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January Sales Haul


Hi everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas.  Mine was spent at home with family, which is just how I like it.

After a few days of relaxing, and purposefully avoiding the first crazy days of the sales, I spent yesterday and today doing a bit of shopping.  Luckily the shops weren’t too busy, and though I didn’t go mad, I managed to get quite a few items that I’m really pleased with.  Here are most of them…

DSC_0997 (800x542) (2)

Primark Biker Jacket – Was £23.00, Paid £10.00

DSC_1001 (530x800)

Primark Dressing Gown – Was £12.00, Paid £5.00

DSC_1003 (531x800)

George Penguin Fleece – Was £16.00, Paid £8.00

DSC_1005 (800x533)

Primark Black Bag – Was £6.00, Paid £3.00

DSC_1008 (800x533)

Primark Green Bag – Was £6.00, Paid £3.00

DSC_1011 (800x532)

New Look Boots – Was £27.99, Paid £14.00

DSC_1019 (800x533)

New Look Shoes – Was £11.99, Paid £4.00

DSC_1024 (532x800)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7″ – Was £139.99, Paid £79.00

I bought a few other things in the sales which aren’t pictured, including a pair of gloves for £2.00, some Christmas decorations reduced from £3.00 to £1.00, a diary for £1.99 (down from £7.00) and a Vax hoover for £45.00, reduced from about £70.00.  I also bought a couple of non-sale items too, namely a top and a case for my new tablet.

In total, I made a huge saving of around £90.00 in the sales this year, made all the better by the fact that a few items were paid for using vouchers that I got for Christmas.

What did you get in the sales?

Naomi x

Thrifty Finds No.4: Car Boot


On Sunday I decided to indulge, yet again, in one of my favourite hobbies – thrifting – and got up bright and early to go to two car boot sales in Leicestershire.  In particular I was hoping to find some bargainous clothes to add to my spring/summer wardrobe, and though I came away from the first car boot with nothing (how disappointing!), the second was a veritable treasure trove of fashion!  For the grand total of just £4.50 I managed to get a waterfall cardigan, a thin knit jumper, a t-shirt, and my absolute favourite find of the day, a pair of wedge shoes.


Z Black and grey striped waterfall cardigan £1.50


Next Thin knit black jumper 50p


River Island Skeleton heart t-shirt 50p


Truffle Black velvet wedge shoes £2.00

Total: £4.50

I’m really pleased with this little thrifty haul, and I’m looking forward to styling each item in outfit posts in the near future.  Which is your favourite piece?

Naomi x

January Sales Haul


Since Christmas it has been January Sales galore, both on the high street and on the internet, and I (along with millions of other shoppers, I’m sure) couldn’t resist a browse.  My main aim was to hunt out a couple of pairs of shoes suitable for Spring/Summer, as well as a few items of clothing.  I prefer to relax with my family on Boxing Day, rather than go shopping, but on January 27th I braved it and went into town, but soon gave up as there were far, far too many people for my liking.  So, that evening I sat down with my laptop, a box of chocolates and a cup of tea and browsed the web to my heart’s content.  I must say, I wasn’t that impressed by the quality of the sales this year, but luckily I succeeded in my shoe and clothes buying mission!  I managed to resist binging on make up and perfume gift sets in the Superdrug and Boots sales, but I did get a couple of beauty accessories.


Donnay Purple Canvas Ballet Pumps – £3.50 (£3.49 saving) –


Skechers Sunset Pink and Black Canvas Shoes – £20.00 (£14.99 saving) –


Dr Martens Aldgate Floral Canvas Shoes – £30.00 (£15.00 saving) – Dr Martens


Purple Metallic Manicure Set – £0.99p (saving unknown) – Superdrug


Unwind Cherry Stone Relaxation Pillow – £0.99p (saving unknown) – Superdrug


Purple Heart Knit Dress – £10.00 (£4.99 saving) – Store Twenty One

Blue Paisley Print Top – £5.00 (£4.99 saving) – Store Twenty One

A rather humble haul I know, but I managed to get everything I wanted!  What did you get in the sales this year?

Naomi x

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