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Easter with Lindt


Last week I was lucky enough to receive some yummy Lindt Easter treats, via the lovely people at Degustabox.  I love Lindt chocolate, so this came as a welcome surprise!  I was sent a large classic Gold Bunny, as well as a Lindt Gold Bunny Story Book, which is absolutely adorable.

DSC_1116 (532x800)

Easter wouldn’t be Easter without a Lindt Gold Bunny.  The foil wrapper, red bow and little bell are iconic, and the thick, creamy chocolate is delicious.  I always think Lindt’s bunnies are a little bit more luxurious than your average Easter egg, so while they’re great for kids, they’re also ideal for grown ups.

DSC_1114 (800x532)

The Gold Bunny Story Book is like an Easter version of an advent calendar, but isn’t dated, so you can open doors and enjoy the treats as and when you wish.  The book is quite large, and tells an interactive story whereby you have to seek out the hidden gold bunnies, and open the corresponding door when you find one.  The book has eleven doors, each with a treat behind it, and in total you get fifteen treats.  Three mini gold bunnies, two lambs, two chicks, three hollow eggs, and five small solid eggs, which is a decent amount of chocolate.  Each treat is made from Lindt’s signature milk chocolate.

DSC_1118 (800x532)

DSC_1123 (800x532)

DSC_1127 (800x532)

DSC_1128 (800x533)

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter so far, and I hope you enjoy the bank holiday tomorrow!  What treats have you been enjoying?  Did the Easter Bunny bring you one of his gold babies?

Naomi x

*This Lindt Gold Bunny and Lindt Gold Bunny Story Book were sent to me via Degustabox for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

Valentine’s Gift Ideas: Love Hearts Tea Lights


Valentine’s Day is also my birthday, so happens to be one of my favourite days of the year. As soon as January comes around I start looking forward to that special day in the middle of February, as not only do I get to enjoy it, but it adds a bit of brightness to the gloomy winter for people everywhere! I’m also a firm believer that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be miserable for those who aren’t in a relationship, as it gives you the perfect excuse to treat yourself, or spend time with family or friends.

So, in celebration of Valentine’s Day, over the next week or so I’ll be bringing you my pick of the best, affordable Valentine’s gifts – perfect for your loved one or even for yourself!  Today’s pick is this adorable little set of Love Hearts Tea Lights, available from It’s A Wot.

DSC_1037 (800x532)

Since I moved out of my mum’s house and in with my fiancé, I’ve become more and more interested in interior design, and making my home look pretty, and these tea lights help me do just that.  They come beautifully wrapped in a Love Hearts wrapper, so they look like a super-sized tube of sweets, and inside you get six tea lights, each of which comes in a sturdy plastic holder.

The tea lights come in three colours – pink, purple and blue – with two of each in the pack, and they all have an iconic Love Hearts message printed on top.  The pink ones say “Kiss Me”, the purple ones say “Love Me”, and the blue ones say “Hug Me”.

DSC_1046 (800x532)

DSC_1054 (800x532)

Despite their small size, the tea lights burn really well.  I had them on for several hours the other evening and the flame hardly made a dent in the wax, and they don’t produce much smoke, just a steady flame.  My only issue with the candles is that they aren’t scented, but it’s not a deal breaker and I still think they’re lovely.

DSC_1059 (800x532)

At just £1.84 for a set of six, these tea lights would make an ideal Valentine ’s Day ‘stocking filler’ for someone who loves cute and quirky little house gifts.  They’d also be great for adding a touch of romance to your Valentine’s evening, or even just to help you unwind and relax after a busy day.  Want some?  Get them here.

Naomi x

*These Love Hearts Tea Lights were sent to me by It’s A Wot for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

Imperial Leather Foamburst Luxurious Body Wash


I’ve been seeing a lot of adverts lately for Imperial Leather’s Foamburst Luxurious Body Washes, and have been quite curious about them, so when Imperial Leather asked me to review a couple of Foamburst products for them I happily accepted!  The range features seven fragrances, and each one has its own eye-catching Genie to represent it…

See what I mean?  The two scents I received are Uplifting Lime & Grapefruit, and (one that really suits my blog) Bewitching Blackberry & Wild Fig.


As far as appearance goes, these body washes definitely look the part.  I love the contrast of the bright colours on black, and the curved cans emphasise the luxury element.  They look fab lined up on my bathroom shelf, and the cans are practical too as the press down top is easy to use and prevents too much gel coming out, which is essential with these!


When I first saw that I’d been sent Uplifting Lime & Grapefruit, I was slightly dubious as I’m not usually a fan of citrus bath and shower products – they remind me too much of washing up liquid!  This one is actually quite nice though, as the zestiness of the lime is cut through with an earthy undertone of grapefruit, which makes for a refreshing morning shower.  I think my fiancé would like this one as the scent is quite masculine.

Bewitching Blackberry & Wild Fig is easily my favourite as it smells rich and beautiful.  I’m a sucker for sweet scents, and the Autumnal fruity fragrance of blackberry and fig has a hint of vanilla running through it that adds a touch of decadence.  This one’s perfect for a pampering evening bath, which is just what you need during these cold months.

The scent of both Foambursts also lingers on the skin for a long time after use, which is what I look for in a good body wash, so these definitely pass the test.



Foamburst is a very apt name, too.  The body wash leaves the can as a pretty coloured gel (green and purple to match the cans), but when rubbed turns into a gorgeously silky soft white foam, which feels lovely and luxurious on the skin.  You only need a small amount of gel (about the size of a £2 coin) to produce enough foam to cover most or your body, which is really impressive!  You can get 40 washes out of one can as well, which is absolutely worth the money.

The can also states that the foam is great for shaving, and though I haven’t tried it yet, I’m definitely going to be using it when I next shave my legs.  I currently use a gel to foam shaving foam which doesn’t smell that nice, so it’ll be nice to use something a bit nicer!  It’d be good for men to shave with too, I imagine.



Imperial Leather’s Foamburst Luxurious Body Washes usually retail for around £3.50, which is well worth it if you want a luxury shower product that goes a long way, but they’re currently on offer in Boots for £2.00, and on Ocado for £1.99, which is even better!

Naomi x

*These Imperial Leather Luxurious Body Washes were sent to me for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter


Earlier this month I sent off for this sample tube of Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter, via the Dirty Works Facebook page.  I have some Dirty Works body wash which is lovely and, as I’ve said before, I adore body butters, so I was really looking forward to trying this out.  The sample tube contains a generous 20ml of product, but in Sainsbury’s stores it is sold in a huge 300ml tub, and usually retails for £4.99.

Unlike some dense body butters, this one by Dirty Works has a delicately light consistency, which is very much like a moisturiser, but it still leaves that silky sheen on the skin that you would expect from a body butter.  The tube says to ‘massage cream onto damp skin until absorbed’ after showering or bathing, and it really does make damp skin feel beautifully soft, but I’ve discovered that it also makes an amazing hand cream!  I’ve been carrying the tube in my work bag all week and using it on my hands a few times a day, and it is really helping with the dryness I’ve been experiencing lately caused by the cold weather – definitely a sign of a good quality lotion that does its job!  I put that down to the moisturising properties of the shea butter and almond oil that it contains.

The body butter isn’t too strongly scented, but it has a pleasantly sweet scent to it which isn’t overwhelming, but leaves your skin smelling  fresh and clean.  It goes quite a long way too.  A large pea-sized amount is plenty enough for the backs of both hands, and though I’ve been using this little tube all week (and sharing it with my sister too) it still feels almost full.

I am suitably impressed with Dirty Works’ Supreme Clean Body Butter and I will definitely be buying a full-sized tub.  In fact, and this is a heads up so take note, Sainsbury’s are currently selling all Dirty Works products at half price so a 300ml tub is only £2.49 at the minute!  I really, really hope I manage to get to a Sainsbury’s within the next few days before the offer ends.  I may pick up some other products to try too!

Have you tried any Dirty Works products before?

Naomi x

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