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Limited Edition British Summer Barry M Nail Paints


To celebrate the slow but sure arrival of the British summer, Barry M have launched two limited edition nail paints, exclusive to Superdrug.  Both shades have a pastel bright colouring, which is very on trend this season, and a shimmer finish which looks stunning in the summer sunshine.



Promenade is a gorgeous pink shade, which is reminiscent of the candyfloss and sticks of peppermint rock that you find adorning the British prom.  It’s such a happy colour, and really gets you in the mood for a fun day on the seafront!


Seaside, my favourite shade, is a glistening blue that brings to mind the sea and skies of a hot day in July.  It’s so pretty, and I can just imagine a mermaid wearing this one.


As with all Barry M nail paints, Promenade and Seaside both apply like a dream, and dry incredibly quickly, which means more time outside enjoying the sun!

Barry M’s British Summer nail paints will be available in Superdrug, whilst stocks last, between 4th June and 1st July, and you can choose one for FREE when you spend £6!  Which colour will you be snapping up?

Naomi x

*These Barry M Nail Paints were sent to me by Superdrug for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

ResinSparkles Pendant and Ring


I recently came across a great little Etsy store called ResinSparkles, which is owned by the lovely Sara.  Sara creates unique pieces of jewellery out of resin and glitter, a lot of which have a fab geek-chic theme, with Dr Who, Star Wars, steampunk and comic books regularly featuring in her designs.  Sara very kindly offered to send me a couple of pieces to review, and after browsing her store the magpie in me chose a Sparkly Ring and a Steampunk Clockwork Pendant.

DSC_0592 (640x426)

Both pieces are really well made, and they are both very generous on the glitter.  They’re so eye-catching, especially in the sun, and both make a real statement.  They came packaged in cute matching gift bags too – perfect if you want to give them as a present (and trust me, the receiver would not be disappointed with their sparkly surprise).

DSC_0599 (640x426)

DSC_0627 (426x640)

The pendant comes on an 18″ silver coloured chain and is nice and lightweight, so though it’s a fairly big piece, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear and hangs well.  I chose purple as it’s my favourite colour and this particular shade is stunning, but these pendants are available in a wide range of colours.  I absolutely love the steampunk theme too, as the little cogs and metal bits suspended in the resin give it an added edge.

DSC_0603 (640x425)

DSC_0610 (425x640)

The ring I received has come to be known as my mermaid ring, as the layers of bright blue glitter are so pretty and remind me of a mermaid’s tail, or the surface of the sea sparkling in the sun (how romantic!).  Like the pendant, the dome of the ring is quite large so really stands out, and it sits securely on a silver coloured adjustable metal band.  I have quite slim fingers so it best fits my index or middle fingers, which is where I prefer to wear rings anyway.  These are also available in a wide range of shades, with some combining two different glitters.

Considering all of Sara’s pieces are handmade and great quality, they’re also very affordable.  The pendants are £7.50 each including the chain, and the rings are just £3.50.  So, if you’re a fan of sparkle, or know someone else who is, be sure to check out ResinSparkles on Etsy, and on Twitter.

Naomi x

*These pieces were sent to me by ResinSparkles for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*


Dielle Nail Colour in ‘Bliss’ and ‘Imperial Crown’


As an avid nail painter with a penchant for nail art I am always on the look out for new and exciting nail varnishes to add to my collection.  So, when Rosalie from Dielle UK offered to send me a couple of her beautiful nail colours, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them.  A few weeks ago, after a short wait, I received a beautifully packaged little parcel from Ros in the post, and was instantly wowed by the bold brightness of Dielle’s colours.

Dielle translates as ‘Modern Goddess’, and the brand aims to provide sophisticated nail shades which look as amazing on the nail as they do in the bottle, and which help to enhance every woman’s natural beauty and inspire confident self-expression.  All of Dielle’s nail varnishes are free of toxic ingredients, including the big three, and come in a wide range of impressive colours.  Every bottle contains 12ml of varnish, which is a generous size, and they retail for £12.00 each.  Dielle also support charities that work with women and children in Haiti, so every nail colour you buy will not only benefit you and your nails, but will go towards helping others.

The two shades I  have been lucky enough to try are ‘Bliss’, an eye-catching azure glitter, and ‘Imperial Crown’, a pretty purple with an undertone of pink.  Over the last couple of weeks I have tested and enjoyed both colours, and here’s what I think of them…


Bliss is one of the latest colours to be added to the Dielle collection, and also a limited edition.  As mentioned before, the bulk of Bliss is made up of a fine azure glitter, which to me invites images of a tropical ocean – pure ‘Bliss’!  It has larger flecks of gold and silver glitter running throughout too, which gives it an amazing depth when on the nails.

The varnish itself has a fantastic consistency so it smooths on easily and not too thickly, and the glitter is distributed evenly and not at all sparsely.  As such, Bliss looks fabulous over Imperial Crown after just one coat, but I always add one more coat for an even bolder look.  What really impresses me about Bliss is how quickly it dries…  Without fail, it is completely dry to the touch in less than one minute, so it is almost impossible to smudge.  I know, it seems too good to be true, but every time I use it it dries quick as a flash!

This is how two coats of Dielle’s Bliss looks over Imperial Crown…

Isn’t it stunning?  You can really see from the photo above how the glitter sits evenly and doesn’t clump together into a lumpy mess, and how fantastically it shines.  I love it!

‘But isn’t it a pain to remove?’, I hear you cry.  The answer?  NO!  No it isn’t!  What makes Dielle’s glitter a cut above the other glitters out there is that it comes off as easily as a normal varnish, so there’s no need to spend hours scrubbing at your nails with countless cotton wool balls and gallons of industrial strength nail varnish remover.  Hallelujah!  The glitter flecks don’t rip the cotton wool to shreds either, which means fluff free nails.

Overall, Bliss is a very high quality glitter which gives a burst of shine and colour, without the worry that it will be stubborn to take off – definitely worth the £12.00 price tag!

Imperial Crown

Imperial Crown is a regal plum purple with strong dusky pink undertones, and is part of Dielle’s Brights collection.  I’m a sucker for purple varnishes, as my regular readers will know, and Imperial Crown is one of the more charmingly feminine purples in my collection, and is quickly becoming one of my go-to purples.  The varnish has a high shine, creme finish too, which looks luxuriously classy and just so happens to be one of my favourite nail varnish finishes.

Like Bliss, Imperial Crown is very smooth and also very creamy, so it applies easily and evenly.  Two thin coats is plenty enough for a completely opaque look, and as you can see below, the colour looks identical on the nail to how it looks in the bottle, which is a rare thing I find.  Imperial Crown dries quickly too, which makes me think that’s a positive trait which runs across the whole range!

I didn’t comment on the lasting power of Bliss as glitters are notorious for sticking around, but even without Bliss over the top Imperial Crown lasts for a good few days before showing any signs of wear.

Overall, Imperial Crown is an extremely high quality varnish, which looks absolutely gorgeous both on the nail and in the bottle, and given its lasting power and large bottle it is great value for money too.  Both varnishes have an incredibly luxe feel to them, which is difficult to match with a cheaper high street varnish.

I definitely plan on adding more Dielle nail colours to my collection in the future – I’m officially hooked!  And I hope you’ll try the range too.  If you’d like to check out Dielle’s full range of nail colours, you can do so by visiting their website, or by following Dielle on Twitter and Facebook.  Oh and you bargain hunters out there may be pleased to know that Dielle are currently running two amazing offers… 25% off Classy Christmas Cheer shades, and 40% off Lustre Gel Coat, so now’s your chance to try a high-end product at a low price!

Naomi x

*I was sent these Dielle Nail Colours by Dielle for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own*

Avon Ultra Colour Rich Rubies Lipstick in ‘Princely Plum’


Hi all,

Once again, I’m very sorry for not blogging much this week.  I have had a very busy time at work, and in between all the working hard I have also been playing hard!  On Wednesday I went to a gig to see one of my favourite bands and that, combined with the work, has left me very tired with no energy to blog in the evenings.  But anyway, here I am with another little review for you all, so allow me to introduce you to Avon’s latest lipstick which is perfect for the party season – Ultra Colour Rich Rubies.

First thing’s first – the packaging.  I think it goes without saying that the ruby-red and black ombre tube is very sleek and beautiful, and bang on trend.  In fact, Avon say that it has ‘perfect party packaging’, and I’m inclined to agree as it looks so much more eye-catching than a plain old black lipstick!  The lid also closes with a satisfying click so it definitely won’t come off in your make up bag and make a big mess.

The lipstick’s formula is very creamy so it smooths on easily and evenly with no dragging of the skin.  The creaminess also means that it is delicately moisturising, so it doesn’t dry your lips out as the day progresses.  A little word of warning though…  I used this over the top of a slightly oily lip balm the first time I used it and it had worn off within a few hours because of how creamy it is.  Luckily, it’s soft enough to use on its own without lip balm, but for an extra protective layer it sits fine with a thin layer of lip balm over the top.

Without the lip balm, Avon’s Rich Rubies is a laster.  I applied this today before I went to work and it lasted through the morning until lunchtime.  After I’d eaten my lunch I was pleasantly surprised to see that, though slightly faded, the lipstick still looked quite bold and even a couple of hours later, after it had mostly worn off, there was still an ever-so slight (but nicely even) tint of colour to my lips.  Furthermore, I found that it doesn’t bleed at all which is always a good thing.

If you look closely at the photographs above you will see that the lipstick has a lovely pink shimmer to it.  According to Avon, all of the Rich Rubies lipsticks contain ‘real crushed rubies’, which makes for ‘instant sparkle and shine’.  I doubt that the ruby content is very high, but believe me when I say that the micro pink glitter particles that the lipstick boasts are absolutely stunning.  It might sound vain, but I couldn’t stop staring at my lips in the mirror when I first used this as I was so mesmerized by the shimmer!  In my experience, a lot of shiny, shimmery lipsticks tend to have a gold, sliver or blue glitter tinge to them, so I think this pink addition is really quite unusual.

Now onto the colour…  Princely Plum is a luscious, deep purple shade which does in fact look very regal, hence the name.  The colour looks quite dark in solid form, but once on the lips it looks a lot brighter due to the shine, but layers can easily be built up if you do want it darker.  The above lip swatch shows one generous layer of lipstick.  I really, really love Princely Plum.  It’s right up my street and is absolutely perfect for the 2012 Autumn/Winter trend for deep, luxurious colours.

The Ultra Colour Rich Rubies range features five other shades – Noble Nude (a nude peach), Imperial Pink (a girly, light pink), Majestic Mauve (a pinky purple), Fuchsia Fame (a bright, bubblegum pink) and Radiant Ruby (a bold red).  The lipsticks will debut in Avon UK’s Brochure 1 (which I will be launching soon), and will have an introductory price of £2.49.  For a good quality, all-round fabulous lipstick this is a MASSIVE bargain and well worth it, especially when considering that the RRP is £8.50 – you could get 3 for the price of 1, WITH CHANGE!

Which shade will you be trying?

Naomi x

NOTD: Rimmel 60 Seconds in ‘Blue My Mind’


Earlier this week I received a lovely little package in the post from RaRa Reid.  I was lucky enough to win her first giveaway and the prize was a pink nail art pen, a set of nail wraps and this nail varnish – Rimmel 60 Seconds in shade ‘810 Blue My Mind’.  Thanks Ra!

I have always rather liked Rimmel’s range of 60 Seconds nail varnishes as they tick so many boxes, and ‘Blue My Mind’ is no exception.  As you can see from the sticker on the lid, the varnish has an ‘Xpress Brush’, which is wide so covers each nail completely with the right amount of pressure.  Though it takes more than ‘1 Sec’ to achieve even coverage, the wide brush means application is very quick and takes very few strokes of the brush.  It only takes two coats of the varnish for fully opaque coverage as well, which in my eyes is all it should take – any more is too many!

As you would expect, the varnish dries in ’60 Seconds’.  I only had to leave a minute between applying each coat, so by the time I had painted the nails on both hands, the first hand was ready straight away for its second coat.  As such, the whole mani took less than five minutes which is extremely speedy!  Perfect for a quick fix before an impromptu night out, or even before leaving for work of a morning.

The coverage in the photo above may look slightly blotchy, and though I was left with some fabric imprints in the top coat when I woke up, most of the ‘blotchiness’ is actually just reflections of the clouds and trees!  That’s just how shiny the finish of this varnish is.

‘Blue My Mind’ is a really stunning shade of royal blue.  I’ve really taken to blue varnishes this year and this has to be the most beautiful blue that I own.  In unnatural light it looks very deep and almost black, but in natural sunlight the azure hues really pop, which reminds me a lot of the ocean on a sunny day.

The only thing that disappoints me about this varnish is that, after less than 24 hours, there are already signs of wear at the tips of my nails (which is visible in the photo above), but luckily there’s been no chipping.

Overall, another fine example of an excellent nail varnish from the Rimmel 60 Seconds range!

Naomi x

Avon Blog Sale


Hi everyone,

I was sorting through my Avon boxes the other day and found quite a few brand new, unopened products so I thought I would  have a little blog sale!  If you would like anything, please comment below or email me at  I will send items by Royal Mail, standard second class (unless you ask for another form of postage), so it will cost £2.20 for small packages and £3.50 for larger ones.  Payment must be made by bank transer or PayPal…  If you choose to pay by PayPal please send the money as a personal gift to avoid charges!  I will send a few surprise free samples to everyone who buys something too :)

  • ANEW Genics Treatment Cream – Full Size – Brand new and unopened – RRP £23.50 – Selling for £16
  • ANEW Genics Treatment Concentrate – Travel Size – Brand new and unopened – RRP £3 – Selling for £2.50

  • ANEW Reversalist Night Sterling Emulsion – Full Size – Brand new and unopened – RRP £23 – Selling for £15

  • ANEW Rejuvenate 24 Hour Eye Cream – Full Size – Brand new but unboxed – RRP £16 – Selling for £10

  • ANEW Rejuvenate Revitalising Day and Night Creams – Travel size – Brand new but unboxed – Selling for £5 each or both for £8

*I will also do all three Rejuvenate creams for £15*

  • Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour in 3.6 Dark Auburn – Brand new but box has been opened and is a bit bashed – RRP £6 – Selling for £3

  • Spotlight Moisturising Shimmer Gel – Full Size – Swatched Once – Discontinued item – Selling for £3

  • Ultra Colour Rich Lipsticks in Colordisiac ‘Alluring Brown’ and ‘Frozen Rose’ – Brand new and unopened – RRP £7 – Selling for £3.50 each

I don’t have swatches of the lipsticks unfortunately, but there are plenty on Google :)

  • Pink Croc Pineapple Watch – Brand new in gift box – Selling for £10

Happy Shopping!

Naomi x

NOTD: MUA Frozen Yoghurt


Earlier this month MUA released quite a few new make up products, including two nail varnish shades – Frozen Yoghurt and All Nude.  As soon as I saw the swatches of Frozen Yoghurt on MUA’s Facebook page I couldn’t wait to try it, but it didn’t actually appear in my local Superdrug store until late last week!  I must have visited Superdrug about ten times over the last few weeks to see if they had it, so when it was finally in stock I was a very happy bunny indeed.

Frozen Yoghurt and All Nude are the first two basic MUA nail varnishes to have proper names, rather than just being called ‘Shade _’, and like the rest of the range they cost £1 each, which is amazing value.

Frozen Yoghurt has a creamy formula which applies extremely smoothly.  I applied two coats of the varnish which gave completely opaque and even coverage, and it dried impressively quickly too.  I only had to leave a couple of minutes between applying each coat and the top coat, and within ten minutes my nails were dry to the touch.  If you’re a regular Bewitchery reader you will know that I often make the mistake of painting my nails before bed, which usually results in fabric imprints from my sheets on my nails the next morning.  Well, I painted my nails before bed again but, miraculously, I woke up with perfectly smooth nails and no imprints!  That, for me, suggests quality.

Here is what the varnish looks like on, in natural light…

Frozen Yoghurt is a very rich, beautiful shade with a creme finish.  It is a very unusual shade of purple, which has a strong blue tinge to it – I can only describe it as a dark lavender colour.  I think it’s quite feminine and delicate, but at the same time very striking and bold.

My only issue with this nail varnish is that it seemed to chip quite easily at the tips.  Less than a day after applying the varnish there was obvious wear along the tops of my nails, which soon turned into slightly bigger chips.  To be fair, I had been cleaning and mowing the lawn that day, but I’ve done the same whilst wearing other varnishes which have lasted longer.

All in all, I think this varnish is great.  In terms of the formula and shade it is a definite winner in my eyes, it’s just a shame about the chipping!  At £1 you can’t really complain though, and I can’t wait to incorporate this colour into some nail art.

Naomi x

NOTD: Avon Colortrend Nail Enamel in ‘Vixen’


Today I am sporting my latest nail varnish buy – a beautiful shade called ‘Vixen’ from Avon’s newly revamped Colortrend range.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…  These new Colortrend nail enamels are SO much better than they used to be!  They are creamier in consistency so they apply without streaking, and you only need two coats for an opaque look.

‘Vixen’ has a shiny, jelly finish and the colour is absolutely stunning.  It’s a deep raspberry pink, I’d say, and it looks so rich and luxurious.  People keep telling me how pretty it is and I’m inclined to agree!  I’ve only had this on for a day so I can’t really comment on the lasting power, but so far so good.

What do  you think?  The new Colortrend range has fifteen stunning shades and they’re all currently on offer in Brochure 14 for just 99p, which is an absolute BARGAIN!  If you would like to try them for yourself, you can order them from me by visiting my personal online brochure here.

Naomi x

NOTD: No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in ‘Totally Teal 330′


As my regular readers will know, earlier this week I reviewed No7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour in ‘Violetta’.  Since I had another £5 No7 voucher to spend, and I was fairly impressed with ‘Violetta’, I decided to add yet another nail varnish to my collection and went back to Boots to pick up ‘Totally Teal’ for £2 (rather than the usual £7).

Since I’ve recently reviewed Stay Perfect Nail Colour, I won’t go into too much detail about this one, as the consistency, drying time etc are the same as ‘Violetta’.  What I will say though is this…  I know I moaned about the flimsy brush last time, but now I’m used to it I found the application of this a lot easier as I now know how to control the brush properly.  Because of this, the application was quick and neat – the brush is wide so you can apply an even coat in one stroke, which results in very little mess!

‘Totally Teal’ is a very pretty shade, sort of a deep bluey green that reminds me of the sea and mermaids.  I have to say though, it goes on a lot darker than it looks in the bottle, which is slightly disappointing as it isn’t as bright as I had hoped.  I still have a soft spot for it though, and I think it would like great as a pedi.  It is definitely one of the more conservative nail shades that I own, but I’m looking forward to incorporating it into some aquatic nail art designs!

I took my own advice and did my mani a long time before bed this time, and it stopped the fabric imprints appearing on my nails.  The varnish hasn’t stayed looking neat for long though…  The picture above was taken this morning, and you can already see wear on the tip of my little finger nail.  Since then, six more of my nails have chipped or scuffed, and I’ve been wearing it for less than a day!  Not good.

Though I like the shades in the Stay Perfect range, I wouldn’t pay the full £7 for them.  I’d rather spend a fiver on a Models Own polish as I know they’re great quality and good value for money as they last a long time.  If I get any more £5 No7 vouchers though, they’ll probably go on more nail colours.

Naomi x

NOTD: Models Own ‘Disco Mix’


I have been lusting after this Models Own nail polish shade since my birthday in February, and yesterday (after a very busy day) I decided that I deserved a treat, so I nipped into Boots and bought ‘Disco Mix’ for £5!  I was so excited that I finally had it that I applied it as soon as I got home, and I wasn’t disappointed.

I have many Models Own nail polishes, but this is my first glitter polish by the brand.  I have lots of glitter polishes by other brands though and, to be honest, most of them don’t give great coverage and are best layered over coloured polish.  However, I applied ‘Disco Mix’ over a clear base coat and after three layers the coverage was surprisingly opaque!  It has a nice consistency and applies smoothly like most Models Own polishes, despite the glitter.  I added a single layer of Models Own top coat on top and it seemed to sink in between the glitter, making the coverage sturdier, but also leaving the nail surface feeling slightly gritty rather than smooth, but that’s to be expected with glitter.

The absolute best thing about this nail polish is the colour.  My favourite colours are purple, turquoise and pink, and ‘Disco Mix’ combines turquoise and pink glitter to create a polish which looks purple at a distance.  The glitter colours are SO bright and bold – I’ve already had several comments on how good my nails look and I’ve only been wearing it for a day!  I can’t get enough of how pretty this is – I keep staring at my nails from all different angles haha.

I can’t really comment on the lasting power as I’ve not had it on for long enough, but there is already a little bit of wear at the tips – it’s hardly noticeable though, and other than that there has been no chipping or peeling so far.  Looks promising!  If other Models Own nail polishes are anything to go by, I imagine this will stay on for a good while (I’ll let you know!)

What do you think?  Isn’t it pretty?  I am very glad I finally invested in this and it is worth the fiver I paid.  A definite repurchase once it runs out!

Naomi x

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