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Fragrance Direct Valentine’s Look: English Rose


The lovely folks at Fragrance Direct recently set me a fun challenge – to create a look for Valentine’s Day using make up from their site.  I was given a budget of £20.00, and could choose five items in total.  I initially planned to go for smokey eyes and vampy red lips, but as that’s quite a clichéd Valentine’s look, I went for something a bit different in the end.  I wanted to keep it simple, so I settled for a fresh-faced ‘English Rose’ look that makes the most of my pale skin, with pretty pink cheeks, lips and nails.  After all, roses are what Valentine’s is all about, right?  These are the five items that I chose…


Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation in ‘Light Porcelain’ £5.50 / Rimmel ScandalEyes Thick Eyeliner in ‘Black’ £5.00 / Bourjois 10 Day Anti Choc No Chips Nail Polish in ‘Shade 26′ £1.99 / Maybelline Clear Smooth Blush in ‘Fresh Rose’ £2.50 / Calvin Klein Delicious Luxury Creme Lipstick in ‘Mesmerize’ £1.99

Total: £16.98

On the high street, these products would have cost over £35.00 in total, so to get everything for under £20.00 is a massive bargain!

As was allowed, I used a few bits and pieces from my make up bag to complete the look (namely concealer, face powder, a bit of kohl eyeliner and mascara), and here is my finished look…



I must say, I am really impressed with the staying power of all of these products.  The lipstick stayed put through a meal and several drinks, the eyeliner didn’t budge at all until I removed it, the foundation gives amazing coverage which lasts all day, as does the blusher, and the nail polish is supposed to stay chip-free for 10 days!

I’m happy with my Fragrance Direct Valentine’s Look – it’s subtle, but still pretty, and I think it’d be perfect for a relaxed Valentine’s Day lunch.  You can check out Fragrance Direct’s full range of cosmetics here.

Naomi x

*These make up items were sent to me by Fragrance Direct.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

What I Wore: Graduation


After two years of hard work, and juggling studying with a part-time job, yesterday I finally graduated from the University of Leicester with a postgraduate degree in Modern Literature!  It’s been a long and, at times, difficult couple of years, but I am so happy that I can now officially call myself a Master of the Arts.  And to make things even better, my fiancé graduated at the same time with the same degree, and because our surnames are alphabetically next to each other, we got to cross the stage one after the other!  I was very nervous before the ceremony, which is odd considering I’d done it all before in 2011 in the same place, but in the end I really enjoyed the day and I’m so proud of my achievement.

Between them my family took hundreds of photographs, but after a hectic day I’m yet to sort through all of them, so for now I can only share a few.  Hopefully I’ll have some better ones to add some time next week which actually show my outfit properly!

On the day I wore a beautiful textured floral dress from Dorothy Perkins, which I bought especially for the ceremony.  We were told to wear ‘sombre colours’ but I didn’t want to look too drab, so I chose something with a nice print and teamed it with red lips and nails to match the colour of my hood.



Illamasqua Lipstick in ‘Snap’ / Ciaté Nail Varnish in ‘Dangerous Affair’

Excuse the pose on that one!

In the evening, my family, my fiancé, my fiancé’s family and I went out for a meal to celebrate the occasion.  I wore the same dress as I did during my graduation, but I swapped my low New Look heels (I didn’t want to fall over on the stage!) for my new Kurt Geiger Sally Ankle Boots, my red lips for pink lips, and I also took my Zatchels Gothic Lace Saddle Bag out for a spin.



Also, I feel like MUA’s Pro-Base Makeup Fixing Mist needs a special mention here.  I used the spray in the morning after applying my make up, and it did an amazing job at keeping it in place.  I expected to have to reapply my make up before going out for the meal in the evening, but it still looked great, and did so right up until I removed it at 11pm!  A real saviour on a long, busy day.

What did you wear to your graduation?

Naomi x

Collection Gothic Glam Lipstick in ‘Revenge’


After seeing a few reviews of Collection’s new Gothic Glam lipsticks popping up on other blogs, last weekend I decided to nip into Superdrug and pick one up so I could give it a try myself.  I’ve always loved a dark lipstick, ever since my teenage Goth days, and the Gothic Glam range features three beautiful deep shades that are just my thing, so I had high hopes from the start.



The three shades are 1 Seduction, a lovely pinky red, 2 Scorned, a dark purple, and 3 Revenge, a deep berry red, which is the shade I went for, and they’re all perfect for Autumn/Winter.  All three lipsticks have Collection’s signature black packaging, but rather than pink it is embellished with gold, which I think gives it a more luxe look.



The lipstick itself has a very creamy texture, so it glides on easily and evenly.  It’s also quite moisturising, however, I would still recommend using a lip balm underneath, or exfoliating your lips before use, as after a while it tends to show up darker on any dry patches/creases.  Not ideal in winter I must say!

DSC_0463 (640x427)

‘Revenge’ is a stunning, vampy, almost maroon red, and is very highly pigmented, or as Collection says, ‘deeply intense’.  The colour lasts well on the lips and it stays bold for several hours after application, but it does eventually start to wear off, and needs touching up every now and then.  But I tend to expect that of dark shades anyway.  I have noticed that it acts almost like a lip tint though, as even after I’ve removed it my lips look slightly stained with a hint of berry red.

Collection’s Gothic Glam lipsticks retail for £2.99 each, which is just so affordable, and for a budget product ‘Revenge’ is really quite impressive.  The colour and staying power could even rival some of my more expensive lipsticks!  It reminds me a little bit of Dainty Doll’s 001 Couture, which is another of my favourites.  So, if you love dark shades and are willing to moisturise/exfoliate before applying lipstick, then Collection Gothic Glam Lipsticks could be for you.  You can find them in Superdrug and Boots!

What are your thoughts on this range?

Naomi x

Dainty Doll Lipstick in 001 Couture


Last month I came across a great little website called Fragrance Direct, which sells beauty products from a wide range of well-known brands at bargain prices.  There was a lot of hype on Twitter about the website as they were (and still are) selling Dainty Doll make up for just a couple of pounds each, and since I’d been eyeing the brand up for a while I took the plunge and ordered a few products.  I posted about my Fragrance Direct haul at the time, and as promised here is my first review from the haul, featuring Dainty Doll lipstick in 001 Couture!


Dainty Doll is the make up brand of Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, and was specially developed to suit those with fair skin tones.  As a pale and proud girl myself, I am very pleased to have finally discovered a brand created to enhance my natural colouring, and the quality does not disappoint (I have also tried two blushers and a concealer, which I will review at a later date).  All Dainty Doll products come packaged in distinctive black packaging with gold font, emblazoned with a sassy red-head, and the lipstick has a nice weight to it which makes it feel that little bit more expensive.


Couture is a dark berry red with a slight glossy finish, which has a real vintage feel to it.  Berry shades were perhaps more suited to the Autumn/Winter 2012 look, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with pulling out a classic red at any time of the year!  This has been my go-to colour for the last few weeks, and whether with jeans and a jumper or a pretty dress, it goes with anything.



The lipstick has a creamy consistency which makes for effortless application, and it feels delicately moisturising and not at all drying.  However, I do find that it shows up any imperfections on dry lips, so it’s probably best to use a lip scrub or a lip balm before applying the lipstick.  Other than that, I have had no issues with Couture, and it stays put without bleeding or smudging.  It also lasts well, and tends to look exactly the same after lunch as it does in the morning, which is quite impressive!  It does fade a little in the afternoon though and needs touching up, but it fades evenly so at least it doesn’t look ridiculous.

Overall, this is a fab little lipstick which is versatile, great quality and downright gorgeous.  Dainty Doll lipsticks have an RRP of £12.50, but Couture cost me just £1.99 which is a brilliant saving by anyone’s standards!  I would happily pay a lot more than £1.99 for this, so needless to say I am very happy with his little gem.  You can view Fragrance Direct’s full range of Dainty Doll products here.  Their website gets restocked every few days from what I can see, so it’s best to keep checking back to see what they have!

What do you think of this shade?

Naomi x

Lipstick Queen Lipsticks and Lip Liner


Last week I received a very exciting goody bag from the lovely folks at Beauty Expert, containing not one, not two, but THREE Lipstick Queen products.  Lipstick Queen was created by Poppy King, who has spent twenty years developing beautiful lipsticks with perfect textures and shades, and is a brand I have heard a lot of good things about.  Two of Lipstick Queen’s most popular ranges are Saint, which features a wide range of sheer shades, and Sinner, which features the same shades but in bold, opaque hues.  I was lucky enough to receive two lipsticks – one Saint and one Sinner, as well as a genius product that I wish I’d invented myself – the Invisible Lip Liner.


Clockwise from Top Left:

– Saint Sheer Lipstick in ‘Bright Natural’ – Sinner Opaque Lipstick in ‘Bright Rose’ – Invisible Lip Liner –

Over the past ten days I have been putting all three products through their paces, and the results have exceeded my expectations.  Here are my thoughts on each little treat…

Invisible Lip Liner



There are two things that usually put me off using lip liner – my inability to draw a neat line, and the difficulty in finding a colour match for my lipsticks.  Lipstick Queen’s Invisible Lip Liner tackles both of these problems, and is a product I’ve always longed for but never knew actually existed.  The liner itself looks white, but applies to the lips clear, and it isn’t shiny so cannot be seen.  This means you don’t have to worry about having a steady hand as it doesn’t really matter if you slip!  The liner is also firm, but it has a smooth, moisturising consistency and glides on without tugging at your skin.


Perhaps most importantly, the liner does its job, and it does it well.  It provides a neat barrier between your skin and the edge of your lips, and whilst wearing it I have never experienced any bleeding from my lipstick.  It enables the appearance of a flawless pout without the worry of having to find a liner shade to match every lipstick you own.  It literally goes well with any lipstick, and is as such the most versatile lip liner I have ever come across!  Just see the swatch photographs below for proof.

Lipstick Queen Invisible Lip Liner retails for £17.00, which is a little on the pricey side, but if you’re looking for a high quality liner with a difference then this is worth every penny.

Saint Sheer Lipstick in ‘Bright Natural’


Lipstick Queen’s Saint lipsticks all have a sheer finish with a hint of light colour, and are perfect for everyday wear whilst still adding a touch of glamour to every outfit.  ‘Bright Natural’ is an extremely pretty shade, with an overtone of pink which highlights your natural lip colour – ideal for days when you want to work the natural look!



The lipstick has an impressively light consistency, and is, in all honesty, the most moisturising lipstick I have ever had the pleasure of wearing (other than Sinner, of course)!  It covers the lips in a layer of tinted shine which feels like a nourishing lip balm, and remains creamy and airy for as long as you wear it.  I even forgot I was wearing lipstick when I had it on the other day.  There is no chance of suffering any dryness with this, and it’s actually made my dry winter lips feel a whole lot better.  This lipstick lasts too, and for a very long time at that!  After wearing it earlier this week, a few hours, numerous drinks and a snack later it still looked as gorgeous as ever, and stayed that way until I removed it myself.

‘Bright Natural’, and all the other Saint Lipsticks, cost £18.00 each on Beauty Expert.  Given their AMAZING formula they are a worthy investment, and you also get 4 grams of product, which is a whole 1 gram more than a lot of high-end lipsticks.

Sinner Opaque Lipstick in ‘Bright Rose’


The Sinner range of lipsticks from Lipstick Queen features a collection of intense, highly pigmented opaque shades which are guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.  ‘Bright Rose’ is a sexy shade of vibrant red which is brighter than I’ve ever gone before, and I love it.  It looks gorgeous teamed with sleek black eyeliner for a day look (which is how I’ve been wearing it this week), or for the evening it would go hand in hand with dramatic smokey eyes.  It has great, long-lasting shine too, but no added shimmer so doesn’t look over the top.


Like Saint, Sinner is soft and moisturising as it is formulated with shea butter, so actively protects and heals the delicate skin of your lips whilst making you look fantastic.  When I first wore this I was slightly worried that it wouldn’t last as well as ‘Bright Natural’, as every time I took a sip of water it left a big red smudge on the glass.  However, much to my surprise, ‘Bright Rose’ lasts just as long, and despite the marks on the glass retains its striking appearance for hours upon end.  It even survived my homemade pizza feast earlier this week!

Lipstick Queen Sinner Lipsticks, including ‘Bright Rose’, also contain 4 grams of high-quality product and also sell for £18.00 each.

Here is a swatch of all three products together, and yes, the Invisible Lip Liner has been swatched between both lipsticks – you just can’t see it!


The full range of Lipstick Queen Saint and Sinner lipsticks, as well as the Invisible Lip Liner, are available to buy on Beauty Expert along with a variety of other Lipstick Queen goodies, including coloured lip liners, Butterfly Ball Shimmer lipsticks and Big Bang Illusion glosses.  Just click here to view everything!  Beauty Expert offer FREE Standard UK and International Delivery too, which is an extra little bonus.

Naomi x

*These Lipstick Queen products were sent to me by Beauty Expert/The Hut Group for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

Illamasqua Lipstick in Tramp


Every woman needs a good quality red lipstick in her life to emphasise her confidence, and without a doubt, Illamasqua’s Tramp is mine.  I bought Tramp last month in Illamasqua’s January sale for just £5 and instantly fell in love with it, and here’s why…



Firstly, how gorgeous does this lipstick look?  I’ve always been a fan of Illamasqua’s classy black packaging, and this is a fine example of such.  The packaging is practical too, as the lid is quite large and clicks firmly into place so there’s no chance of it coming off in your bag, which we all know can lead to a messy disaster!

The first thing that hit me when I opened this lipstick was its scent.  It doesn’t smell plasticky or chemically like some cheap lipsticks do, rather, it smells exactly like Krispy Kreme doughnuts – delicious, AND without the calories!  I honestly spent a good minute smelling it before I even applied it.  It’s just that good.

In terms of application, Tramp has it all.  I can honestly say this is the creamiest lipstick that I own, which to me is the sign of a high quality lipstick.  It smooths on effortlessly and feels extremely moisturising on the lips, and believe me when I say that the feeling lasts…  Not once have my lips felt dry whilst wearing this.  In fact, they feel noticeably softer after use, and there’s no need to apply a lip balm underneath or over the top.  Illamasqua lipstick has decent staying power too.  It always survives numerous drinks throughout the day, but it doesn’t stay put completely after eating, so does need a bit of touching up every now and then.



Tramp is a bright rose red, with an undertone of blue – a beautiful, classic shade that makes me feel sophisticated and sexy.  Ideal for Valentine’s Day!  I have experimented with several red lipsticks in the past and have found that blue reds look best against my pale skin tone and, though it doesn’t really show in the picture above, Tramp really brings out my blue eyes!  My eyes are my favourite feature, so I’m always happy when I find a product which shows them off.  Tramp also has a matte finish, which I prefer in red lipsticks as I don’t think bold colours need shine as they’re already eye-catching enough.

Unfortunately, I have just discovered that Tramp has been discontinued, which is really disappointing as I have lost it as soon as I found it!  So, for now, I will be keeping this beauty for best, and in the meantime I will attempt to find a duplicate, or an Illamasqua replacement shade.  Any suggestions?

To find your perfect Illamasqua lip product, you can check out their full range here.

Naomi x

*I bought this Illamasqua Lipstick in Tramp myself.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

Estée Lauder Pure Color Lipstick and Double Wear Lip Pencil


Last week my sister very kindly gave me two Estée Lauder make up products that she did not want – a Pure Color Shimmer Lipstick in Shade 16 ‘Candy’, and  a Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil in ’01 Pink’.  I think both were gifted to her from a gift set by her boyfriend’s mum, and they both came to me swatched once.  I’d never tried Estée Lauder before so I was really pleased to receive these, despite having the preconception that the brand is generally aimed towards the more mature lady. As they always say, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!


Both products are fairly small and compact, meaning they’re the perfect size to carry around with you in your handbag or make up bag.  They’re both suitable for day wear too, at home or at the office, as they’re both a sensible pink shade – nothing too flashy but fairly classy.  Here’s a (slightly wonky) swatch of both…


As you can see, the lip pencil is slightly darker than the lipstick, but they still go really well together as they have a similar red pigmentation, and I find a darker liner always makes for a more defined lip shape anyway.

Double Wear Stay-in-Place Lip Pencil in Pink


When creating a look with these two products, I first applied the Double Wear Lip Pencil to the outline of my lips.  The pencil is extremely creamy, so it doesn’t tug the skin, but it’s also firm and doesn’t make a mess, making even application very easy indeed.  Due to its small size the pencil is easy to control too, and as such I was able to draw a soft line, rather than a solid, bold one, which is what I was aiming for.  The pencil dries quickly once on the skin, and then stays in place for a good while.  After swatching this on my hand it wouldn’t rub or wash off, but it came off straight away with make up remover which is a good sign.

The colour of the pencil is very pleasant – a lovely, blushing pink with amazing pigmentation; perfect for spring and a suitable match for a lot of my pink lipsticks!  I’ll definitely be getting a lot of use out of this.  Next time I may even apply it across my whole lip before applying the lipstick over the top, to give it even more staying power.

Pure Color Shimmer Lipstick in Candy


Candy is a gorgeous candy pink (it’s in the name) which is highly pigmented, and has an intense shimmer.  I’m not usually one for wearing shimmery lipsticks as I think they can sometimes look a bit dated, but I actually quite like this one.  The lipstick itself, like the liner, is beautifully creamy and glides on smoothly, disguising any imperfections on the surface of the lips.  I found this quite unusual for a shimmery lipstick actually, as most I’ve tried have highlighted any dry areas.  Once on the lips, Candy stays put, and thanks to the lip pencil doesn’t bleed or smudge, allowing for a long-lasting neat pout.


In terms of staying power, both of these Estée Lauder lip treats have it!  I applied these in the morning during my normal make up routine, and after six or so hours of eating, drinking, talking and travelling, my lips still looked as bold and beautiful as they did when I first put on my make up.  Impressive!  After the six hours the lipstick did require a touch up though, so it wouldn’t quite last a full working day, but it’s not far off.


Overall, my first impressions of Estée Lauder are good.  Both products are excellent quality, and have everything you’d want from a lipstick and liner – good colour, a nice formula and great staying power.  I’ve done a bit of research and, full size, the Estée Lauder Double Wear Lip Pencils cost £16.00, and the Pure Color Lipsticks cost £19.50 each.  Both are a little more than I’d be willing to pay, so I probably won’t be repurchasing, but they are definitely worth it if your budget can stretch to it.

Naomi x

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Rubies Lipstick in ‘Princely Plum’


Hi all,

Once again, I’m very sorry for not blogging much this week.  I have had a very busy time at work, and in between all the working hard I have also been playing hard!  On Wednesday I went to a gig to see one of my favourite bands and that, combined with the work, has left me very tired with no energy to blog in the evenings.  But anyway, here I am with another little review for you all, so allow me to introduce you to Avon’s latest lipstick which is perfect for the party season – Ultra Colour Rich Rubies.

First thing’s first – the packaging.  I think it goes without saying that the ruby-red and black ombre tube is very sleek and beautiful, and bang on trend.  In fact, Avon say that it has ‘perfect party packaging’, and I’m inclined to agree as it looks so much more eye-catching than a plain old black lipstick!  The lid also closes with a satisfying click so it definitely won’t come off in your make up bag and make a big mess.

The lipstick’s formula is very creamy so it smooths on easily and evenly with no dragging of the skin.  The creaminess also means that it is delicately moisturising, so it doesn’t dry your lips out as the day progresses.  A little word of warning though…  I used this over the top of a slightly oily lip balm the first time I used it and it had worn off within a few hours because of how creamy it is.  Luckily, it’s soft enough to use on its own without lip balm, but for an extra protective layer it sits fine with a thin layer of lip balm over the top.

Without the lip balm, Avon’s Rich Rubies is a laster.  I applied this today before I went to work and it lasted through the morning until lunchtime.  After I’d eaten my lunch I was pleasantly surprised to see that, though slightly faded, the lipstick still looked quite bold and even a couple of hours later, after it had mostly worn off, there was still an ever-so slight (but nicely even) tint of colour to my lips.  Furthermore, I found that it doesn’t bleed at all which is always a good thing.

If you look closely at the photographs above you will see that the lipstick has a lovely pink shimmer to it.  According to Avon, all of the Rich Rubies lipsticks contain ‘real crushed rubies’, which makes for ‘instant sparkle and shine’.  I doubt that the ruby content is very high, but believe me when I say that the micro pink glitter particles that the lipstick boasts are absolutely stunning.  It might sound vain, but I couldn’t stop staring at my lips in the mirror when I first used this as I was so mesmerized by the shimmer!  In my experience, a lot of shiny, shimmery lipsticks tend to have a gold, sliver or blue glitter tinge to them, so I think this pink addition is really quite unusual.

Now onto the colour…  Princely Plum is a luscious, deep purple shade which does in fact look very regal, hence the name.  The colour looks quite dark in solid form, but once on the lips it looks a lot brighter due to the shine, but layers can easily be built up if you do want it darker.  The above lip swatch shows one generous layer of lipstick.  I really, really love Princely Plum.  It’s right up my street and is absolutely perfect for the 2012 Autumn/Winter trend for deep, luxurious colours.

The Ultra Colour Rich Rubies range features five other shades – Noble Nude (a nude peach), Imperial Pink (a girly, light pink), Majestic Mauve (a pinky purple), Fuchsia Fame (a bright, bubblegum pink) and Radiant Ruby (a bold red).  The lipsticks will debut in Avon UK’s Brochure 1 (which I will be launching soon), and will have an introductory price of £2.49.  For a good quality, all-round fabulous lipstick this is a MASSIVE bargain and well worth it, especially when considering that the RRP is £8.50 – you could get 3 for the price of 1, WITH CHANGE!

Which shade will you be trying?

Naomi x

Avon Blog Sale


Hi everyone,

I was sorting through my Avon boxes the other day and found quite a few brand new, unopened products so I thought I would  have a little blog sale!  If you would like anything, please comment below or email me at  I will send items by Royal Mail, standard second class (unless you ask for another form of postage), so it will cost £2.20 for small packages and £3.50 for larger ones.  Payment must be made by bank transer or PayPal…  If you choose to pay by PayPal please send the money as a personal gift to avoid charges!  I will send a few surprise free samples to everyone who buys something too :)

  • ANEW Genics Treatment Cream – Full Size – Brand new and unopened – RRP £23.50 – Selling for £16
  • ANEW Genics Treatment Concentrate – Travel Size – Brand new and unopened – RRP £3 – Selling for £2.50

  • ANEW Reversalist Night Sterling Emulsion – Full Size – Brand new and unopened – RRP £23 – Selling for £15

  • ANEW Rejuvenate 24 Hour Eye Cream – Full Size – Brand new but unboxed – RRP £16 – Selling for £10

  • ANEW Rejuvenate Revitalising Day and Night Creams – Travel size – Brand new but unboxed – Selling for £5 each or both for £8

*I will also do all three Rejuvenate creams for £15*

  • Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour in 3.6 Dark Auburn – Brand new but box has been opened and is a bit bashed – RRP £6 – Selling for £3

  • Spotlight Moisturising Shimmer Gel – Full Size – Swatched Once – Discontinued item – Selling for £3

  • Ultra Colour Rich Lipsticks in Colordisiac ‘Alluring Brown’ and ‘Frozen Rose’ – Brand new and unopened – RRP £7 – Selling for £3.50 each

I don’t have swatches of the lipsticks unfortunately, but there are plenty on Google :)

  • Pink Croc Pineapple Watch – Brand new in gift box – Selling for £10

Happy Shopping!

Naomi x

My Perfect Summer Lipstick: L’Oreal Caresse in ‘202 Impulsive Fuchsia’


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win Thoughts In Little Boxes‘ 100k Giveaway.  The prize was a lovely box of beauty goodies, and within the box was this lipstick… A shade called ‘202 Impulsive Fuchsia’ from L’Oreal’s Caresse range.  There are ten pretty shades in the range, and out of all of them I probably would have chosen this one myself, so thanks Carly for sending this colour!

On first impressions, L’Oreal Caresse lipstick looks great.  The unusual square, clear packaging and silver inner make it look very classy, and I like the addition of the coloured end on the lid.  The lid has a gap which clicks over the ‘L’Oreal Paris’ logo, which is a very good design as it will never fall off in your make up bag and mess up the product!  I also think the lipstick itself benefits from being flat and round in shape, as it allows for easy application.

The product description on L’Oreal’s website says that this lipstick offers ‘A flutter of kissably soft light-weight feeling colour’, and it definitely delivers.  The lipstick itself looks and feels very much like a lip balm.  It smoothes on effortlessly, leaving behind an even layer of beautiful colour, and has the texture of a creamy lip balm.  Because of its balm-like consistency, it doesn’t feel heavy and drying like some lipsticks, and is instead extremely moisturising.

I’ve been very impressed with the lipstick’s staying power too – one application in the morning lasts pretty much all day.  The colour fades slightly over the hours, but it fades evenly so still looks pretty and fresh.  At most, I’ve had to reapply this once per day which is good going, and because it’s like a lip balm you don’t necessarily need to use a mirror to ensure neat application!

‘Impulsive Fuchsia’ is a very bright pink shade, with an undertone of bluish shimmer which gives it fantastic, lasting shine.  It’s a colour that, I would say, is complimentary of most skin tones.  I am quite pale and I have been told it really suits me, but I think it would also look stunning against darker skin.  I love how girly and vivid this colour is, and I’m quite amazed by how intense and highly pigmented it is, as you wouldn’t expect it from such a light formula.

So why is this my perfect summer lipstick?  Because the ‘light-weight feeling’ makes it ideal for a delicate, summery look, the moisturising element stops your lips drying in the sun and the pop of girly colour makes you feel as bright as summer itself.  I genuinely feel confident and happy whilst wearing this lipstick and I firmly believe that more lipsticks should be like this!

What’s your perfect summer lipstick?

Naomi x

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