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BeTrousse Glitz & Glamour Beauty Kit


2013 has been a quiet year for BeTrousse so far, with only a sale to their name since December, but towards the end of March I received their first beauty kit of the year, the Glitz & Glamour box.  I was beginning to worry that they had run out of ideas so I was pleased to receive another kit unexpectedly, especially as it’s a good one!



The Glitz & Glamour beauty kit contains five full-size products to help you ‘get gorgeous’, and so far they haven’t disappointed.  Every item in the box is different this time, with no repeats from past boxes, and no similar products within the box!


From Left to Right:

Jason Rosewater & Chamomile Normalising Shampoo

Benta Berry G-1 Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

Fair Naturally Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser

Make Believe Enhance Shimmer Lip Gloss

Tulecos Tonifying Oil

As usual, BeTrousse provide full-size products so you can get a real feel for each one before deciding whether to repurchase, so for now I will give my first thoughts on each product and review a few, if not all of them, at a later date.

Jason Rosewater & Chamomile Normalising Shampoo – 255ml – RRP £7.29


This is the first shampoo to appear in a BeTrousse box and I absolutely love it.  It is delicately scented with rosewater and chamomile (no parabens!), which help to soothe and balance the scalp, as the natural ingredients remove dirt without stripping away moisture.  As such, it leaves hair feeling incredibly soft and clean, and also adds volume.  A definite winner!

Benta Berry G-1 Exfoliating Facial Cleanser – 30ml – RRP £14.00


I haven’t yet tried this G-1 Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, but it is 100% natural and claims to remove impurities from the skin.  I’ve used a Benta Berry moisturiser in the past and it was quite pleasant, so if this is anything like its cousin I expect it will do its job well!

Fair Naturally Mango & Safflower Body Moisturiser – 200ml – RRP £3.99


Fair Naturally’s Mango & Safflower Body Lotion is the cheapest product in the box, but also my favourite.  It smells absolutely delicious, like peach yoghurt, and has a rich, creamy texture which massages in well, leaving skin feeling soft but not greasy.  It’s organic, fair trade and made in the UK too – three things I always look for in products.  I will be repurchasing this one!

Make Believe Enhance Shimmer Lip Gloss – 15ml – RRP £10.00


Make Believe are known best for their tanning products, and this lip gloss is supposed to enhance your tan.  It is very sheer, but has a slight pink colour to it and a beautiful shimmer.  It smells a bit like watermelon, but the scent soon turns a bit plasticky which isn’t great.  I’m not usually a fan of tube glosses as they tend to be quite sticky, but this one feels lovely on the lips – almost like a lip balm.

Tulecos Tonifying Oil – 50ml – £33.00


I wasn’t familiar with Tulecos before receiving this box, but I have since learnt that they are an organic French brand who use essential oils to create luxury products.  This tonifying oil contains peppermint oil, and is for use on the feet.  It feels silky soft on the skin, has a relaxing, cooling effect, and softens any rough bits almost instantly.  A fab little addition!

BeTrousse’s Glitz & Glamour beauty kit is available online and costs £10, which is well worth it considering you get five full-size products with a total RRP of £70, especially as with most beauty boxes you’re lucky if you get one full-size product for the same price!  The box is full of unfamiliar brands and everything in it is great quality, so if you want to try something new for less then this is the box for you.

Naomi x

*This BeTrousse Glitz & Glamour Beauty Kit was sent to me by BeTrousse for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

BeTrousse January Sale – All Boxes £9!


Good news, beauty fans!  BeTrousse are currently having a January sale and ALL of their Beauty Kits are selling for just £9 each!!  That includes the Christmas Beauty Box, Pretty Beauty, Summer Break, The Must Haves, Organic & Natural Beauty and Spring Beauty.  Every box is packed full of full-size products (not a sample in sight!), so at £9 you really are getting an absolute bargain.  In fact, my favourite box is the Pretty Beauty Box which contains NINE full-size items, working out at just £1 each with this offer – amazing, right?


If you want to know more about each box before you decide to buy, here is what I thought of each one (except for the Spring Beauty box, which I didn’t receive)…

Christmas Beauty Box

Pretty Beauty

Summer Break

The Must Haves

Organic & Natural Beauty

To take advantage of this incredible saving, you can view the full selection of beauty kits here.  Fingers crossed they’ll be launching some new, exciting kits in 2013!

Naomi x

BeTrousse Christmas Beauty Box


Earlier this week I received an unexpected parcel in the post, which turned out to be the latest offering from BeTrousse – their Christmas Beauty Box.  A bit late I know, but better late than never!  This time, the box contains seven full-size products and retails for £19, saving you a whopping £78 based on the RRP of each product.  Here is what’s in the box…


  • Tattyoo Temporary Tattoo Set
  • Charme D’Orient Relaxing Body Massage Cream
  • Skinetica Anti-Blemish
  • Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa Mask
  • TurboSlim ChronoActiv Tablets
  • Soins Experts HydraExpert Cream
  • Saffron London Crackling Nail Polish

My first thoughts when I opened the box were mixed.  To start with, the contents weren’t very Christmassy!  Given the name of the box I was expecting a bit of glitter and maybe some festive red lipstick, but there wasn’t any in sight, and instead I was met with the usual abundance of skin care products.  Luckily, I love to pamper my skin, so I can never have too many lotions and potions!

As usual, BeTrousse have generously provided full-size products so you can really feel the effects of each product before deciding whether or not to repurchase.  So, for now, I will let you know my first impression of each item, and review them in more detail at a later date when I’ve given them a good go.

Tattyoo Temporary Tattoo Set – 2 sheets – RRP £5.00


In all honesty I thought this was a strange addition to a beauty box.  I haven’t used tattoo transfers since I was a child, and I can’t think of a situation which would call for these.  Not for me I’m afraid, but having looked at Tattyoo’s website they do have some amazing, affordable designs which might be fun to wear as an accessory when you fancy something a bit different and creative, without the committment of having a real tattoo!

Charme D’Orient Relaxing Body Massage Cream – 100ml – RRP £16.00


This Belle Nigelle relaxing body cream is easily my favourite product in the box.  If you’ve read my Omni Massage Roller review you’ll know I love a good massage, so this is right up my street.  The cream itself smells absolutely beautiful as it contains cinnamon essential oils, and it has a light, smooth consistency which massages delicately into the skin without making a mess.  Ideal for relaxing muscles, I’m sure I’ll be getting a lot of use out of this – a definite winner!  Not all boxes contain this though – the alternative product is a Bath & Massage Oil by the same brand.

Skinetica Anti-Blemish – 100ml – RRP £9.99


I’m always on the look-out for new spot clearing products, so Skinetica’s Anti-Blemish was a welcome addition to the box.  I’ve only tried this on the back of my hand so far so I can’t comment on whether it works, but it claims to show results within 2 to 3 days which is pretty impressive.  The liquid is clear and non-greasy, and contains no nasty chemicals, so it’s bound to be gentle on the skin – a bonus for sensitive souls like myself!

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa Mask – 1 mask – RRP £1.49


I have tried Montagne Jeunesse’s Dead Sea Mud Spa mask before and I loved it.  They’re such a lovely product for a girly pamper session, so I was glad to have another to add to my dwindling stash.  If you want to know more about what I think of the mask, you can read my review here.  At £1.49 they are a steal!

TurboSlim ChronoActiv Tablets – 28 tablets – RRP £29.95


TurboSlim ChronoActiv appeared in BeTrousse’s first box, and has popped up again in the Christmas box.  I have no intention of losing any more weight, so I won’t be using these, and quite frankly I don’t believe that weightloss pills actually work!  The box contains 28 pills and you’re supposed to take 2 a day, meaning one box will last for 14 days.  The box states that you will start to see results after 15 days, so one box wouldn’t make a difference anyway, and to buy another box costs £29.95.  A rather expensive investment for something that might not work!

Soins Experts HydraExpert Cream – 50ml – RRP £34.00


HydraExpert is formulated to have protective, soothing, anti-oxidant and hydrating properties – four things which my dry, sensitive skin needs!  I’ve only tried this on my hand so far and the cream has a nice consistency and very little smell.  Given its properties, I think it will make a nice addition to my skin care routine.

Saffron London Crackling Nail Polish – 14ml – RRP £0.75


Last, and unfortunately least, is this – a bottle of Saffron London black crackle varnish.  The very same varnish was included in BeTrousse’s last box, the Pretty Beauty Box, and I feel the same about it now as I did then!  The crackle trend is on its way out now, and considering I already have one of these I don’t have much use for this, so I will be giving it away.

Overall, another mixed bag of products.  Some I love, some I don’t, and the Christmas theme really isn’t there at all.  However, if you’re interested in trying one of the more expensive products in the box then this is definitely worth the £19 price tag, as you’ll be saving money AND getting several other products to try.

Which product in the Christmas Beauty Box do you most like the look of?

Naomi x

*I was sent the BeTrousse Christmas Beauty Box by BeTrousse for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own*

BeTrousse Pretty Beauty Box Giveaway WINNER!


Hi all,

The time has finally come for me to announce the winner of my BeTrousse Pretty Beauty Box Giveaway!  This giveaway was my most successful yet, and I’d like to thank everyone who entered.  I really wish I had a prize for all of you!  I was really pleased to see that quite a few of you really got into it, and Tweeted an entry almost every day – that’s dedication right there.

Just to remind you of the prize, here is the amazing BeTrousse Pretty Beauty Box which the winner will receive…


So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The winner is…

*drum roll*

RaRa Reid


*fireworks and party streamers*

Congratulations Ra, and well done :)  Please can you email your postal address to so I can pass it on BeTrousse.  They will then post your prize out as soon as possible, and you should receive it within a week or two.

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who entered – without you this giveaway wouldn’t have been the success that it was.  Please keep an eye out for more exciting giveaways coming soon!

Naomi x


BeTrousse Pretty Beauty Box


As part of the BeTrousse beauty panel, every time BeTrousse bring out a new, exciting beauty kit, I receive one to review.  In October BeTrousse launched their latest box – the Pretty Beauty Box, and earlier this month I happily received mine in the post.  I had already seen on the BeTrousse website that the box contained NINE full size products, rather than the usual five, so I was really looking forward to trying this box out for size.  Here is what I was met with when I opened the Pretty Beauty Box…

As you can see, the box is packed full of a wide range of products.  In the past I have complained about there being too many face creams and not enough make up in the previous BeTrousse boxes, so I was very happy to see some make up and nail products in there this time.  The products in the box are worth £122 in total, but the box costs just £19.

Above, you can see (clockwise from the top):

  • Papier Poudre Gift Pack of 3 Booklets
  • Cupcake Organic Frankincense & Orange Day Cream
  • Yves Rocher Organic Refreshing Gel Cleanser
  • Arganti 100% Pure Argan Oil
  • Saffron London Cracking Nail Polish
  • Vera Valenti Eyeshadow in Pink
  • Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Volume Gloss in Pink
  • Kesari Radieuse Anti-Age
  • Essyta Cosmetics Body Moisturising Lotion

As with all BeTrousse boxes, BeTrousse have provided full-sized products so that you can feel the full effect of each item before deciding whether to repurchase it or not.  As such, I won’t do full reviews of everything until I have used them for a bit longer, so for now I will tell you my first impressions of each treat.

Papier Poudre Gift Pack – 3 Booklets – £7.95

Papier Poudre are little booklets of blotting papers, with each sheet being covered in a fine layer of absorbent powder, which gives a matte make up look after use.  I used to have something like this when I was a teenager but hadn’t seen them around for years, so when I found these in the box I was very happy to see them!  The pack contains three booklets, with a different shade of powder in each booklet – Rachel, Rose and White.  I have tried these out already and they do their job perfectly, removing excess oil and shine from the face whilst adding a touch of powder.  A great little product and something a bit different for BeTrousse!

Cupcake Organic Frankincense & Orange Day Cream – 30ml – £16

This Frankincense & Orange Day Cream by Cupcake Organic has to be one of the best things I have ever received in a BeTrousse box.  For starters, I love the name of the company, the packaging is so bright and cute, and the glass pot gives it a luxurious feel.  The cream itself smells absolutely ‘divine’ (to quote the company’s tagline), and it has a firm yet creamy texture which instantly softens the skin.  The cream claims to protect and repair dry skin, which I have on my hands, so I will be using this a lot over the coming weeks and writing a full review in the not so distant future.

Yves Rocher Organic Refreshing Gel Cleanser – 200ml – £11

I’m yet to try Yves Rocher’s Refreshing Gel Cleanser properly so I can’t really comment on its quality, but it has a nice smooth texture and a light, fresh scent of Aloe Vera.  I’ve heard a lot of good things about Yves Rocher as they produce natural, organic cosmetics which I prefer to use, so I’m expecting good things from this.  The cleanser is suitable for the face AND eyes too, which is a bonus as all-in-one products lessen the clutter of bottles in the bathroom!

Arganti 100% Pure Argan Oil – 60ml – £10

Arganti’s Argan Oil is another product I was very pleased to see in this box as it 100% pure.  I have tried Argan hair oils in the past but they were all combined with other plant oils, so I have been keen to try some pure Argan oil to see if it lives up to the hype.  However, Arganti’s packaging isn’t the best (the bottle looks like a medicine bottle), and the oil smells horrible too (although I suppose that’s unavoidable).  Having said that, I am looking forward to giving this a proper try, so watch this space for an Arganti review!

Saffron London Cracking Nail Polish – 14ml – £0.75p

BeTrousse are a little bit behind with this Nail Polish as the nail crackle trend has mostly been and gone, but as I said before it is nice to see a nail product in the box.  The packaging may look simple and slightly cheap, but I actually quite like the classy contrast between black and gold.  I have a few Saffron London polishes already and, for a cheap range, they are pretty good quality, so hopefully this will be the same.

Vera Valenti Eyeshadow in Pink – 10g – £2

To balance out the amazing-ness of the Cupcake Organic Day Cream, Vera Valenti’s Eyeshadow is the worst thing I have received in a beauty box.  The packaging looks and feels very cheap and tacky, and the eyeshadow is really bad quality.  It is chalky and one of the shadows actually broke up into tiny pieces and powder the first time I used it.  Most of the colours are also far too pearlescent for my liking, but I must say I do quite like the purple shades in this palette.

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp Volume Gloss in Pink – 10ml – £13.90

When I found Yves Rocher’s Sexy Pulp Volume Gloss in the box I instantly thought ‘YAY!  Make up!’  Make up is one of the things that BeTrousse have been lacking, and this gloss has definitely made up for it.  The gloss is a lovely shade of orangey pink, and has a fantastic shine to it.  It isn’t sticky (although you can feel it on your lips) and it is extremely long-lasting…  Even after eating the colour and shine are still visible.  Expect a full review of this soon, too!

Kesari Radieuse Anti-Age – 30ml – £47

I wasn’t especially excited about Kerasi’s Radieuse Anti-Age at first as I’ve received several other anti-aging creams in my BeTrousse boxes in the past, and I don’t really think I need them yet!  However, this one is really delicate and light and has a nice, nutty scent and colour.  I’ve used it a few times on my face and neck and it is absorbed quickly and has a smoothing, softening effect.  As far as anti-aging creams go, this is one of the best that I have sampled so far.

Essyta Cosmetics Body Moisturising Lotion – 250ml – £13.50

Last but not least, Essyta Cosmetics Body Moisturising Lotion.  I’m a sucker for good moisturisers, and this is undoubtedly a good one.  It has a pleasing scent and, like the Kerasi Radieuse Anti-Age, is lovely and light and easily absorbed.  The lotion comes in a nice big bottle as well, which is always good.

If you like the look of the BeTrousse Pretty Beauty Box, keep an eye out tomorrow for details of a very special giveaway that I am running with BeTrousse!  Alternatively, it is available to order via the BeTrousse website for just £19.

Which products in the Pretty Beauty Box do you like the look of?

Naomi x

*I was sent the BeTrousse Pretty Beauty Box by BeTrousse for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own*

BeTrousse Summer Break Beauty Kit


Last week I received my third BeTrousse box – the newly released Summer Break Beauty Kit.  The new kit contains five full-sized, high-end products which BeTrousse believe are perfect for summer and for taking on your holidays.  So, without further ado, here is what you will find in the BeTrousse Summer Break box…

From Left to Right:

  • Benta Berry G-1 Moisturising Face Cream
  • Orhis Nourishing Face Cream
  • Cinq Mondes Roses Petal Rain Mist
  • Lilas Blanc Secret Éclat Jeunesse
  • Cosmetoo Nails Nail Art Express Kit

I have mixed feelings about some of the products in this box, but the same can be said about all of the beauty boxes I’ve tried.  However, my thoughts are mostly positive and this is definitely my favourite BeTrousse box so far!  I was very happy to see the nail art kit in there too, as up until now everything I’ve received has been based around skincare.  BeTrousse are unique in their concept of providing full-sized products, which is one of the things I love about them.  They feel it’s important to feel the full effects of a product before you repurchase it, which is why you’ll never find a sample product in a BeTrousse box.  As such, I will only be telling you a bit about each product in this post, and reviewing some of them in more detail at a later date when I’ve finished using them.

Now for the fun bit – the goodies!

Benta Berry G-1 Moisturising Face Cream – 30ml – RRP £12

Benta Berry’s G-1 Moisturising Face Cream is one of my least favourite products in the box.  I like the simple, modern packaging and the fact that it is made from 100% natural ingredients, and the lotion itself is quite nice (it’s very hydrating and, though a little on the thick side, it absorbs well), but that’s where my love of this product ends.  Why?  Because it smells funny!  The scent is subtle (and apparently designed by a famous perfumer) but I find it really off-putting.  It’s slightly woody, but not in a pleasant way, and smells almost bitter if that’s even possible.  This cream isn’t for me but I can see it being enjoyed by those who don’t like sweetly scented products.  It’s aimed at ‘filles et garcons’ too, so is probably more suited to a teenage audience.

Orhis Nourishing Face Cream – 50ml – RRP £28

This Orhis Nourishing Face Cream, on the other hand, is lovely and probably my favourite item in the box!  The dainty little bottle is the perfect size to carry in your handbag and the box is very pretty and girly.  The face cream contains Cottonseed and Argan Oil, which makes it extremely nourishing but also protecting and, according to BeTrousse, is great for prolonging a tan!  The formula is very light and massages in flawlessly, and despite it containing Argan Oil it doesn’t leave your skin greasy at all.  It’s also 99.1% natural so causes no irritation.  I am definitely going to continue using this and would even consider repurchasing it in the future.  Look out for a more detailed review of this one at a later date.

Cinq Mondes Roses Petal Rain Mist – 200ml – RRP £28

Another beautiful treat for the skin!  Cinq Mondes Roses Rain Mist is extremely refreshing and very moisturising.  It has a very light oily consistency which when sprayed directly onto the skin is instantly cooling (perfect for the summer heat) and sends up a cloud of rose scented sweetness.  Gorgeous!  When rubbed in the mist is absorbed quickly, and delicately moisturises your skin for long lasting softness.  A definite summer must-have.  In fact, I’ve been using this pretty much constantly since I received it – I love it!

Lilas Blanc Secret Éclat Jeunesse – 50ml – £36.50

Yep, another face cream.  Part of me wishes I had more faces to use all these lotions and potions on!  Unfortunately, I can’t use this one myself as it contains salicylate which I’m allergic to.  I swatched this on my arm yesterday and the  formula is quite nice (very light and creamy), but my arm immediately started to itch and go red – not good!  It smells nice though, very citrussy like oranges, and has the bonus of being organic which is always a winner with me.  My mum’s been after a nice anti-aging cream for a while so I’m going to let her have this one as she really likes its scent and lightness.  It’s a thumbs up from her, at least!

Cosmetoo Nails Nail Art Express Kit

As I said earlier, I was very pleased to see something a little different in this box, and what better than something to decorate my nails with?  I’m a big fan of nail art so I’ve already given these a go and I’ll be featuring them as my Nail of the Day later today, so check back this evening to see what they look like on.  The kit contains two sets of nail stickers of the same design, a small bag of nail gems and a wooden stick tool.

The products in the Summer Break kit have a total RRP of £109, but can be purchased in this box from BeTrousse for just £19!  Though I didn’t get on with a couple of the products, £19 is definitely worth it for the ones that I did like, so if you like the look of anything then do give it a go.  After all, anything you don’t like can be given as gifts 😉  To purchase the BeTrousse Summer Break Kit, visit here.

Naomi x

*I was sent this BeTrousse Summer Break Beauty Kit by BeTrousse for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own*

BeTrousse Must Haves Giveaway WINNER!


The time has come for me to announce the winner of my BeTrousse Must Haves giveaway!  Earlier today I chose a winner at random using  I had 16 entries in total so I assigned everybody a number according to the order in which they entered, and let the random number generator choose a number.  And that number was entry number 8…

…and entry number 8 was Jess Heath of Raffles Bizarre!

Congratulations Jess, you have won a BeTrousse Must Haves beauty kit, worth £131, which contains PURE Papaya Ointment, LPG Aqueous Cellulite Detox Serum, OceAnge Anti-Age Caviar Night Cream, Ostraly Moisturising Tea Tree Oil Cream and Bacti Control Instant Antibacterial Sanitizer.

Thank you very much to everybody who entered – I’m really sorry I don’t have a prize for all of you!  Please check back soon for another giveaway :)

Naomi xx

Only 3 Days Left to Enter my BeTrousse Must Haves GIVEAWAY!


Attention, ladies!

My BeTrousse Must Haves Giveaway ends this Friday (the 17th) at 11:59pm (GMT).

To celebrate the launch of BeTrousse in the UK, I have teamed up with the company to offer one lucky winner a BeTrousse Must Haves beauty kit.  The beauty kit is worth £131 in total, and contains five full-size products including: Pure Papaya Ointment, LPG Aqueous Cellulite Detox Serum, OceAnge Anti-Age Caviar Night Cream, Ostraly Moisturising Tea Tree Oil Cream and Bacti Control Instant Antibacterial Sanitizer.

To find out how to enter, visit my original giveaway post here!  The winner will be announced and contacted on Saturday, and will be chosen at random.

Good Luck!

Naomi xx

BeTrousse Must Haves GIVEAWAY


To celebrate their launch in the UK, BeTrousse have kindly donated one of their Must Haves beauty kits for me to give to one lucky winner!  If you want to read my review of the box, you can do so here.  The box contains five full-size beauty products worth a total of £131, including Pure Papaya Ointment, LPG Aqueous Cellulite Detox Serum, OceAnge Anti-Age Caviar Night Cream, Ostraly Moisturising Tea Tree Oil Cream and Bacti Control Instant Antibacterial Sanitizer.

The Must Haves kit is a really great box and gives you the opportunity to try international high-end brands that you may not have heard of.  If you would like to enter to win the box, you must do the following…

  • Follow Bewitchery, either as an email subscriber or WordPress follower.
  • ‘Like’ BeTrousse on Facebook here.
  • ‘Like’ Bewitchery on Facebook here.

And that’s it!  Once you’ve entered, comment below with your Facebook name and an email address to contact you on if you win.  This giveaway is open to old and new followers within the UK only (apologies to my international followers!)  All entrants must be aged over 18.  The giveaway is open for two weeks, and will close at 11:59pm (GMT) on Friday 17th August.  The winner will be chosen at random and contacted the next day.  You will be required to provide your address within 48 hours or another winner will be chosen.  Your address will then be passed on to BeTrousse who will post your prize.

Good Luck!

Naomi xx

BeTrousse – The Must Haves


Last week I received my second BeTrousse Box – The Must Haves Box.  For those that aren’t yet familiar with BeTrousse, I wrote a detailed post about the concept here, but in short BeTrousse are the only company currently offering beauty boxes containing five or more FULL-SIZE products in the UK.  Their boxes, or kits, are not available on subscription, but can be bought individually whenever you want them.  Each box is sold at a bargain price as well…  The Must Haves Box costs just £19 but is worth £131.

So, want to know what’s in The Must Haves Box?  Well, here it is!

The box contains five full-size products from five different brands.  Each item is some kind of cream, serum or gel, but they all have very different uses.  I have tried all five products so I will let you know what I think of them so far.  The point of BeTrousse is to fully experience a full-size product at a bargain price before you choose to invest in it again, so though I can’t comment on the long-term effects of each item, I can still let you know what each is like on first impressions!  I will do full reviews of the items that I like at a later date.

PURE Papaya Ointment – 25g tube – RRP £9.99

The PURE Papaya Ointment is my favourite product in The Must Haves box.  The ointment is made in Australia of natural ingredients and is intended to ‘soothe, moisturise [and] protect’ dry, chapped and sore skin all over the body.  The tube says it is great for sunburnt lips, cracked nipples, nappy rash, irritations, protecting against harsh weather and promoting skin elasticity.  I have been using this on my hands as they get quite dry and it works wonders.  One little blob (as seen above) is enough for both hands so the tube will last for ages, and it leaves a soft, protective layer on the skin.  The ointment smells quite unusual… slightly nutty and sweet, but it is fairly pleasant.  I would definitely consider repurchasing this!

If you want to try this yourself, PURE Papaya are currently offering a 20% discount in conjunction with BeTrousse, with the promotional code ‘Betrousse20′.  You just have to enter it at the checkout.  Postage is free to the UK and Europe too so it will only cost around £8 in total with the code, which is well worth it.  Visit PURE Papaya to grab yourself bargain!

LPG Aqueous Cellulite Detox Serum – 100ml bottle – RRP £41

I have been using this LPG Serum on my thighs and bottom.  I don’t really have much cellulite so this isn’t suited to me, but I have a little so I thought I would give it a go.  I’ve not seen any visible results yet as I’ve not been using it for long enough, but the serum itself is lovely.  It smells nice and fresh, it isn’t greasy and is very light so it glides on like a dream.  The serum contains Caffeine, Escine and Algisium C (no, I don’t know what they are either) which are supposed to reactivate circulatory exchanges and reduce water retention, thus reducing aqueous cellulite.  I’m not sure I’d repurchase this at this stage, but maybe one day if/when I have more cellulite!

OcéAnge Anti-Age Caviar Night Cream – 1.17fl.oz pot – RRP £60.60

Again, I don’t have much use for anti-ageing cream at the minute, so I have only swatched this.  The cream is a pretty shade of pale blue, which I’ve seen in a cream before, and it smells gorgeous.  In fact, the smell reminds me a little bit of men’s aftershave but it isn’t overpowering.  It has a nice consistency and rubs in well, leaving no greasy residue.  OcéAnge contains Caviar and Spirulina protein extracts so I won’t be using it as it isn’t vegetarian, but I will let my mum try it so she can tell me what she thinks!  The proteins, when massaged into the face and neck at night, help to blur the look of wrinkles and improve the skin’s flexibility and vitality.

Ostraly Moisturising Tea Tree Oil Cream – 250g tub – £18.80

I have mixed feelings about this moisturiser…  It smells very strongly of beautiful tea tree and it massages in well, leaving skin feeling soft all day, but MY GOSH it’s runny!  I managed to slosh this all over my bed when I was using it and it was a massive pain to clean up.  You can probably tell in the swatch photo that the consistency is quite funny…  It looks almost grainy, but it isn’t.  I do like this cream but it’s messy so I’m going to have to be very careful when using it.  You get a lot in the tub too which is a bonus as it’ll last a while.

Bacti Control Instant Antibacterial Sanitizer – 60ml bottle – £1.30

This handy little hand gel is the perfect size for any handbag.  I always like to have antibacterial wipes or gel with me when I’m working or travelling on buses, so I thought this was a nice little addition to the box and it is definitely a ‘Must Have’.  I’ve been using this a lot on my hands and though it contains salicylates, which I’m allergic to, it hasn’t irritated my skin at all!  At £1.30 this is an absolute bargain and I really hope I can find it in shops so I can repurchase.

So there you have it, my verdict on The Must Haves BeTrousse Box.  If you want to buy the box yourself, you can do so here for only £19.  Keep an eye out for full reviews of some of these products, and a review of the NEXT BeTrousse Box, coming soon.

Get gorgeous with BeTrousse!

Naomi x

*I was gifted The Must Haves BeTrousse Box by BeTrousse for an honest review.  All thoughts expressed are my own.*

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