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Hard Candy Cosmetics


I was recently given the opportunity, by an online discount make up store called Xtras, to choose some Hard Candy products to review.  I’d seen Hard Candy online before and had been wanting to try them out, mainly because their nail polishes come with a cute little ring, so I made my selection and everything arrived within a day or two, which is extremely quick service these days!


I received four Hard Candy items in total; Split Personality Cream Eyeshadow Duo in ‘Psycho’, Just Nails Nail Polish in ‘Mr Right’, Just Nails Matte Top Coat, and World Balmination Tinted Lip Balm in ‘Good Girl’.  I must admit, as a nail polish hoarder I was extremely tempted to only order nail products, but I thought I’d give some of the rest of the range a go too, and I’m pleased I did.

Just Nails Nail Polish in ‘Mr Right’ and Just Nails Matte Top Coat


‘Mr Right’ is a gorgeous deep blue shade with a delicate shimmer finish, that looks really elegant on the nails.  Though the brush is a bit smaller than I’d like, the polish still applies easily and evenly, and gives completely opaque coverage in two coats.  My only real issue with it is that it takes a while to dry, so I managed to smudge it whilst impatiently applying the matte top coat too early, but at least I’ve learnt for next time.  The ring that comes with the polish is a fab little bonus too.  I was half expecting it to be too small for me and not very good quality, but it’s actually nice and chunky and fits well.



I’d been looking for an affordable matte top coat for ages so choosing this one was a no brainer for me.  Unfortunately there’s no ring with it, but the product inside the bottle makes up for that.  It applies smoothly with very little streaking, dries a lot quicker than the polish, and as you’d hope, gives a matte finish.  Luckily, the formula is fairly thin too, so it doesn’t look or feel too thick.  I only applied it on my ring finger as an accent nail so you can see the difference.

At £1.99 each, Hard Candy’s nail products are a real bargain, and I’d definitely recommend them if you’re willing to wait a few extra minutes for your nails to dry!

World Balmination Lip Balm in ‘Good Girl’


Hard Candy’s World Balmination Lip Balm comes packaged in a basic twist up tube, but the packaging is really pretty, so it stands out from the abundance of blacks and silvers in my make up drawer.  I do have one little problem with the packaging, though.  For some reason, quite a lot of the product sticks out over the top of the tube, even before it has been twisted up (as you can see in the picture), so it’s hard to get the lid on without damaging the balm, unless you have a really steady hand.  Not ideal!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the balm was its scent.  It smells like a mixture of vanilla and lemon, and even tastes sweet, so if you’re a fan of scented lip products as I am, then this is definitely for you.  The balm applies nicely, and a has a creamy texture that isn’t greasy, so it feels nice on the lips and has a long-lasting moisturising effect.  I applied it this morning, and even after my Sunday lunch my lips still felt lovely!  It’s also very slightly tinted with a light peachy pink shade, and though it doesn’t add much colour to the lips, it does emphasise your natural lip colour.

At £1.99 it’s a definite thumbs up from me.

Split Personality Cream Eyeshadow Duo in ‘Psycho’


I don’t tend to wear eyeshadow that often (I’m more of a thick black eyeliner kinda girl), but when I spotted this I thought I’d give it a go as one of the shadows in the duo is, you guessed it, black!  The other is white, and both have a bit of shimmer to them.


The duo has a cream eyeshadow at either end of the stick, which sits in the screw lid that covers each applicator.   The applicators themselves are soft and spongy, and seem to be loaded on a spring, so they move and mould to the shape of your eyelid nicely, making application smooth and easy.  The two colours compliment each other well, and make for an impressive smoky eye that’s quick to do.


If these shades aren’t for you, there are plenty of other colours to choose from, and they cost £1.99 each, which is £3.00 cheaper than the RRP.

To view the full range of Hard Candy products that Xtras have to offer, visit their site here.

Naomi x

*These Hard Candy cosmetics were sent to me by Xtras for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care Lip Love Balm


As I’m sure many of you will have found out the hard way, the cold, harsh winter weather can cause damage to your skin, especially your lips, leaving them sore and dry.  As such, I find it is essential to use a good lip balm regularly to combat this damage, and I have found the ideal balm in Tropic Skin Care’s Lip Love Balm, as it is not only great for your lips, but can be used to protect other areas of dry skin too.

Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care was launched in 2007, and has three main principles – their products are Pure, their pricing is Honest, and they are also Effective.  Everything in the Tropic range is vegan, which is great news for veggies like me, and it’s all made from completely natural plant extracts, so is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.  The company is also keen to reduce its carbon footprint so they use recyclable, sustainable packaging materials wherever possible.  Tropic’s ethical image really appeals to me as my aim for 2013 is to go completely cruelty free, and to top it all off their products are wonderful too.  Here’s what I thought of their Lip Love Balm…

Tropic’s Lip Love Balm comes in a dainty 10ml pot, which is the perfect size to carry with you in your pocket or bag.  The packaging is simple, but the orange metallic lid makes it stand out, giving it a more luxurious look than the average lip balm.  The lid is also a screw top, a minor detail which is actually quite important, as it won’t fall off in your bag like press on lids sometimes do!


As you can see from the photo above, every single ingredient in the lip balm is natural, and comfortingly recognisable, meaning you don’t have to worry about any nasty chemicals damaging the delicate skin of your lips.  Rather, each natural plant extract combines to form a beautiful, versatile lip balm.  Believe me, once you’ve tried it you’ll be a convert!


In the pot the balm looks a stunning sunset orange colour, and it gives your lips a gorgeous golden tint.  The balm isn’t strongly scented, but it has a sweet, subtle aroma of lemon, orange and peppermint, which is really quite refreshing as the peppermint adds a slight cooling effect.

Lip Love Balm has a soft, creamy texture and is easily applied with a fingertip.  Thanks to the nourishing Shea and Cocoa butters, it feels intensely moisturising on the lips and forms a long-lasting protective layer which helps heal dry and cracked skin – perfect for this time of year!  I’ve been using this for about a week now, and I have already noticed a big difference.  My lips have shed their winter dryness so look a lot healthier, and feel a lot softer, which I’m very happy about.  The balm isn’t greasy either, yet it makes your lips look incredibly shiny, and works really well over matte lipstick – it keeps it in place for a lot longer than usual and gives it a lovely glossy sheen.


As I mentioned earlier, Tropic’s Love Balm is also great for hydrating other areas of skin.  Their website states that it can be used on your nails, cuticles, elbows and heels, but I’ve also been using it on my knuckles as they’re quite dry, and it’s been working wonders.  My favourite alternative use, however, is as a cuticle cream.  My cuticles have taken a bit of a battering over the past few months, what with all the nail varnish I’ve been using, and again because of the cold weather, and as a result haven’t been looking their best.  Impressively, I found that within a few days of using the balm on my cuticles every morning, they were a lot neater and more supple.  Carrot oil, avocado, rosehip and macadamia are known for their skin renewing properties, and for improving skin elasticity, and their concentrated levels in this balm really help it to work its magic very quickly.


Tropic Skin Care Lip Love Balm costs just £5.00, and considering the small amount you need to feel the benefits and make a difference, it really is worth every penny.  If you’re looking for a high quality, multipurpose balm to take you through winter and into spring then this is definitely it – choosing natural products really does pay off!  If you’d like to try this for yourself, now is your chance as Tropic Skin Care are currently offering FREE UK P&P on all orders placed before midnight on the 31st of January.  Just enter the code ‘TROPICTREATS‘ at the checkout.

You can view the full Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care range here – they have such a wide range of products, from Cloth Cleansers to Body Butters to Body Oil, and its all affordable!  Which Tropic product would you most like to try?

Naomi x

*I was sent this Lip Love Balm by Tropic Pure Plant Skin Care for review purposes.  All opinions expressed in this post are honest and my own.*

My Top 10 Beauty Products of 2012


In February 2012, when Bewitchery was born, I decided to broaden my beauty horizons and try as many new products as possible throughout the year, without breaking the bank.  In my mission to discover new favourites I came across many products which were less than impressive, but luckily I also found a great deal of fantastic ones, a fair few of which I have used time and time again, and will continue to do so.  In this post I will give you a round-up of just a few of the best products I tried for the first time in 2012, linking to my review of each with a little extract of my post, just to give you an idea of why I love it!

1. e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner


“In terms of lasting power, this liner definitely has it.  I have been wearing it now since this morning and it still looks as bright as it did when it first went on, and the line is just as clean.  I’ve been rubbing my eyes a bit today too and it hasn’t smudged a bit – amazing!”

2. Models Own ‘Disco Mix’


“The absolute best thing about this nail polish is the colour.  My favourite colours are purple, turquoise and pink, and ‘Disco Mix’ combines turquoise and pink glitter to create a polish which looks purple at a distance.  The glitter colours are SO bright and bold.”

3. MUA Professional Matte Foundation


“One of the things that drew me to this foundation was the fact that it is matte and claims to offer a long-lasting velvet finish.  I suffer from an oily T-zone (especially during the summer months) and I don’t like the shine that the oil creates, so I am always looking for ways to minimise the shine.  MUA’s Matte Foundation, as you would hope, does give a matte complexion, and it keeps most of the shine at bay.”

4. Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter


“The body butter itself is fantastically light and creamy and feels so luxurious on the skin.  It is absorbed very quickly too, leaving no messy residue.  The product contains coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oil to aid with moisturisation, but despite the oil content it isn’t at all greasy.  The oils make the butter ‘Intensively hydrating’, and combine to give ’12 hour moisturisation’, and believe me, the softness really does last that long.”

5. TanOrganic Sunless Tan


“Though the tan didn’t give my legs an intense colour, it did make them look nicely, naturally tanned and lightly brown, and I am very pleased with the results.  There are no orange blotches or dirty looking streaks in sight, and my skin tone looks very even and smooth.  The difference is only minor, but it is noticeable, and that is what I wanted so it has done its job well in my opinion.”

6. Montagne Jeunesse Moisturising Lip Balm


“Not one of Montagne Jeunesse’s lip balms contain petroleum jelly, so they aren’t greasy at all.  Rather, they are made from 100% natural beeswax and olive oil and are lightly creamy but intensely moisturising.  The beeswax forms a protective layer on the lips making them long-lasting, and the olive oil gives them a subtle shine.”

7. Models Own ‘Northern Lights’


“Northern Lights consists of a very fine dusky pink glitter, and is studded with delicate flakes of holographic glitter which shine purple, blue, orange, yellow and green in most lights.  Even in the bottle, the varnish is breathtaking, and I have never seen anything quite like it before.”

8. Nivea Express Hydration Primer


“The primer leaves a smooth, non-greasy base on the skin, and since I’ve been using this I have found that my foundation smooths onto my skin far more easily and evenly than usual, without going patchy on any dry bits.  The primer keeps my powder and blusher in place too, so on the whole my make up lasts a lot longer, which I think is down to the lack of greasiness.”

9. Bubbles & Butters Crazy for Chocolate Shower Bubbles


“The gel is very creamy and lathers into masses of moisturising bubbles quicker than any other shower gel I have ever used!  Because of its impressive lathering abilities, a little goes a long way with these bubbles, so a £2 coin size is enough for your whole body.”

10. Omni Massage Roller & Sports Oil


“The first time I used the roller I asked my mum to help me reach the tense areas on my back, and even though she used it over my clothing I was amazed that the roller was sensitive enough to pick out all the knots in my muscles.  We could both feel them ‘crunching’, which sounds horrible but it meant she knew which areas to focus on.  The shape and movement of the ball means that any focused pressure is distributed outwards slightly, so the knots can be worked out without any pain or discomfort.”

…and one that I LOVE and am going to review again because I didn’t write much last time…

Sally Hansen Moisturising Polish Remover

“Unlike most nail varnish removers, this Sally Hansen offering smells lovely, almost like a body lotion, and doesn’t sting your eyes or nose with harsh vapours.  It removes nail varnish quickly, with minimum effort, so you don’t need to sit for ages rubbing away to no avail!”

What were your favourite products of 2012?

Naomi x

Fashion and Beauty Christmas Haul


Well!  After weeks of preparation – shopping, cooking and decorating – Christmas Day has been and gone, and we’re all probably a few pounds heavier than we were this time last week!  I hope you all had a wonderful time, celebrating in your chosen way with the people you love, and I hope Santa brought you everything you wished for.  I personally had a great time!  The highlight of Christmas for me is playing games and doing quizzes with my family, and they were definitely done in abundance.

Christmas isn’t just about the presents, but I got some really lovely fashion and beauty related things this year, so I thought I would share them with you today.  I also got a lot of chocolate, baking equipment, geeky stuff (including a bat detector which I’ve been wanting for AGES) and books – my friends and relatives know me well!

So, here are some of my Christmas gifts.  Apologies for the strange colouring in a few of the photographs…  They were taken in bad lighting!


My dad bought me this absolutely beautiful sterling silver Bat Skull necklace.  He mentioned that he got it from Etsy and it was handmade in New York by an obviously very talented maker.  I instantly fell in love with it when I opened the box, and in my surprise I ended up dropping the box in my mug of tea, woops!  I adore bats so I am going to treasure this piece.


I also love hares, so my dad gave me this large pewter moon hare pendant as well.  Isn’t it stunning?  I need to find a chain for this pronto so I can start wearing it.



The dinosaur at the top was from my sister, Rex from Toy Story was from my fiancé, and the owl was from my fiancé’s sister.  Owls, dinosaurs and necklaces are a few of my favourite things, so I was very pleased to receive all three of these beauties.


I received three different perfumes this year, all of which are replacements for perfumes I already have.  Cacharel’s Amor Amor (one of my all time favourites), Vera Wang Princess Night, and an Accessorize Gift Set.



I didn’t get much make up this year, but my cousin gave me 17’s Smoky Eye Palette and a few little 17 lip glosses.  The red gloss is gorgeous!  The guy at the bottom is a rather cute owl lip balm.


How amazing are these?!  My fiancé’s sister gave me these Batman nail transfers.  I was so excited when I opened them and I cannot wait to give them a go.  Definitely expect a review of these soon.


This cat bag from my mum was one of my favourite gifts this year.  It’s big and furry and very soft – it needs to stop raining now so I can use it!


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a scarf, gloves or socks, and this year I got all three.  The scarf is purple with green skulls and is nice and light – ideal for spring.  The socks have squirrels on them, one of my favourite animals, and the rainbow mitten gloves are SO SNUGGLY – win!


Not the best photo in the world but my mum got me a BATMAN ONESIE!  Amazing, right? <3

A massive thank you to everyone who spoilt me this year, I am extremely grateful.  Did you get anything fashion and beauty related for Christmas this year?  I’d love to see your hauls too!

Naomi x

Montagne Jeunesse Moisturising Lip Balms


As Summer moves into Autumn it’s a good idea to start protecting your lips from the damage that the chillier months can bring.  Cold weather, harsh winds and even central heating can cause your lips to dry out and become sore and chapped, so to keep them hydrated and soft regular use of a good lip balm is essential.

I was recently lucky enough to be sent the full range of Montagne Jeunesse’s moisturising natural lip balms to try out, which I was very happy about as they are one of my favourite skin care brands, and as usual they really didn’t disappoint.

From left to right, the lip balms pictured above are:

  • Pressed Cherry & Cocoa Chocolate Balm
  • Wheatgerm & Shea Butter Weather Screen Balm
  • Aloe Vera & Spearmint Healing Balm
  • Shea Butter & Mango Sore Lips Balm
  • Cranberry & Aloe Vera Cracked Lips Balm

Not one of Montagne Jeunesse’s lip balms contain petroleum jelly, so they aren’t greasy at all.  Rather, they are made from 100% natural beeswax and olive oil and are lightly creamy but intensely moisturising.  The beeswax forms a protective layer on the lips making them long-lasting, and the olive oil gives them a subtle shine.  As such, they look great layered over (or even under) lipstick for a glossy yet protective finish.  Each lip balm also has a delicate but uniquely sweet scent, which makes a nice change from the waxy undertone smell you often get from balms containing petroleum jelly.

Each balm contains different ingredients which are suitable for protecting against different lip damage problems, and will carry you from Autumn through until the end of Winter.  At the moment I am using the Weather Screen balm to protect my lips against the late Summer sun and early Autumn winds.  Towards the end of Autumn, as the weather gets colder, I will be using the Sore Lips balm, and into winter when the temperatures are particular harsh I will use the Cracked Lips balm for deep, protective moisturisation.  Then, as Winter draws to an end and the Spring sun rises I will use the Healing Balm so combat any damage left over from the Winter (although I doubt I’ll need it after using the other balms!)  The Chocolate balm is a nice little treat which I have plans for, so watch this space…

As with all Montagne Jeunesse products, their full range of Lip Balms are ‘caringly made in the UK’, and are vegetarian and animal-friendly as they are BUAV approved.  They’re also almost 100% natural so are extremely kind on the skin.  The Lip Balms cost just £1.99 each, which is very reasonable considering their high quality, and are available from Montagne Jeunesse’s website.

Have you ever tried any of Montagne Jeunesse’s Moisturising Lip Balms?

Naomi x

*All five Moisturising Lip Balms were sent to me by Montagne Jeunesse for review purposes.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own.*

My Perfect Summer Lipstick: L’Oreal Caresse in ‘202 Impulsive Fuchsia’


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to win Thoughts In Little Boxes‘ 100k Giveaway.  The prize was a lovely box of beauty goodies, and within the box was this lipstick… A shade called ‘202 Impulsive Fuchsia’ from L’Oreal’s Caresse range.  There are ten pretty shades in the range, and out of all of them I probably would have chosen this one myself, so thanks Carly for sending this colour!

On first impressions, L’Oreal Caresse lipstick looks great.  The unusual square, clear packaging and silver inner make it look very classy, and I like the addition of the coloured end on the lid.  The lid has a gap which clicks over the ‘L’Oreal Paris’ logo, which is a very good design as it will never fall off in your make up bag and mess up the product!  I also think the lipstick itself benefits from being flat and round in shape, as it allows for easy application.

The product description on L’Oreal’s website says that this lipstick offers ‘A flutter of kissably soft light-weight feeling colour’, and it definitely delivers.  The lipstick itself looks and feels very much like a lip balm.  It smoothes on effortlessly, leaving behind an even layer of beautiful colour, and has the texture of a creamy lip balm.  Because of its balm-like consistency, it doesn’t feel heavy and drying like some lipsticks, and is instead extremely moisturising.

I’ve been very impressed with the lipstick’s staying power too – one application in the morning lasts pretty much all day.  The colour fades slightly over the hours, but it fades evenly so still looks pretty and fresh.  At most, I’ve had to reapply this once per day which is good going, and because it’s like a lip balm you don’t necessarily need to use a mirror to ensure neat application!

‘Impulsive Fuchsia’ is a very bright pink shade, with an undertone of bluish shimmer which gives it fantastic, lasting shine.  It’s a colour that, I would say, is complimentary of most skin tones.  I am quite pale and I have been told it really suits me, but I think it would also look stunning against darker skin.  I love how girly and vivid this colour is, and I’m quite amazed by how intense and highly pigmented it is, as you wouldn’t expect it from such a light formula.

So why is this my perfect summer lipstick?  Because the ‘light-weight feeling’ makes it ideal for a delicate, summery look, the moisturising element stops your lips drying in the sun and the pop of girly colour makes you feel as bright as summer itself.  I genuinely feel confident and happy whilst wearing this lipstick and I firmly believe that more lipsticks should be like this!

What’s your perfect summer lipstick?

Naomi x

MUA Love Hearts Lip Balm in ‘Hot Lips’


In February, just in time for Valentine’s Day, MUA launched their lovely little Love Hearts range of nail varnishes and lip balms.  The nail varnishes come in six pretty pastel shades and the lip balms in five.  I have been reading so many positive reviews about the Love Hearts products so I thought it was about time I tried one out and contributed my two pence worth too, even if I am a bit late!  So, in my recent MUA haul I ordered the Love Hearts Lip Balm in ‘Hot Lips’ for £2.00.  The balm comes in a very generously sized 10g pot which is amazing for the small price tag, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from the wonderful MUA!

As you can see, the packaging is very cute!  It looks just like a giant orange Love Heart sweet which reminded me of when I was child, and each different shade has its own name and colour.  I chose this shade as I prefer fairly dark lip colours and this is the darkest one in the range.  It is a glossy, pinky red and is actually quite heavily pigmented for a balm, so it tints your lips well.

This is another of those products where a little goes a long way.  I found the balm ‘melted’ onto my finger quite quickly despite its solid appearance, but it wasn’t greasy at all.  One fingertip of balm was enough for both lips but I used a bit more for good measure.  It feels smooth and nourishing on your lips and the creaminess lasts quite a while.  I did notice that once the balm had worn off, the tint remained, which surprised me as I find that’s not usually the case with tinted balms.

The one thing that disappointed me slightly about the Love Hearts Lip Balm was that it didn’t actually smell like Love Hearts!  I expected a product based on a sweet to have some hint of the sweet within it, but it didn’t at all, which is a shame really.  BUT it does have a vanilla scent to it which I love so it was redeemed somewhat :)

Overall, I am loving this Love Hearts Lip Balm and I would definitely buy it again.  If you want one for yourself, they’re available in most Superdrug stores and online via the MUA Store.

Have you tried any of MUA’s Love Hearts items?

Naomi xx

MUA Haul with FREE Immaculate Collection Palette


Hello lovely readers!

The folks over at MUA recently hit 20,000 ‘likes’ on their Facebook page (congratulations guys!), and as a treat for their fans they have released a voucher code to receive an Immaculate Collection Palette (worth £8) FREE with any order!!  I couldn’t pass up an offer to get 24 beautiful eye shadows for free, so my mum and I placed an order straight away and it finally arrived this morning 😀

My mum was very pleased with her lipstick and nail varnish, and this is what I got…

From Left to Right:

  • Lipstick in ‘Shade 2′ – £1.00
  • Love Heart Lip Balm in ‘Hot Lips’ – £2.00
  • Eye Dust in ‘Shade 2′ – £1.00
  • Nail Varnish in ‘Shade 3′ – £1.00
  • Hide and Conceal Cover Up Stick in ‘Light’ – £1.00
  • Immaculate Collection Palette – FREE!!!!

For £6 (plus £2.95 postage) I am SO pleased with this order.  MUA products are such great quality for the price and I can’t wait to test everything out.  I’ve already tried the lipstick and it is lovely and creamy, and the nail varnish is gorgeous.  Here’s a sneak peak…

If you want to place an order and get a free palette for yourself, head over to MUA’s Facebook page and give them a ‘like’ to get the code.  Then visit MUA’s website, choose your items, add the palette to your basket and enter the code at the checkout.  They ship worldwide too!

Look out for reviews of these products coming soon!

Naomi x

Homemade Sugar Lip Scrub


After seeing little pots of Lip Scrub in Lush last month, I wanted to find out whether I could make my own.  From what I could tell, the scrub was made of very simple ingredients, so after a bit of research and comparing several lip scrub recipes, I came up with this one.  Lip scrubs are great for dry or chapped lips, and help to smooth them out so that lipstick or gloss applies nice and evenly.  This recipe makes enough for one or two uses, but could easily be multiplied to make a more substantial batch of lip scrub!  Storing it in the fridge would keep it fresh, with the added bonus of being cool on your lips when applying.

To create a simple lip scrub, you will need:

– 1/2 tsp of Sugar

– 1/4 tsp Olive Oil

– 1/4 tsp of Golden Syrup or Honey

Add the ingredients to a small glass or bowl and mix with a spoon or your finger until well combined.  The scrub should have quite a gloopy consistency when ready, but if it’s too runny add more sugar, or add more oil if it’s too thick.  This is what it should look like…

I’ll be the first to admit that the scrub really doesn’t look very appealing (you know what it looks like, so I won’t say it), but in the long run it really doesn’t matter!  What matters is whether it works or not, and it does :)  Once your scrub is ready, use your finger to apply a liberal amount of the scrub to your lips.

Leave the scrub on for one minute, and then massage it into your lips.  Be careful not to rub too hard as you could make your lips worse – a gentle circular motion is all that is needed!  Once you’ve done this, wash the scrub off thoroughly with warm water and apply your favourite lip balm straight away.

And voila!  Your lips are now lovely and soft, and primed for make up application.  I hope you find this useful!  I’d recommend only using a lip scrub if you need it, as the coarse sugar could make healthy lips sore if used too often.

Have you ever tried a lip scrub?

Naomi x

Friday Favourite: Avon Care Sheer Gloss Lip Tint


Every girl has a selection of products that they can’t do without.  ‘Friday Favourite’ is a new weekly feature where, every Friday, I will choose one of my own ‘can’t do without’ beauty essentials and tell you why I love it.  This week, I will focus on my absolute favourite nourishing lip gloss – Avon Care Sheer Gloss Lip Tint.

Until I tried this one, I was never a big fan of lip glosses.  I always found them to be too sticky which made them uncomfortable to wear, however, you can’t even tell you’re wearing the Avon Care Sheer Gloss as it’s just so light.  The gloss is essentially a lip balm as it contains jojoba oil which softens and protects your lips, yet it has that added bit of glamour that you don’t usually get with lip balms in that it is lightly tinted.  The gloss is clear but it has tiny flecks of pink throughout, which when rubbed into the lips leaves a slight colour which looks so pretty.  Usually, I get dry, chapped lips in cold weather, but since I started using this gloss in Autumn 2011, I haven’t had this problem which is brilliant!  My lips have remained smooth all winter whilst also looking lovely, which is what I like about this product – it looks good, but it also helps.

The gloss is £3.20 for a 10ml tube, which is a great price, but Avon regularly have offers where you can get 3 for £5 which is even better!

Naomi x

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