2 – Buy one choose TWO free on all Avon hand creams.
  • Page 12 – ALL Ultra Colour Rich Lipsticks just £2.99 each, choose from shimmer, satin and metallic finishes.
  • Page 14 – Glimmerstick Eyeliners for only £1.99 each, and SuperShock Max Mascara for a bargainous £3.99!
  • Page 22 – Your Special Pink Kiss Offer!  Spend £9.95 across the brochure and take advantage of incredible savings on selected fashion items, including Avon’s gorgeous Sassari Cape and French Connection sunglasses.
  • Page 38-39 – Buy one choose one half price on all pyjamas, slipper boots, robes and other nightwear.
  • Page 57 – Introducing Avon’s NEW Petal Impressions Nailwear Pro+ nail varnish, in six pretty floral shades, just £3 each (RRP £6).
  • Page 78-79 – Buy one choose one free on all Colortrend lip gloss and lipstick.
  • Page 121 – Avon Breast Cancer Crusade socks, baking set and pin badge, all £2 and under with proceeds going to charity.
  • Page 129 – Introducing NEW Soft & Smooth Facial Hair Removal Cream, with an introductory price of £2.50 (RRP £4).
  • Page 138-143 – 5 for £4.99 on Senses Soap and Shower Gel, Bubble Bath and Naturals hair products.
  • Page 144-147 – 3 for £4 on Naturals kid’s and bath and body products, Simply Delicate and On Duty Deodorant.
  • Back Page – Dazzling Diva Mascara better than half price at £2.99!

And of course, there are many, many more fantastic bargain offers to be found – the whole brochure is one big sale!

If you would like to place an order with me, you can visit my Personal Online Brochure here, or by clicking the brochure image above, and either submit your order through the brochure or via email at  Postage is charged as standard second class Royal Mail prices, and orders will be posted on or after December 4th 2012.  Visit my Order Avon From Me page for more information.

Happy Browsing!

Naomi x

Avon Brochure 14 featuring NEW SuperDrama Mascara


Attention Avon fans!  I am currently running Brochure 14, and my Personal Online Brochure is now online if you fancy a browse :)  The brochure can be found here, and you can also see the sale flyer if you want to pick up some bargains.

Brochure 14 sees the release of Avon’s latest mascara – SuperDrama.  The mascara lengthens and volumises, and instantly lifts your lashes to ‘give eyes a more open look’.  It comes in two shades (Black and Brown/Black) and is debuting for just £7 (£3 off!)  You can find it on page 5 of the main brochure.  Also, if you order two or more make up items across pages 5-15, you will receive a FREE Beauty Bonus!  The Beauty Bonus includes a cosmetics bag, Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in ‘Frozen Rose’, Nailwear Pro+ in ‘Plum Seduction’ and a Trial Size ANEW Genics Treatment Concentrate, worth a total of £20!  Order your freebie using code 69898.

Brochure 14 also features the NEW Lipsy Leopard Weekender Bag.  The bag is large (32x45x18.5cm) and made from pretty leopard print fabric, with pink trim and logo.  The design is exclusive to Avon and will normally be £25, but it is on offer for just £15, AND if you order the bag, you can get a matching purse for £5!  Visit pages 22-23 to see the bag.

There are loads of cheap lipsticks and glosses on pages 16-17 of the sale flyer too, including one of my personal favourites – Ultra Colour Rich Colordisiac in ‘Drawn To You’ (a bright, bold pink) for just £3.50!

You can place your orders with me directly using my online brochure by adding your items to the cart and then submitting the order.  Payment must be made by PayPal or Bank Transfer, and postage will be charged at standard Royal Mail prices (£2.20 for small orders, £5.30 for big orders, more if you order a lot of heavy things!)  Please note that it is illegal to send aerosols through the post so please do not order any body sprays as they will not be sent :)  Once you’ve placed your order, please email so I can send you details on how to pay.  Orders must be placed by 10pm on Wednesday 25th July, and your order will be posted on Tuesday 31st July.  Thanks!

Happy browsing.

Naomi x

PS.  Don’t forget to keep an eye out for other offers and freebies throughout the brochure, as there are a lot of them!

Sinfused Clothing Giveaway! – CLOSED


Hello all!

You may have seen my recent post about Sinfused Clothing’s Heeled Shoe Tee, which I was sent by the company and really loved.  Well, I have some exciting news for you…  Sinfused have kindly offered to team up with me and give TWO of my lucky readers a tee of their choice from their range of rhinestone tees, worth up to £28!  How great is that?  Since Sinfused ship to the USA as well as the UK, the giveaway is open to all of my British and American subscribers, new or old :)

To enter, you must do the following…

  • Subscribe to Bewitchery, either via WordPress if you are a WordPress member, or by email.
  • Visit Sinfused’s website and let me know which tee is your favourite!

For extra entries, you can also do the following…

  • ‘Like’ Bewitchery on Facebook (+1 entry).
  • ‘Like’ Sinfused on Facebook (+1 entry).
  • Follow Bewitchery and Sinfused on Twitter and tweet ‘To win a rhinestone tee by @Sinfused clothing, visit @Bewitchery_’s blog at’ (+2 entries).
  • Follow me on Bloglovin’ (+1 entry).
  • Put a link to the giveaway in the sidebar of your own blog (+1 entries).
  • Blog about the giveaway and link back to this post (+3 entries).

That’s a potential TEN entries!  Don’t forget to leave a comment below to let me know which entries you have earned, with an email address to contact you on if you win :)  If you don’t comment, you won’t be entered!

The giveaway will close at 23:59 (GMT) on the 11th of July.  The winners will be chosen at random the next day and notified by email.  Winners must then provide me with a shipping address and their chosen prize, which I will then pass on to Sinfused so they can post your prize.

Good Luck!

Naomi x

Avon Brochure 13… Introducing Moroccan Argan Oil!


Hi everyone,

Apologies for my elusiveness this week, that will be explained later today in a separate post, but for now I have for you the latest UK Avon brochure… Brochure 13!  Remember, I am a Trendsetter Representative which means I am two brochures ahead of most other Avon Reps, giving you the opportunity to preview new products before everybody else :)

Brochure 13 sees the introduction of Avon’s very own Moroccan Argan Oil!  As I’m sure you’ll know, Argan Oil is very big right now in the world of beauty as it has been found to nourish and enrich hair, leaving it strong, silky and shiny with wonderful movement.  A lot of Moroccan Argan Oil that you will find on the high street and from luxury brands is quite expensive, but Avon’s oil treatment is only £2.99 in Brochure 13.  I predict that it’s going to be quite popular indeed so snap it up while you can!

Don’t forget that you can order your Avon products from me via my own Personal Online Brochure, which you can find here, or you can email me your order at  Postage will be charged at standard second class Royal Mail prices, and I ship to the UK, USA, Canada and Europe.

Happy Browsing!

Naomi x


Order Now from Avon’s Brochure 12!


Hi everyone,

It is time again for me to launch the next Avon brochure, and this time it is a very exciting one indeed!  Brochure 12 sees the launch of Avon’s new look Colortrend range.  There’s a myriad of brand spanking new items, including lip gloss, lipstick, nail enamel, eyeshadow and foundation, as well as a few of your old favourites revamped to look nice and pretty.  The new range spans Pages 5-13 if you fancy a look, and if you purchase any Colortrend product, you can get any Colortrend lip gloss for just 99p!

As usual, there are also hundreds of other offers throughout the brochure, so be sure to keep an eye out for something that interests you.  One that really stands out to me is Avon’s gorgeous new Sevilla Bag on Page 16.  It is £30 full price, but if you spend £9.95 or more across the brochure, you can get the bag for just £9.99!

Brochure 12 can be found online HERE.  If you would like to place an online order with me, you can do so by adding the items you want to your bag in the online brochure, and then when you place your order it will be submitted straight to me!  Simple as that.  Alternatively, you can place your order with me via email, at  For more information visit my ‘Order Avon From Me‘ page.  I post within the UK, as well as to the USA, Canada and Europe.  Postage will be charged at standard second class Royal Mail prices to keep costs down.

I will need your orders and payment for this campaign by the 13th of June, and I will post your order on the 19th of June.  Also, as a special thank you, my first three online customers through Bewitchery will receive a FREE GIFT with their order.
Just make sure you mention on this post when you’ve placed your order :)

Happy Browsing!

Naomi x

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